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印度普納33 則投稿
This was by far the best point for us. Lake is serene and water and air are clean. There is a bit of rush in ticketing but its worth it
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates98 則投稿
Visited this place 21 years ago. Disappointed with the state now.
Paddle boats are not maintained. No proper approach or departure points. Touts / Agents just harass for money. Most cheat you in the name of lake trips. Nothing to see along the shore other than paddle around in the lake. Needs serious look from administration to ensure long term visitors.
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印度普納2,223 則投稿
2022年5月 • 夫妻情侶
It’s the main lake of Mahabaleshwar, and great attraction for boating as well as there are number of nice eating places near it. The water had receded a lot as we went in May just before the rains.
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印度新德里526 則投稿
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侶
Nice calm lake boats with shed & peddal boats available to enjoy one of the must visit place while in Mahabaleshwar.Street food available near the lake
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pune66 則投稿
not really worth going boating in the lake. The best option is to sit by lake side and enjoy the view. The boats are controlled by a select group of people and they charge more money than officially shown on board (which are already exorbitant ) . they neither give a receipt and are arrogant. when i visited i ended up paying Rs 600 for 20 min boat ride . Not worth it . best save your money and use elsewhere for fun
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Swapneel S
Goa22 則投稿
Overall it was a good experience. Suggest to kindly go in groups of 4 as the river ride costs 600/- and the boat is big so can easily accommodate atleast 6 people.
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Anika S
印度新孟買2,473 則投稿
Venna lake is one of the main tourist attractions at Mahabaleshwar.
We paid INR 800 for an hour for paddle boat +INR 200 to the boatman cum guide.

In November the water was clean ,not muddy though not blue...climate was cloudy but pleasant . For safety purpose its compulsory to wear life jackets which are kept at a corner .
Our boatman Anwar was quite knowledgeable and due to him we enjoyed this visit more...he has been operating the boat since 1993 and had many anecdotes to narrate .He took us along the long route and patiently explained each and every point ...showed us a water snake ,the hanuman temple ,local birds ,forest officers' bungalow and the tiger caves which are now submerged in water .
The unique part about this lake is the natural lake was extended by adding a man made portion to it .
For some part of the year ,once water recedes the ground is visible and carrot is cultivated there.
Overall a pleasant ,not to be missed experience.
It was not very crowded but tourists are advised to take care of belongings.
Tip :Be careful to choose a good boatman who does not take you for a ride and short cuts the experience for quick buck ! as there are about 80 + boatmen cum guides who are given tokens so many want to finish the ride fast and go back for next token…
There is horse riding ,archery games too.
One can also relish the sweet corn, local red guavas, raw mangoes ,strawberries ,mulberries ,carrots from roadside vendors or variety of fast food across the street.
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印度1 則投稿
2021年10月 • 家庭式
It used to be beautiful place with good administration, now its totally mis managed.

They dont even give u ur ticket in hand after u pay, they will handover to paddler looking boys and then u have to run and find them. If u have 1 year old baby they will ask ful fair.

They have their own agents to fine u for not having mask while u click pics.

In recent days Mahabaleshwar has become very worst place.

Need some attention from government.

Go if u need highly priced boating in old boats with less safety.
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印度孟買186 則投稿
Good Place to go for Boat ride in evenings.

I would prefer taking boat with person to row. Peddling boat is difficult to ride.

Go in mornings before 11 or evenings by 4. as in between the heat will make it difficult to enjoy. The place shuts at 6pm.

Also there are good games for kids & food joints. Enjoy Makai tikki, Makai franky & strawberry cream.

It has good rides like merry go round, train, dashing car too for kids & adults to enjoy. Place is over crowded in weekends so take care in covid.

Overall good place to visit with family & friends.
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▲rJuN +h☀r@+
印度戈爾哈布爾582 則投稿
2020年12月 • 夫妻情侶
2 out of 10 for the crowd.
Lake on a monsoon day 10/10.
Traffic and parking 2/10.
Facilities 4/10.
Cleanliness 5/10.
Public facility 1/10
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