Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station (馬哈巴勒什瓦) - 評論

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

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2021年12月 • 單獨旅行
Mahabaleshwar is a famous hill station in the Satara district.Best time to visit is in winter season
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Swapneel S
Goa22 則投稿
Best hill station in Maharastra, overall we had a great time. The mountain views are so mesmerizing.
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印度孟買204 則投稿
We visited with family and was a memorable stay. We stayed at Krushna Valley home stay and visited many places including panchgani, mapro, table top, lake. Weather was excellent.
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7 則投稿
You can stay here for a long as a number of places to visit plus the fresh air you get is amazing.
Like the street food option plus some of the local food options.
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Kiran G
印度孟買5 則投稿
we spend quiet and peaceful 2 days in this palce. We feel Relaxed and refreshing. It was nice stay at the place.
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Nibash Agrawal
4 則投稿
Awesome place to visit. But avoid two things

1. never go through any package (Special from Garden Hill or Yash Yatra)
2. Never stay at Rahi or Rahi Plaza..

Otherwise, every thing is just superb
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Dhaval M
印度孟買16 則投稿
We went to Mahabaleshwar in the month of August 2021 just after the lockdown were lifted in Mahabaleshwar and all the points were made open. We went for 3N/4D and our stay was in Brightland Resorts on Kates Point Road. During our stay in Mahabaleshwar, the weather was quite chill and foggy. It was drizzling continuously throughout day and night. If you are self driving than be cautious.

From Mumbai, we travelled to Pune by Train and thereafter we have hired a cab from I recommend this option for those people who have issues in travelling through bus. Whilst returning, made a mistake of travelling through train from Satara to Dadar, instead should have done the same whilst coming to Mahabaleshwar, cause, it consumed much more time whilst returning to Mumbai.


1. The weather is amazing during monsoon which makes quite soothing and relaxing.
2. More number of tourist places which includes various points, lakes and historical monuments


1. Sightseeing is costly in Mahabaleshwar along with the food
2. The tour operator / local guide will charge you much more for covering most number of points, wherein 3-4 points are there at the same place (Ref. Kates Point)
3. During Monsoon, horse riding is not recommendable, due to foggy weather, where you cannot see anyone who even walks in front of you.
4. I find Mapro Gardens as overrated and costly, can avoid.
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Mr. Himanshu Sinha
印度普納1,084 則投稿
I have been to Mahabaleshwar twice. The 2nd time I went this February, I thought due to lockdown we will get less traffic, but we have got big big traffic. too many cars and too many people.

everyone nearby went to mahabaleshwar, it seems like that. We visited sunset point, rock garden and maple.

I like mahabaleshwar a lot, will visit again, you will find too many waterfalls in rainy season, the nature will mesmerise you, you will feel the freshness in your mind.
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Virendersingh B
印度Thane District23 則投稿
This place has everything to enjoy with friends, family. Mountains, Tourist Points, Lake and good options available to have food. Lots of hotels to choose for stay depending on individual's choice and budget. Do visit Pratapghad fort. Worth to visit Mapro food park and Mapro factory.
Climate in summer is pleasant but definitely to try to visit post monsoon to experience to winter in this amazing and beautiful place. A combine package to visit Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar and Pratapghad fort will be ideal.
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prakash m
印度Ulhasnagar4 則投稿
2021年4月 • 家庭式
This is our third time visiting Here.
Winters months are Nice & chilly even in summer it's pleasant here
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