Mount Meru

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Mount Meru
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上午 12:00 - 下午 11:59
上午 12:00 - 下午 11:59
上午 12:00 - 下午 11:59
上午 12:00 - 下午 11:59
上午 12:00 - 下午 11:59
上午 12:00 - 下午 11:59
上午 12:00 - 下午 11:59
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Jofrey L
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2021年11月 • 夫妻情侶
We had a great experience climbing Mount Meru with the Tanzania Horizon Safaris team (guides, cook and porters)! They were all really nice, they did their best to enable all of us to make it to the summit in the best possible conditions! I highly recommend this wonderful experience without any doubt! We did a 4 days hike
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2 則投稿
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侶
I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru ( 8 Days Lemosho Route + 3 Days Mount Meru) in July 2021 with Tanzania Horizon Safaris. It is fair to say that many companies offer this trip but after much consideration, I chose Tanzania Horizon Safaris. Communication was excellent and we felt as prepared as we could be on arrival in Tanzania. The pre-climbed accommodation was lovely and the home cooked food was most welcome. The climb itself was exceptional. The guides and all the porters made the experience quite simply the best it could be.
I would happily recommend Tanzania Horizon Safaris to anyone considering Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru as a challenge.
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Korkut Zagli
17 則投稿
Hem Mount Meru hem de Kilimanjaro'yu görebilme şansına sahipsiniz. Rutubet yok; sıcaklık kolay kolay hissedilmiyor. Tipik bir Afrika şehri. Güzel hoteller var. Safari yerlerine buradan rahatlıkla ulşabilirsiniz.
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davis k
2 則投稿
My sovershili standartnyy pokhod na 3 nochi / 4 dnya na goru Meru s gidom, povarom i nosil'shchikami, organizovannyy Masai Warrior Adventures. Nash gid Elli byl tikhim, podtyanutym i ochen' priyatnym chelovekom, kotoryy sostavlyal nam khoroshuyu kompaniyu dlya togo, chtoby provesti vremya vmeste. Nam prishlos' vstretit'sya s nashim povarom, pomoshchnikom povara i nosil'shchikami, kotorykh predostavili Masai Warrior Adventures, i vse oni byli ochen' veselymi.

«Khizhiny» na gore, v kotoroy vy ostanovilis', nepravil'no nazvany - «malen'kiye derevni» bylo by boleye podkhodyashchim opisaniyem! My byli porazheny oborudovaniyem. Tropa ukhozhennaya i ochen' chistaya - za vsyu poyezdku my pochti ne videli musora.

Lyudi sklonny sosredotachivat'sya na vershine, i da, vidy s vershiny velikolepny, a voskhod solntsa, kotoryy my byli dostatochno udachlivy, chtoby uvidet' s vysoty, byl ne chem inym, kak snogsshibatel'nym. No pokhod k khizhinam dostavlyayet udovol'stviye. Progulka po lesu ochen' priyatna, s udivitel'nymi derev'yami, tsvetami, obez'yanami i t. D. Nizko vo vremya pokhoda vy mozhete uvidet' buyvolov, borodavochnikov, zhirafov i t. D. Dazhe yesli vy propustite vershinu i prosto podnimetes' ko vtoroy khizhine (Sedel'naya khizhina ) i vozvrashchaytes', vy prekrasno provedete vremya. My videli, kak lyudi delali imenno eto.

My mnogo puteshestvuyem po goram i mnogo v gorakh, tem ne meneye, den' sammita byl tyazhelym. Poyezdka na vershinu vklyuchayet v sebya mnozhestvo vzletov i padeniy, nekotoryye na osypyakh, i vy ne sovsem akklimatizirovalis', tak chto eto slozhno. Treniruytes' pered ot"yezdom v Tanzaniyu, a v den' sammita dvigaytes' medlenno! Prizov za pervoye popadaniye v top ne predusmotreno.

Vo vremya pokhoda my vstretili mnozhestvo lyudey, kotoryye zanimalis' Killi, i konsensus byl dovol'no prostym. Pokhod na Meru namnogo krasiveye. Lesa krasivyye, khizhiny potryasayushchiye, vidy potryasayushchiye. Yesli vy lyubite peshiye progulki, sdelayte Meru. Yesli vy v nem, chtoby poluchit' samyy vysokiy pik, Killi vyshe, poetomu snachala sdelayte Meru, a zatem nemedlenno begite k Killi. Nam ponravilsya etot pokhod, i my sdelayem yego snova.
Spasibo Masai Warrior Adventures
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Quinn L
坦尚尼亞2 則投稿
The hike goes like this: First a climb from Momella Gate up a 1000 metres to Miriakamba Hut. Then on the second day another thousand or so metres to Saddle hut (at 3500M). On that night we started the ascent at 1:15 AM and reached Socialist Peak around 7:15 AM. . Then we walked back down to Saddle Hut and back down to Miriakamba – a total of 13 hours walking that day. The last day was just the drop back to Momella gate.

We had a brilliant team from the African Walking Company – Two guides: William and Wilfred, a cook, two senior porters and four porters. William was a great leader. Our food was excellent. The huts had rooms with 4 bunks but on the second and third nights we managed to score our own room which was great as the rooms were a bit of a squeeze with four people.

What we thought was going to be a reasonably easy walk was actually really hard as the walking is much more technical than Kili with quite a few places where you have to scramble around rock cliffs, up boulders, or up seemingly sheer rock faces. A lot of the walking is also close to the edge of an escarpment. Near the top we had about an hour (but seemed like four) climbing up very loose scree on a steep incline – think walking up a sand dune – climb up – slip down – climb up etc. We found the summit morning extremely tough going. We finally got to a ledge at around 6:15 just in time to see said sunrise (over Kilimanjaro and actually very beautiful) then we had the next "little bit" to the top. This took another hour culminating in a near vertical rock climb when most of us were out of breath and going very slowly.

Overall a fantastic walk, worth it in its own right, and perfect to acclimatize before tackling Kilimanjaro.Ireal thank and recommend Masai warrior adventures for real taking care of our whole trekking with good customer care
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Неизведанный Мир
俄羅斯聖彼得堡9 則投稿
Mount Meru provides the best active acclimatization before a climb to Mt Kilimanjaro. It's height is 4562 m, feasible to climb and descend in 3-4 days. The view from the top to Mt Kilimanjaro with sunrise above clouds and huge caldera with young volcano under your feet is uncomarable! Also at the foot of Mt Meru you pass through some savanna with wild animals, it's real walking safari, so an armed ranger-escort is a must. Our group climbed successfully Mt Meru and then Mt Kilimanjaro via Unbwe route and Western Breach. Guides, cook and the team of porters worked perfectly. Thanks to Freddy, Yegor and Bob!
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The Weak Knee Traveler
新加坡新加坡11,767 則投稿
2019年11月 • 單獨旅行
Went for a Bush walk with a Ranger and saw a waterfall in the park and had pretty close encounters with giraffes and buffalos. Although I didn't get to see any predators, the landscape of this park is beautiful. Also saw a Albino Baboon which was a bonus. The park is also a gateway for climbing Mount Meru. Recommended to visit.
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西班牙馬德里3 則投稿
We have visited Tanzania in January 2020, our trip included Mt Meru climb and safari in Tarangire , Ngorongoro crater and serengeti. We were in group of 12 people, including 4 teenagers.
For all of these days we have chosen Mgalaa Expeditions and that was very good decision, , starting from the very beginning,
We started with Meru trekking. Our guides were very professional, prepared us to the climb, taking care about everything, from water containers to daily health checks or briefings. We were looked after by the whole team, we enjoyed every moment with them, had full trust in them, but also lots of fun. I don't think we would make to the summit by ourselves. With the big group, during the night hours to the summit, each one of our group had difficult moments, but we always had a great support of the team: guides Nickson and Frank, and porters: Paul, Laurence Methew, Melau, Rafael, Innocent. Mgalaa Expeditions, thank you for bringing us there and back safely, in good health and in fantastic mood.
After Mt Meru we took safari trips to 3 national parks. Again, our drivers and guides, Alfaki,and Peter were great, experienced and knew when and where it is worthy to go or to wait. We one also recognition to our "stomach engineer" for delicious meals.
That was dream vacation for us. It wouldn't work that way without experienced and engaged team of Mgalaa Expeditions. I can proudly say I have friends in Tanzania now ,sure i highly recommend
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坦尚尼亞三蘭港30 則投稿
Being the first visitor since Zara closed down in March 2020, it felt so good and memorable. Despite the fact that I was alone, I never felt lonely. The charming and hardworking Zara staffs were all there for me since the day they came to pick me up from Kilimanjaro International Airport, my Stay at Springlands Hotel, during the climb and finally the departure day.

Mr. Timoth, the receptionist, thank you so much for being such a good coordinator in making sure that I had a wonderful and unforgettable experience during my stay at Springlands Hotel.

Many thanks to Mr. Jeff, the Springlands Hotel Chef and his team for serving me delicious and healthy foods. I'll never forget the discussions we had on what should and should not be incorporated in my meals.

Mr. Emmanuel, an experienced guide and his team were more than friendly during the two days we spent up and down the Mountain. Can't thank you enough. The great care that you and your team gave me made me feel at home during the adventure! The success of reaching Meru Summit and later Little Meru Summit before going down the mountain will always be a wonderful experience.

This was my third time that I went in the adventure with Zara tours as I climbed Kilimanjaro Mountain in 2018 (Marangu Route) and 2019 (Machame Route) through Zara. The exceptional services offered by this company have always exceeding my expectations. Thank you so much, keep it up!!!

Lastly, I truly appreciate the safety measures which Zara put in place with regards to COVID -19 prevention. I couldn't feel that much safer anywhere else before......
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1 則投稿
We were a group of ten on an 4 days Meru climb Although we were first surprised/wary of how many people they were sending as our support team 21 guides,chefs,porters, for 10 climbers we quickly realized we would not have had the same experience and summit success rate without their help. Nickson and his team at Mgalaa Expeditions exceeded our expectations: always organized, prepared, and caring for our every need. The food was delicious and the accommodation were suitable. I highly recommend Mgalaa Expeditions for a Meru climb, particularly the guide Nickson and his team.
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