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印度West Sikkim1 則投稿
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侶
Couple visit and honey moon in night and environment and such a beauty place to visit and good break
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Martin J
1 則投稿
Company trip Como
2017年9月 • 商務型
Our group of 30 people from Sweden had two fantastic days of hiking and biking in the beautiful mountains above Como.
Despite some language bans, it became a successful journey where we experienced the best of Northern Italy.
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Thank you Martin, it was a really good experience for us too. Organize a 2 day tour like that with 2 different groups of Hikers & bikers and a bad weather conditions and change of plans, was a challenge. We did our best and your review was the greatest satisfaction.
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義大利梅拉泰770 則投稿
Ottima guida per percorsi MTB lago di Como
Roberto è un ottima guida di Mountain Bike, e non solo, per escursioni personalizzate nell'area del lago di Como. Procura anche le MTB o e-MTB per chi non ha a disposizione un proprio mezzo. Con lui ho fatto il percorso in 2 giorni del Triangolo Lariano da Brunate a Bellagio. Bellissimo giro e ottima organizzazione con anche supporto di furgone per chi non aveva più energie per proseguire il percorso pedalando. Roberto si è anche occupato dell'organizzazione dei pranzi, degli alloggi e dei trasporti. Ottima esperienza
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Grazie Tomino e speriamo di fare sempre meglio nei prossimi tours.
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Charlie S
澳洲維多利亞省726 則投稿
Great intro to mountain biking above Mandello del Lario
2017年4月 • 單獨旅行
I only had a short time in Mandello del Lario, but Esteban was very flexible. Ride was a little bit challenging, but great. Good views of the lake.
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Thank You Charlie, It was a pleasure to spend even a short time with You. Have a good time on the rest of your vacation.
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紐約州紐約市1 則投稿
Lake Como MTB ride
2016年6月 • 家庭式
Had a great morning with Roberto and his friend even though some heavy storms come in which prevented us from making it up the mountain on the lift. We made the best of it by making our way through the villages and up the mountain a bit in Menaggio. Roberto was awesome - he provided a great bike, picked me up at my hotel in the morning and got me back in time to keep the family happy. He was very fair with the pricing once the trip was altered by the weather and even offered to take me around at 1/2 price the next time I'm at the lake!! Good guy, great experience... Sean
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Thank You Sean for your wonderful review. Next time You'll be on Lake Como I'll manage the Weather also. However, You got a beer payed. Thank you again.
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Tancredi D
英國牛津9 則投稿
Great riding and great company
2016年6月 • 單獨旅行
I was in Milan for a business trip and whenever I go somewhere I look around at what riding I can do. Lake Como is only an hour and a half by train from Milan so I booked a place in Brunate (at the top of the funicular) and organised a trip with Roberto for two days guiding in the mountains around the lake. The first day we rode from Brunate which was excellent riding and fantastic scenery. The second day I took a boat up the lake and rode a different area which was also brilliant and got up to 1600 metres. Roberto was fantastic to ride with, great company and really easy to get along with. I'd highly recommend riding in this area and riding with a guide is much safer and more fun if you don't know the area, so book Anything But Work to guide you!
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4 則投稿
The best way to experience Lake Como!
A must do in lake como! We had only 2 nights visiting lake como and wanted to experience the wonderful lake. Roberto was absolutely excellent! He helped us organise our own customised bike trip around lake como on very very short notice. We had an excellent time. The bikes were in great condition, the level of bike ridding was adapted to suit our comfort and fitness level as well as allowing us to see the beautiful lake in a very intimate way. A bike trip around lake como is a splendid way to explore the lake. Roberto was a wonderful guide. Very cheerful and passionate about his lake and his bikes. Lovely to chat with and very helpful to ensure we got the most out of our trip. We highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting lake como and we would do it again if we are able to return! Maybe next time we try going up in the mountains after a bit more training at home ;) thank you so much Roberto for an excellent day ridding around your lake! Hope to meet again in the future!
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Matthew I
俄亥俄州Strongsville1 則投稿
Fantastic Experience!
2014年6月 • 單獨旅行
I had the opportunity to do two tours with a guide one on one, with a very high level of satisfaction. The tours were completely customizable based upon your experience level, the kind of terrain you were looking for, and they were also able to locate very high quality bikes to rent for a competitive price. The guide was very knowledgable with the area, and made a very good conversation partner due to his fluent english. It was extremely hot both days I toured, and plenty of time was given to rest and make sure there was enough water available. It was an excellent experience, and I can not recommend them enough!
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