Mauna Loa
Mauna Loa

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Lynne K
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Mauna Loa was located on the ‘Hilo’ side of the island and so we set out and made the drive over. It was a pleasant easy to navigate drive. We started up the road heading to Mauna Loa but were stopped short by the sign stating no vehicles without 4x4 capability would be allowed to legally proceed. We were disappointed of course but that was the end of our volcano viewing that day.
We later found out that the road near the top is often icy and snow covered and although we are Canadian and drive in these conditions every winter, we decided due to the rental car we were driving, that it was best to stay safe and legal.
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Mark K
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2022年10月 • 單獨旅行
I hiked to the uppermost cabin on Mauna Loa (13,500 ft elevation approximately) back in 1986. I have always been interesting the forested slopes off Mauna Loa Road (near the parking lot at approximately 6,500 ft elevation). I wandered out there at twilight and was treed by wild pigs. I stayed in an ohia tree all night until the last boar left after sunrise. It was very exciting, but I don’t recommend the experience to anyone. Priceless to be two months shy of 70 and end up running for (your) life at altitude. Glad I found a tree!
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Toni J
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we went to view the lava during the day - it is quite a trek! and only saw a little steam
went back at 9:30 pm and the lava view was SPECTACULAR!
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Corinne L
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It is amazing and breathtaking. We went everywhere! Just writing a review here because in spite of the government of Hawaii and it's people showed covid can't keep them down!
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Joelle L
法國史特拉斯堡161 則投稿
Avoir le bonheur de contempler, par un temps parfait, le majestueux Mauna Kea depuis les hauteurs du Mauna Loa et de voir au loin le Haleakala sur Maui reste un des plus beaux souvenirs de voyage
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華盛頓州聯邦路31 則投稿
We did drive the Saddle hwy, but the Protesters are still very active....(we understand and support them) Mauna Loa did make a clear and impressive sight...
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2019年8月 • 單獨旅行
마우나케아 천문대가 최근 TMT반대 시위로 가는 길이 막혀 급하게 알아보고 대신 다녀왔습니다. 마우나케아 천문대보다는 낮지만 그래도 3300m에서 일몰과 별을 볼 수 있습니다. 구름만 안끼면 별도 많이 볼 수 있어요! 가는 길도 생각보단 괜찮았어요! 걱정 많이 했는데 다 포장 도로 였어요!
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加州沙加緬度16 則投稿
2018年6月 • 單獨旅行
I climbed Mauna Loa last year as a part of a trip to the Big Island. And I have to say that it was HANDS DOWN the highlight of my trip. In fact, I consider Mauna Loa to be one of my favorite summits EVER! Although it is very different from other summits I have done (like Mount Whitney, Mount Langley, and Mount Dana), it is certainly right up there with these other summits in terms of scenic beauty and the whole experience of being there.

I made my climb to the true summit and summit cabin as a dayhike from the weather observatory via the Observatory Trail. This was certainly a very different experience from Whitney, as you are not hiking on a true trail. Rather, it is more of a cross country route across lava fields marked by Ahu (rock cairns). In this sense, it is somewhat like hiking Mount Dana, but with an even less defined path. This route takes you on a trip up and away to colorful, almost Dr. Seuss-like land in the sky, out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, you just KNOW that you are in a different place well before the trailhead when you break through the clouds and see the bright sunshine and deep blue high altitude sky.

Along the way up the mountain, you will see plenty of colorful rocks, interesting formations, and expansive views of the surrounding area. If the weather at low elevations is clear, you will likely see much of the Big Island, ocean, and Maui. But more than likely, you will see higher mountains (like Mauna Kea, Hualalai, and Haleakala) sticking up over a sea of clouds. Even this is a sight to behold!

Of course, there is also the summit caldera itself, which is HUGE. You get to walk across it for a while when hiking to the Mauna Loa Cabin. And particularly from the true summit, you can see steam issuing from cracks in the caldera floor - a reminder that this is indeed an active volcano. Although this is a HUGE mountain unlike smaller summits in California, you somehow still get that ‘top of the world’ feel up there.

Oh, and don’t forget about the pit toilet just before the crater at 13000ft! Even if you don’t have to go, it’s worth a visit, even if only for a picture. After all, you may never return to this site. Just remember to bring your own toilet paper if you plan to use it, as there is none there!

Overall, I didn’t find this hike to be NEARLY the ‘monster’ it is SO often made out to be. It’s certainly a whole lot easier than, say, Whitney or Langley. Elevation can be an issue for some. If altitude is a problem for you, it might be a good idea to at least spend some time near the trailhead. Some folks even camp out there overnight. But if you are generally FINE with altitude of this magnitude, you will do okay. Also keep in mind that the summit is quite chilly - even more so than a typical summer day on summits of comparable altitude in California (winter is another story). So dress accordingly.

Should you go there? If mountains are your thing, a most definite YES! This is probably about the most unique 13er you are ever likely to climb! Even if they aren’t, it will likely be an unforgettable experience - certainly more so than just another lazy day at the beach.
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Mark C
威斯康星Sheboygan Falls240 則投稿
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侶
It's kind of amusing to see Mauna Loa listed as an attraction. It's huge, and there are many ways to visit and experience the mountain, but I do recommend everyone find something to do which gets them up close and personal. There are trails which leave from Volcanoes National Park. There is the Mauna Loa Observatory road and trail, which we visited. The drive itself is pretty cool, but be aware, it's like 19 miles of challenging one lane road and there are no facilities at the top. This observatory is a weather/climate observatory and not open to the public. We hiked a couple miles up the trail, but we started too late in the day and did not plan to spend the night, so we had to turn around before reaching the summit. Still a fascinating landscape to experience.
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