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Mohegan Sun Pocono
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泰國曼谷5,680 則投稿
Conpact, well laid out casino
The Casino is well laid out in a circular shape, has many restaurants, a sports book station and ample free parking. Valet parking was not available when we went. There is a smoking area but it is not seperated from non smoking . They are side by side. Wheelchair accessible with many disabliity restrooms.
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Mike P
卡羅萊納州Efland380 則投稿
Casino ok, room eh
We stayed here one night. The casino is ok, but own the smaller side. Many areas were understaffed. The hotel room was nice but the toilet didn't flush but we didn't find out until the morning.
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Edgar R
佛羅里達州溫特黑文69 則投稿
Comedy Club
Great time at a comedy show at the Mohegan Sun! There weren't too many in attendance, obviously due to Covid and the tables were well spaced out.
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Jack M
1 則投稿
I believe the beverage manager thinks his job is to follow the cocktail waitress around the gaming floor and after she delivers the drink to the customer and receives her tip he belittles said customer for covid mask requirements. The way he came across upset me so I asked for his last name witch he refused to give when I told him at least I had his last initial he told me that it was just a code for his department and not his name this was confirmed by your security supervisor that admitted to giving me a false last name during all this commotion I left 237.00 dollars in the machine I was playing please think of it as my gift to Mohegan Sun Pocono and use to buy your key employees business cards someone should be accountable for your employees actions. Regards B Moose
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2 則投稿
Don't waste your time/money
2021年5月 • 好友旅行
Pulling up to the hotel should have been a big red flag for us! It's very old and outdated and doesn't look very welcoming, and our experience matched that. Don't come here, it's a big waste of money. The food in their restaurants is alright, but you can't go get food without walking past the casino "security" who want to ID you and give you a hard time about your mask choice each and every time you walk past them. A majority of the staff throughout the entire Mohegan Sun property have bad attitudes, it seems like everyone is annoyed and no one wants to be at work. I personally think COVID is a huge joke/hoax, but we were in the casino for hours throughout our 3 day trip and never saw 1 slot machine or table being cleaned. And none of the machines or tables are social-distanced, so maybe Mr. Wolf should be informed about that. We won't be back.
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賓夕法尼亞州Dallas20 則投稿
WHY! Do I go here!
Went here in March twice and what a waste of money! The slots seemed to be WORSE than usual (if that's possible!) and drink service choppy at best. Cleanliness deserves a fair though. There was enough space between machines and mostly plenty of cleaning juice. Thank GOD they aren't allowing smoking or that would be another strike against them!
Of course, there WAS plenty of parking since there wasn't many in attendance. I can personally verify that for the 4 or so hours we were there I only heard one call for a jackpot. Not surprising.
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立陶宛維爾紐斯710 則投稿
I've been to a lot of casinos across the world, but none are worse than the one in my hometown. Oh I've been in "worse" and smaller places, but none are less pleasant that ours. First, the endless checking of ID's when entering and exiting the floor, no matter how many times the same staff members see you or check your ID's. Second, I don't know where the people come from who go there to gamble, but it's a sad collection of retirees and poorly dressed gambling addicts throwing away their meager pensions and salaries for the cling clang and flashing lights of slot machines.
The internal shops are tacky garbage, nothing anyone would ever want to buy. The restaurants are only good if they give you free meals for gambling.
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Jeremy D
Philadelphia7 則投稿
Not family friendly in the cannot dine there!?!?
2020年12月 • 家庭式
My son and I were in town for a double header Ice hockey game at a local rink. After enjoying casinos with my entire family, including minors, in Las Vegas I thought we would go to the casino for some good food between games as opposed to all the fast food that is around the rink. We tried entering the hotel at the back and was told I needed to enter from the front since I had a minor. So I try and enter from the front and as soon as I walk in to the place I was told I have all these guards telling me I can’t be in there because of my son. So I asked how can we get to the restaurants? I am told there is no way we can get there with a minor.

If that is true how on earth is a kid supposed to eat of I was staying at the hotel!?!? This is either the most poorly designed casino in the world or the staff are a bunch of buffoons. I don’t know which but we were basically forced to leave and gladly didn’t give them a penny of our business. The only thing we lost was time which we wasted on this 2nd rate casino and the subsequent search for food in the area. What a complete debacle that was. I will be sure to never use a Mohegan Sun establishment ever in the future and to advise others to do the same.
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Pennsylvania430 則投稿
Casino was hot and no one was cleaning
2020年10月 • 好友旅行
We went to dinner at Ruth's Chris and then to the casino on Saturday night. The room temp was way too warm. In the 2 hours we gambled, we didn't see one person cleaning anything. Although they pretend to care about Covid-19 not a single slot machine or blackjack table was cleaned.
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俄亥俄州揚斯敦98 則投稿
Nice mid-sized casino hotel
This casino was bigger than anticipated. Has a lot of slot and table game variations and a good selection of restaurants, the hotel was clean and up to date. The two room suite was very nice. It had two bathrooms and a kitchenette, the room was clean and freshly maintained. Even the bed was comfortable. For a midsized casino resort it more than met our expectations.
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