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Dorflinger Factory Museum

Dorflinger Factory Museum
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Seth S
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What an amazing museum. I never heard of this company or family but their accomplishments and the glassware they produced left us speechless and amazed. The museum staff was very polite and knowledgeable. We learned so much there. I want to go back again.
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Do not miss this museum when you are in this area! Fascinating look into the history of glass making and glass cutting in this area. The exhibition is really fantastic -- you will learn about the ingredients for making this type of glass as well as about the workers who were true artisans. The Dorflinger factory made some of the finest glass pieces of the late 19th and 20th centuries. THIS MUSEUM IS WELL WORTH A STOP!
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賓夕法尼亞州Fayetteville317 則投稿
The Dorflinger Museums are about a mile apart. In our opinion, this is the one that should be visited.

We visited The Dorflinger Factory Museum first. (The other is Dorflinger Glass Museum on the former Christian Dorflinger estate.) Dorflinger produced his glassware in this now restored Factory from 1883 to 1921.

The $5 admission is a bargain! The guided tour was excellent, conducted by the Musuem's curator, Kurt Reed, an expert on Dorflinger glass (studied Dorflinger for 40 years!), and is unbelievably knowledgeable as well as entertaining.

Quoting the Dorflinger Factory Museum folder, ". . . The Dorflinger companies produced fine lead crystal table ware for U. S. Presidents, governments, and wealthy individuals during the gilded age of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries." Each is beautifully displayed throughout the extensive museum and wonderfully explained by Mr. Reed.

Jim Dorflinger (who we were fortunate to meet) opened this museum some 4-years ago. He and Mr. Reed spent several years and - obviously - many dollars amassing the glassware. Every season, the glassware displayed is changed so one can only imagine the total extent of the collection.

The Factory Museum not only dwarfs the glassware collection offered at the Glass Museum, but the glassware is exhibited and explained wonderfully. Definitely a MUST visit.

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Allan S
紐約州紐約市6,265 則投稿
Loved going through the factory museum and learning about dorflinger product and life. An absolutely incredible spot with tools and products of this glass genius. Excellent presentation by the guide who was well guided in the history. Loved learning about the history and glad it has been preserved do well. Great place to visit
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Barbara K
佛羅里達州Groveland33 則投稿
We expected to spend about an hour here, but that wasn't enough time! When we arrived, we joined in on the last portion of a tour. The docent was very informative and entertaining. After a half-hour self tour, we took part in a full guided tour with a different docent who was also very informative. The afternoon went by quickly, as we learned about the Dorflinger glass making process and the different periods of glass design. The glass collection is amazing! The time spent was well worth the entrance fee of $5.
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Ross A P
維吉尼亞州弗雷德里克斯堡2,504 則投稿
This is a museum that needs world exposure. We spent a week in this area just visiting some of the small towns. We would never have known about this hidden gem if we hadn't visited the area. We were so taken by the craftmanship of this crystal and learning about the different phases of the process. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the beyond beautiful pieces in this museum will catch the eyes of the most uninterested. It is so saddening to see such a beautiful craft go out the window. What I found most alarming was the decrease in the detailing of design from the early years until the time that the factory closed in 1921. A visit here will give you an appreciation for the cost of crystal. We had bought some in Czech while stationed overseas and while the pieces that we bought were not cheap, it doesn't even come close to the craftmanship of this crystal. Most of the crafted people came from Europe including men and women. There is a small fee for entrance but beyond worth it. Handicap access for main floor. The bottom floor is a tribute to baseball. Nice addition to the area history.
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賓夕法尼亞州Saylorsburg368 則投稿
We did not realize how much glass industry there was in NE PA in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, so this museum was very informative. The cut glass on display was really terrific. The docent also did a great job of explaining the Dorflinger history. This is really a must see if in the area.
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紐約州布魯克林228 則投稿
Visited here with a large bus tour. The factory no longer exists or makes glass, so there isnt much to see. Volunteer docents give you the history of the company that started in Brooklyn, NY and moved to remote, White Mills, Pa in the middle of nowhere where highly skilled glassblowers and cutters were so overworked, exploited and denied a union that an employee set the place on fire. Other glass companies survived because they moved with the times, but not Dorflinger. Don't expect to see anything in operation anymore.
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賓夕法尼亞州霍利817 則投稿
We were given free access to the museum as part of their Winterfest promotion and saw a great Art Under $100 Art Show downstairs. Don't miss the amazing boiler room and function hall as well as the expertly curated cut glass from Dorflinger. The factory is an amazing museum and having visited the other Dorflinger Glass Museum up the hill, this one fills in a lot of technical gaps and showcases some exquisite pieces as well.

I was so please and will be back for a guided tour another time, This time we took our own pace and walked throughout the collection.
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佛羅里達州傑克遜維爾276 則投稿
The Dorflinger factory tour was very interesting. The staff was extremely knowledgeable.The Dorflinger factory produced fine lead crystal table ware for U.S. Presidents, governments, and wealthy individuals during the Gilded Age. Housed in the factory’s restored 1883 Cutting Shop and ca. 1888 Factory Office, the museum includes a huge collection of Dorflinger glass, original furnishings and so on. No entrance fee, but a donation of any size was appreciated and recommended. I was happy to see everyone in our group made a donation as the tour and our guide really was interesting and we were glad to support the museum.
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