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St Maddern Church

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英國大倫敦6 則投稿
2017年5月 • 家庭式
Visited the church and grounds one afternoon. Very pretty inside and out with parts of it hundreds of years old. Lovely view of Mounts Bay from outside church. Lots of info about the history of the church inside. Well worth a visit as well as nearby Gulval church.
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英國赫爾斯頓60 則投稿
2016年9月 • 家庭式
This is a good church but the only problem is is that the church is not open in convenient hours. The church web site has the opening hours listed on them. Other than that it's a nice church. There are also two churchwardens at the church who give you a warm welcome and tell you interesting information about the church.
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英國彭贊思61 則投稿
2015年12月 • 好友旅行
Attending a wedding here, very old but very well up kept. Believed to be one of earliest churches in area. Good core community . Vicar Tim was very welcomming and a good laugh. Decorated beautifully . Has recently refebish and tunes bells. Stands within a very old church yard, some facinating head stones. Very accessible large car park
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Mrs Daisy
加拿大溫哥華147 則投稿
2016年5月 • 夫妻情侶
Great village church for a wedding. Part of it are very old with later additions. Interesting screen separating the choir from the main part of the church. Old graveyard. Church is open only limited hours
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英國Hayle3,268 則投稿
2015年11月 • 夫妻情侶
Pity,we stopped to check it out and found perhaps the only locked church in Cornwall......perhaps a hidden treasure?.
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Carole H
英國倫敦33 則投稿
2015年8月 • 單獨旅行
Worth a visit. The church dates back to the 14th century. It is around the corner from Trengwainton Gardens in Madron, Cornwall.
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Nancy D
佛羅里達州費爾南迪納島147 則投稿
We went after seeing the short video of the church and its history made by the current rector. Unfortunately for us he was in Ireland for two weeks, so we were not able to talk with him further about this amazing old church and its history. The women who were keeping the church open for visitors, told us about the old chapel and baptistry that were even older than the church. We finally found them by asking several folks, not easy. The chapel is not signposted, but the wishing well (still in use today) is and it is on the way to the chapel down a footpath from the small car park.
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Carol B
英國伯明罕5,082 則投稿
2014年6月 • 夫妻情侶
ON 16 June 14, We visited the Parish Church of St Maddern at Madron in Cornwall. This church from its position is 400 feet above sea level and has wide ranging views over Mount's Bay; it is probably the third to be built on this site. Bishop Grandisson came from Exeter in 1336 to consecrate the greater part of it, but it took until the early part of the 1500's for the building to be completed by raising the tower to its present height and by the addition of the North Aisle.

St Maddern, despite giving his name to the parish, seems not to have been associated with the present church. He may have come from Wales or Ireland in the 6th Century. He built his little Baptistery about a mile north of the village, a simple structure which still exists.

Outside the church, the churchyard known locally as 'Gods Acre', was circular and remained so until 1820, when it was enlarged on the north side to provide more burial space. The churchyard finally closed for burials in 1878 though it can be still used for the burial service and scattering of ashes.

The oldest object in the churchyard is the 1th Century wheel-head cross just west of the tower. On it the carved figure of Jesus on the cross can be made out. A smaller later cross stands near the South Porch. One monument of merit is the giant stone scarcophagus, known as the Rose Price Vault, 1828. Rose Price made his fortune from sugar plantations in Jamaica. He returned to Corneall in 1780 and lived at Trengwainton. His memory lingers in Heamoor from place names, Jamaica Place and Jamaica Terrace, supposedly to house his servants.

Entering the church from the north porch one comes upon 'The Inscribed Stone', which we had come particularly to visit. This is an early Christian memorial dating back to the 7th Century. It was found in 1936 in this spot, buried under nine layers of plaster and upside down. Not it stands the right way up and is considered to be about 3 feet shorter than its original length. It was examined by Professor Charles Thomas who translated the inscription as 'My Husband Qonfal, Son of Vennorcit' and is a memorial by his wife.

The church has a fascinating history and is a real pleasure to the senses. If you like interesting churches with wonderful histories and monuments then this is the place to visit.
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