Camiguin Island
Camiguin Island

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ivy s
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2024年4月 • 夫妻情侶
I traveled to many local airports in the Philippines but it was only camiguin airport that I have a horrible experience and I swear I will never go back to camiguin because of this bad experience.
regular security inspection machine etc was good until i arrived at the check in counter, personnel asked me weighed my small cabin hand carry small luggage and the result was 6.3 kgs so it was good then ( below 7kgs rule allowance) but my nightmare started when he asked me to weighed my small personal backpack where I put my personal stuff face and body and hygiene care etc ,
Ps: no clothes inside
And added the weight of my personal bag 2.3 kgs to my cabin luggage 6.3 kgs that’s makes a total of 9,6 kgs .
For many years of traveling to other destinations thru Cebu Pacific I was never asked to weighed my handcary shoulder bag or small backpack . Like other women we need a small second hand carry bag for our money IDs passports personal belongings etc.
Take note ! Only camiguin airport did that to me!!
Next he started telling me that a total of 7 kgs is only allowed for everything so he asked me to put the exceeding 2.6 kgs to check in, fortunately my sister was travelling with me so I had be able to out my 2,6 kgs in her check in baggage.
So I was obliged of taking out my personal stuff from my small backpack and my clothes from my cabin hand carry infront of everybody infront of check in counter, then put it inside the check baggage of my sister.
What a horrible experience! By the way this happened morning of today!
I promised myself I will never visit camiguin all my life ! Goodbye Ciao
au revoir !
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維吉尼亞州切薩皮克87 則投稿
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2024年1月 • 單獨旅行
Very green and beautiful island, but not much of a beach scene. A little underwhelmed. White Beach sandbar is excellent for IG, but to swim and frolic? Not really... too rocky with white corals (not pure white sand). Mantigue Island was a little better. If you like waterfalls and scootering around, this is a island to do it. Not much of a party scene or central place where people gather. The 4th star was for the island's hospitable people; otherwise, 3 stars.
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Glenn I
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I love the rural feeling. Pound for pound, it offers many things to visit and enjoy from diving, swimming, trekking, and fishing.
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蒙大拿州128 則投稿
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Required a QR code-vaccine card and all to enter the island! Really? November 2022? Ferry service ran 3 hours late. Transportation on the island is expensive. 1K-40 minutes by tricycle to get to our resort. Many nicer places to go in the Philippines with out all the "BS"
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Lisa V
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Very disappointed. We weren’t able to go to Camiguin Island itself actually. We’re about to ride the RoRo but they can only accommodate 1 private vehicle per trip. So, that’s should be on a first-come first-serve basis. We’ve been there since the night before our trip so that we can enter the island as early as possible. We’re certain that we are the first private vehicle who got there. However, we weren’t able to grab the first trip because they prioritized those who are “residents” of Camiguin (even they arrived later than us) or if you know someone who will get you on the earliest trip. We’re very upset because we didn’t know that such thing exists. They said we can enter but on the 3rd trip which is very behind our schedule. We made an effort to be there the night before so that we can have the first trip and that happened to us. We drove 10 hours to get there and that happened to us. We will not complain if they’re being reasonable and gave us a fair treatment. The worse part is they only told us that we will not be able to ride the first trip after we went on the struggles of getting the tickets and completing their various requirements. All the efforts, time and energy were put to nothing because of their ridiculous service.
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2022年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Visited wife's family and love the Island. Friendly people and places to see. Bought property as her whole family lives there. And she hasn't seen them 30 years. Love the hot springs. Just wish parents would teach their children not to litter and take away from the natural beauty, but a problem all over the Philippines. Gonna retire there away from the population in the mountains.
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2022年6月 • 好友旅行
Camiguin is a very nice place...i enjoy...but minus the difficult and too long of waiting to ride a boat in going and leaving the island...the same or worst than the first time i came few years ago
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Trisha P
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2022年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Wonderful Island to Visit. Highly Recommend to Visit Bintana Sa Paraiso for a boho and jungle vibe.

A must visit and stay to take photos
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菲律賓卡米金省3 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Don't miss out visiting this beautiful vulcanic Island travelling The Philippines.
Many places to visit and variation: Springs, falls, beaches, little islands, diving, snorkeling etc. Decent restaurants in the Yumbing area with a top quality coffeeshop (Café Pippa).
The sea climate and being an Island, sometimes a nice breeze doesn't make it to humid.
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西班牙維多利亞46 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
Es una pequeña isla salpicada de volcanes, con una vegetación exuberante que no te dejará indiferente.
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