2 Easy Ways to Generate More Revenue By Cross-Selling Tours & Activities

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Become a Viator Distribution Partner and start earning 8% commission by selling other tours to your customers—or booking additional experiences directly for them. It’s easy to get started with the Viator Affiliate Program and Viator Travel Agent Program and generate revenue from things you may already be doing. Plenty of suppliers are already taking advantage of these programs, so don’t miss out!

Viator.com, a TripAdvisor company, is the world’s largest traveler booking site for tours, activities, and attractions. As a TripAdvisor Experiences user, any products you create and sell on TripAdvisor will also showcase to travelers browsing Viator, meaning travelers can find and book your products on either site. Not only does this give you significant exposure, but it also opens up the opportunity to become a Viator Distribution Partner and partake in an additional revenue-generating program we offer our suppliers.

By becoming a Viator Distribution Partner, you can easily monetize things you may already be doing. Take advantage of the Viator Affiliate Program or the Viator Travel Agent Program (we’ll explain each below so you can decide what works best for you) and you can make 8% commission by cross-selling other activities to your customers.

You can host an easy-to-use booking widget right on your website (the Viator Affiliate Program), book other experiences on behalf of your customers, or provide recommendations with unique links that customers can use to book their experiences (the Travel Agent Program). Leverage the partnerships you already have with fellow operators/businesses by recommending their products to your customers (such as tour types you don’t offer) and earn 8% commission from the bookings you send them.

Viator Affiliate Program: An Easy-to-Use Widget for Your Website

The Viator Affiliate Program provides you with the tools to create a fully customizable widget to put directly on your site and earn commission every time your widget generates a sale!

On your website, you may already be recommending complementary experiences to your visitors—for example tours that align with yours, activities you don’t offer, or other suppliers you have developed a working relationship with—and this program monetizes those recommendations by hosting an easy-to-build widget right on your website.

The widget is fully customizable and you have the option to show experiences within a destination, within a certain category (e.g. Food, Outdoor, Sightseeing, etc.), or even specific products.

In addition to the types of tours shown, you can also customize the number of experiences you want to show in your widget, the language the products are shown in, and the currency your customers will see the product prices displayed in. Use our Widget Builder to preview exactly how your widget will look on your website.

Registering for Viator’s Affiliate Program is quick and easy. Simply contact us to get your affiliate partner ID and a member of our team will be in touch to help get your widget set up on your site.

When the widget is live, visitors to your website will be able to book the activities directly through your site. Viator will handle all of the payments and you’ll receive 8% commission of each booking.

The Viator Affiliate Program is an easy, hassle-free way to recommend additional experiences to your personal website or blog visitors. Mobile and desktop-friendly widgets can be created and live on your website in minutes and quickly open a new revenue stream for your business.

Viator Travel Agent Program

Similar to the Viator Affiliate Program, the Viator Travel Agent Program lets you earn revenue on something you may already be doing. You don’t have to be a travel agent to utilize this program; if you find yourself helping guests book other activities and experiences already, this solution is a great way for you to earn extra commission.

Book On Behalf Of Your Existing Customers

When you sign up for the Viator Travel Agent Program, you can book experiences for your clients and earn 8% commission. Let’s say you’re communicating with a customer before their trip. You know they’re arriving in the morning, but your tour isn’t until the late afternoon or evening. With the Viator Travel Agent Program, you could log in to your portal and book other activities for them to fill up their day (even something like airport transportation if needed), and you’d earn 8% commission off those bookings. After all, your customer trusts your local recommendations!

Or let’s say a traveler just finished your tour and is now seeking a recommendation for another activity—possibly something you don’t offer. For example: you’re a helicopter tour, and your customers have worked up quite the appetite from that thrilling sightseeing excursion. Now they’re seeking a trusted food tour option to book. Instead of sending them on their merry way with only a verbal suggestion, you (or your tour guides) could book a specific product for them right then and there from another supplier (that presumably isn’t your competitor). This is accomplished easily from within the Travel Agent Program portal—even when you’re customer is standing in your office, perhaps.

Sharing Your Unique Link in Marketing Channels

Don’t want to book directly for your customers? No problem, here’s another way to utilize this program. You can share a bookable link in all parts of your marketing across all channels. You can share directly with clients via email, share on your social media accounts, provide the link on your own website, and even put the link on your business card (great for handing out at the end of a tour!) If a customer uses any of those links, you’ll earn 8% commission.

Tracking your success with the Viator Travel Agent Program is simple. You can log in to your dashboard to see booking and commission details at any time with just a few clicks. Plus, we’ll email you a report each month so you can track how much you’ve earned.

Taking advantage of the Viator Affiliate Program and the Viator Travel Agent program is easy. Sign up today and start earning commission for what you’re already doing: providing your travelers with recommendations for any other experience that will enhance their trip.

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