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Lanyon Quoit

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英國倫敦452 則投稿
2021年9月 • 好友旅行
A small but interesting sight easily missed. The whole area is littered with Neolithic monuments and well worth a day out. A 6-7 mile walk down to Rosemary and up across the moor will take in most as well as the ding dong mine and some fab views. End the day at the superb tea room at Landon farm the best cake and host in Cornwall.
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Rach J
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It's great if you're interested in ancient sites, and it's a nice place to go for a walk. We did the rounds of a few ancient places and also went to the Holy Well of St Madron.
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英國北安普敦838 則投稿
I spent ages seeking it. No signs anywhere. Why please? I was looking forward to something different.
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Paul F
英國切斯特菲爾德1,917 則投稿
2021年5月 • 家庭式
It's worth hunting this quoit out, it's not easy to spot from the road as its a tiny plaque set into the hedge that denotes its whereabout.

A quick hop over the stile though and you a greater by a large very ancient skeleton that would have housed a very noble or revered character.
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Paul R
英國韋靈伯勒651 則投稿
Firstly, apologies for the title. I couldn't help myself.
But I'm not joking about the impression this weathered stone structure makes.
I suppose it's merely the product of a fertile and romantic imagination but it seems, to me, to radiate an atmosphere evoking times long past and customs obscured by the intervening ages.
Quite a feat for a simple structure of four balancing stones, not much taller than me.
The setting helps, of course, with the wind-swept landscape of the Land's End Peninsula, the overgrown stone-centred hedgerowss, the heathery moorland backdrop and the remains of an old tin mine on the horizon.
We arrived as the sun set below a blanket of mackerel sky which made for some striking photographs.
Like many of the ancient sites around, the quoit takes some finding. The postal code takes you to a nearby farm, there are no signs, maps are misleading and there is only a tiny layby to park in, next to a stone stile in the hedgerow - easy to miss. To make things worse, the quoit, being not much higher than the hedgerows, is not visible from the road from most angles. We drove past it twice before suddely catching a glimpse.
It's well worth persevering for, though. Other local sites are larger and more complex but none have as commanding a presence.
Obviously, this is free to visit at any time.
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Tony G
英國康沃爾291 則投稿
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侶
Usually we like foreign travel but hey this year's gone pretty pants after March so a few days staycation in Cornwall looking at our local attractions. It's surprising but when you live here you don't really appreciate it
We visited here today and then a couple more.
Well worth the visit. Park in the lay-by and over the stile and presto your there

Tony and Shelley July 2020
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Paul F
英國切斯特菲爾德1,917 則投稿
WOW! Very much worth while finding this Megalithic monument as its stunning to see and wonder at how all those years ago they built it and for what purpose exactly.

The plaque and signs are very difficult to see but the postcode gets you quite near then its just a case of keeping your eyes open. The layby next to the stones probably could accommodate 2 or 3 cars but I think its rarely busy.

Very short walk indeed to get up close to this magnificent monument set in stunning scenery.
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Karol Zak
波蘭洛治勞28 則投稿
Wspaniały Dolmen połony bardzo blisko Men-an-Tol na przepięknym pustkowiu zachodniej Kornwalii. Datowany na schyłek Neolitu.
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Melbourne455 則投稿
Another not easy to find archaeological site. Even using google maps and a gps we could have driven past the site, except for a cyclist looking into the field. He proved to be both a help and a hindrance as he had parked his bike covering the roadside marker. Something mystical about these ancient rock structures. A simple structure but well worth finding. Close to Men an Tol.
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Andy B
立陶宛阿雷圖斯359 則投稿
interesting place with great aura and calm atmosphere, no problem with parking as you can leave your car few places on the road, its not busy so no problem with that
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