Skiarea Valchiavenna Motta Campoldocino

Skiarea Valchiavenna Motta Campoldocino (Madesimo) - 評論

Skiarea Valchiavenna Motta Campoldocino

Skiarea Valchiavenna Motta Campoldocino

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以色列50 則投稿
2019年2月 • 家庭式
就在几天前,我们从Madesimo的滑雪度假回来了。 Skiarea很小但很大,周末有快速升降机和非常好的斜坡。我抱怨说,在三天之内,他们没有打开所有升降机,天气好,积雪很多,所以你必须使用应用程序知道什么是开放的。
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英國倫敦174 則投稿
2018年12月 • 家庭式

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義大利Lesmo579 則投稿
2017年2月 • 家庭式
很棒的滑雪区域,太阳下山,极大地定期修复的斜坡上,需要的时候到处都是人造的雪,滑雪期间暂停几家酒吧和餐馆。 强烈推荐。

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英國倫敦7 則投稿
2015年12月 • 家庭式
我们十二月初的时候在这住过。 通常去奥地利阿尔卑斯山的一部分和这是我们第一次在意大利和我想我们将会住这家酒店从现在开始... 周围环境很美,所以很多适合滑雪路线和深雪的。 适合带孩子的家庭。
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Carlo R
義大利米蘭328 則投稿
2016年3月 • 單獨旅行
我也有机会在一个阳光明媚的日子,这天的滑雪区域。 提供该地区许多路线相当大,和他们90%很现代很快,所以排队的人继续FAST Kunnigan。 还有一个小村庄内,停车方便的,有一个现代化的停车场坎波多尔奇诺Cable Railway Linking Base的滑雪区域马代西莫数千英尺高一些的。

我唯一的遗憾就是滑雪道Val Di Lei里有漂亮的老式的,小索道只能通过Rocky Scenario从较低的滑雪区域,所以再Queues很可能会访问此部件。 此外,椅子,电梯很慢,只有两个座位一排 - 一个相当老的设计,可一定Improved。

总之,完美的一天从米兰 - 车程约2 - 2.15小时Downtown Milan停车在一个周六早上坎波多尔奇诺Sunny。
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Wales213 則投稿
2016年1月 • 家庭式
13 ,我们要去滑雪马代西莫Last Month。 我和我老婆过了15年马代西莫滑雪。 今年,我们花了我们的家人一起,每个人都有一个美好的时光。 滑雪学校有一些很棒的教练,特别值得一提的有巨大的耐心,幽默,教我们的时候以及BEA Luigi孙子Little Ski! 有一个星期,喜欢他们的滑雪课程。 还有很大的耐心教老客户的时候再次Gianni! 我们要感谢所有的人非常多。 每个人都有一个美好的时光。 很好,多种多样的训练在斜坡马代西莫也非常好。 度假村有巨大的潜力,但这不是个大滑雪这是一个美丽的区域,有一个很棒的电梯系统和一些漂亮的绿树成荫的运行。 但是最棒的就是这里的人们是最好马代西莫! 那是什么使它非常适合!
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英國布里斯托372 則投稿
2015年4月 • 家庭式
我们住在小镇上的马代西莫底部的一些滑雪区域中运行的复活节。 晚了很棒的滑雪雪条件为所有有能力的人。 小镇上有不错的餐馆和咖啡馆里的主楼顶部的主要的滑雪区域提供了一个广泛的确实很不错。 它还有一个可爱的阳台有很棒的风景当你需要一个滑雪假期! 即使是在一些晚上打开了一次免费的旅行到酒吧和餐厅。 工作人员都非常友好。
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Lars B
瑞典斯德哥爾摩9 則投稿
2015年4月 • 家庭式
小但是非常好的滑雪系统。 很棒的餐厅有斜坡, 落叶松。
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丹麥Lejre12 則投稿
deghi skirental Madesimo
2015年3月 • 家庭式
My son Jakob and I, rented our ski in this fantastic skirental in Madesimo. We were treated very well, and had the best service in the World. Unfortunately I grabbed a wrong pair of ski on the slopes, but at Deghi, the owner managed to fix everything in the best way for me, and secured me that it was no problem. I had my own ski back, and we send our best thoughts to this great rental. Thank you. We will always recommand your place. Greetings Helle and Jakob Frandsen, Denmark
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英國倫敦122 則投稿
Good quality skiing
2015年3月 • 好友旅行
We took a long weekend and flew to Milan Malpensa to go to Madesimo and try a little skiing there.The resort is allegedly close to Milan, my route finder seemed to say about an hour and three quarters. Hmm
Anyway, as it was fairly late when we began driving about 8.30 not too worried. Stopped for a pizza on the way up just before we entered the mountains proper. Be careful to take the right road up when you get a choice of routes about 5 kms away from the resort. The short version is a real wild drive with hairpin after hairpin, narrow roads and in the dark we could only guess at how steep the drops were. We used the other road on our way down, much friendlier even if still with a few hairpins.
So Madesimo is at the end of a valley, the road does carry on through in the summer, but it seems to be a place that catches loads of snow, why else go there?
Our hotel was directly opposite the piste, within 20 metres of the first chair lift which was really for beginners but allowed you to be very lazy, warm up, and ski that extra 25 metres to the first of the proper lifts that took you up much higher.
Madesimo has obviously gone a long way to improve the lift system, practically everything was 4 or 6 chair, all put in the last 5ish years, all reasonably fast or fast except for the beginner areas which were still modern lifts being run slowly.
The chair system linked well, you could get up quickly and easily, even at the weekend when there were lots of people the queues lasted 5 minutes. This is true of the ski areas up to 2400 metres. However if you wanted to go to the top area you had to get the Groppera cable car, an ancient and rather sweet red cable car, with a capacity of 40 people depending on the snow depth. It took 6 minutes running between stations and the timetable on the door said it ran every 30 minutes. It certainly closed early on the saturday afternoon, and a lot of disappointed people had been left to queue for 40 minutes to no avail. On the Sunday it seemed to run as soon as it was full, but even then we waited for 40 minutes to get up
However if you get up to the top you enter a snow paradise. One old two chair serves the top area, but then so few people actually get there that it runs efficiently and has no major queue, two minutes waiting time. There are 2 large and quite steep red runs, and masses of off piste areas to play in. The return to the main resort below can be done by riding down on the cable car but that is to miss all the fun. From the very top at 2900 metres down a valley/gulley which was heavily moguled but not massive mounds you ski about 800 metres descent over a 3 km route. Its off piste, has deep snow, is in sunshine in the afternoon and is extremely fun to do. Be warned there is no rescue, and its not pisted so if you can't manage parallel to a high standard this probably is just too much to do. Just stay on the main ski area and watch the dots come down in arcs of flying snow.
So we enjoyed it a lot.
The drive back to Milan was again long and slow. So much traffic, yes I know Sunday afternoon but to be honest we were so tired that we left by 3.30 instead of skiing into oblivion and last run at 4.45. That early start got us away before any coaches but all the way back it seemed as though everyone in Northern Italy had been out as it was a beautiful sunny day. Took over 3 hours to get back to the airport.
Not really a place I would suggest for a weekend, unless you have very late flights or better still an early one on Monday and a hotel near the airport
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