Playa Guiones
Playa Guiones


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Julie H
紐約州紐約市3 則投稿
4.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年4月 • 家庭式
Lovely, big, flat beach with easy, warm water. But note there is ZERO shade anywhere. Super cute surf town. Make sure to get one of the fresh coconuts to drink!
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8 則投稿
3.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年12月 • 家庭式
Beautiful beach with huge waves but homogeneous and wealthy atmosphere, all tourists and no locals at all on the beach. Not much shade, a walk to any stores or rentals.
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加拿大蒙特婁323 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年11月 • 夫妻情侶
Beautiful, extra wide beach with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, spectacular sunsets, warm waters, waves, and smooth sand. The charming village of Nosara is nearby, and thanks to Costa Rica’s biodiversity leadership, a green zone runs along the entire beach with no new development allowed. Many surfing and swimming options for all ages, including some calm pooled areas of water encircled by rocks. This beach is approximately 7 KMs loving and takes about 90 minutes to walk from end to end .
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Olivia Shoshannah
加州戈利塔33 則投稿
4.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年11月 • 好友旅行
Had an amazing one week trip here last week. Stayed in Playa Pelada area and walked the beach route and path to Playa Guiones daily (and always during daylight). Surf was awesome in the morning and Juan Surfos rent shop was perfectly located for board rentals. Overall, people were kind and very friendly and area was big enough to not feel over crowded.

HOWEVER - I need to share an incident that happened on Playa Guiones on my last night there Friday November 10th, 2023. I’m not reporting to the police because there is not enough details to pursue an investigation. But I thought it would be good to get the word out to public and tourists that an attempted attack happened on the beach that night shortly after sunset. Unfortunately we walked far along the beach for sunset and it got very dark on our way back toward entry points into Guiones town area. My friend and I noticed a dark figure/a man walking along the tree line above us, and for about 10 minutes we kept our eyes on him, zigzagged our path and he kept following our direction. We trusted our nervous instincts and I grabbed a glass bottle out of my bag to hold in my hand to use as a weapon if needed. Finally we shifted back toward the water line and looked back again to see him shift diagonally in our direction, getting closer by the moment as we sped up, then at one point we looked back at the exact moment that he came charging full speed at us from behind - luckily we had been watching him and both turned at that moment and yelled loudly and charged aggressively toward him instead and I had thrown my arm up holding the bottle (he was so caught off guard), so he turned and ran away into the darkness. At no point could we see any features of the man as it was pitch black out. We then ran back up to near the Go Juice shop area and got in a tuk tuk home. It was unwise for us to be on the beach at dark.. lesson learned. Just want others to be aware that these attempted attacks do happen. We were lucky that he was scared enough to run away, lucky he didn’t have others with him too. No idea if the attempted attack was meant to be violent or an attempted mugging because I had a purse on me. Either way it was intense and I’m so grateful we chose fight over flight because it really scared him off, but it could have gone very differently. Also thankful we were both sober and fully able to gauge the situation. Please don’t walk on the beach at night. I’ve read since that there have even been recent attacks during daylight hours in this area too. It goes without saying that this can happen anywhere, but of course with a high tourist count I’m sure it gets targeted.

To end on a good note, I highly recommend Rosi’s Soda Tica in Playa Guiones - delicious fried plantains and breakfast (rice, black beans and eggs) every morning after my surf. Oh and an icey cold slightly blended pineapple juice. Yum!! Enjoy this area, but make smart choices and stay aware of your surroundings. PURA VIDA
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南卡羅萊納州希爾頓頭島11 則投稿
3.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年3月 • 好友旅行
My major reason to go back was to interact with the howler monkeys. They use to be all over the trees in the am and pm. Now all you hear is construction banging 7 days a week. Very disappointed.
Building all over, just like our home town in Hilton Head Sc😩
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Karina R
1 則投稿
2.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年4月 • 家庭式
La playa bonita, mar picado-hala mucho.
Nos robaron 3 celulares y el parlante en el lugar donde pusimos las cosas, a las personas que estaban al lado de nosotros también les robaron todo el efectivo. Seguramente personas locales que estaban viendo cuando uno se mete a la playa unos minutos.
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Patti D
加拿大溫哥華38 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
Loved this beach. Warm Water. Body surfing. Clean...uncrowded. You need to be comfortable in waves but if you are, it's super fun.
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ekaterina chatski
san jose24 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)

Qué tiene?
1) OLAS para practicar bodyboarding, surf
2) PISCINAS NATURALES, cuando es la marea baja. Se puede bañarse en el mar, como en una piscina sin preocupaciones
3) LA PLAYA LARGA Y ANCHA. 10 campos de futbol, aproximadamente
4) GENTE DEPORTISTA que es un ejemplo para uno que no es tanto.
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Pierre R
加拿大Bromont91 則投稿
3.0 分 (共 5 分)
La plage est un bel endroit mais souvent assez encombrée de gens, surtout en fin de journée pour le coucher de soleil sur le Pacifique, C'est beau pour se baigner et faire du surf mais si on se promène, il y a beaucoup de monde et ce n'est pas aussi tranquille que la plage Pelada voisine. Quant au «village», c'est tellement touristique que c'en est ridicule! La circulation est infernale surtout quand on rencontre des camions de livraison et la foule le soir est considérable. Si on veut avoir la paix et la tranquilité, ce n'est pas la place!
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Greg T
10 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
Great clean beach with good vibes and good surf. Awesome sunset. Had dogs come up and hang out with us.
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