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Cascavelle排名第2 (共3家觀光)
建議的造訪時間: 超過 3 小時
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評論過2017年6月24日 透過行動裝置


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CaselaPark,卡塞拉冒險樂園 的 The Management,回應了這篇評論2017年5月14日 已回應
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Dear YogiBlr,

We thank you for your comments on your recent visit to the park and we agree with you that at least one full day is required to visit Casela World of Adventures. We would like to remind you that the park covers 250 hectares and consists of three kingdom, namely the Mountain Kingdom, the Safari Kingdom and Birds Kingdom. The park remains an experience spread over a whole day to enjoy the myriad of activities included in the ticket. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we do have more than 1,500 species of birds in the park and we have more than 200 African animals roaming in the safari area. We have the kids playground area, fish ponds, observation of tortoises, observation of lamas, toboggan, observation of our Hippos, Petting Farm with more than 30 animals, viewing our Big Cats (lion, Serval, Caracal & Cheetah), Giraffe Viewing, Safari tour with animals such as kudu, Oryx, waterbucks, zebra, rhinos, antelopes, ostriches amongst others are included in our entrance tickets.

Casela offers for adults, mountain activities such as zip lining, canyon swing and Nepalese bridge. We also have Quad / Buggy rides or Segway. We have activities with Big Cats such as Walking with them, interaction and drive thru. We also offer rides on camels and we have interaction with Rhino. We would like to draw to your attention that we do have 6 Food & Beverage outlets and 3 shops in the park to the taste of all ages.

However, we do also regret that you have waited long in the queue but Casela World of Adventures is indeed a unique place to interact with nature at its best and as for the queuing time, being one of Mauritius’ leading attraction and like any other park of this reputation, queues are part of the visit. We therefore recommend our visitors to spread their visit over a whole day to best enjoy our activities. During this period of the year, we do welcome more visitors than usual. We would like to inform you that all our activities and entrances can now be book on our website where you will also beneficiate a discounted rate which will avoid guest making queues at the entrance.

We would also like to inform that we do offer private guided tour with a supplement and we do have signage with pictograms throughout the whole park to ease the way of all our visitors. We do offer a map to all our guests upon arrival and the whole map is being explained to all our guests at the entrance. We do also have our team throughout the whole park that do explains and help guest with all queries.

We thank you again for your valuable feedback which shall help us better our service and we are confident you shall notice the difference on your next visit.

Greetings from Casela World of Adventures.



Savanne District里維耶爾德桑吉耶
Riviere Noire District莫納山
Riviere Noire District黑河 

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