Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center

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Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center

Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center

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賓夕法尼亞州Palmerton562 則投稿
Great hike
We went here today with another couple. Due to the bog's fragile nature, the boardwalk trail is only open for guided tours. Our tour guide was Matt and he was very professional, courteous, and informative. The cost was only $6. pp and well worth it. The hike through the bog took about 1 1/2 hours and was about a mile long. We walked on a floating boardwalk and saw many different kinds of trees, flowers (including a bug eating flower), and plants. We learned so much about wetlands and their usefulness. This natural National landmark is well worth your time to go see.
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Thank you for your kind review! We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your walk and we hope that you will visit us again soon! There's always something different to see in the Tannersville Bog!
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Victoria C
39 則投稿
A great place to visit
2019年7月 • 家庭式
If you are looking for something to do for a few hours, this is the place to visit! The staff is great. There are summer programs even if you are not a member. You will just need to call and reserve your spot. You do need to stay with your child/children for the program. The center has many things for children to see and touch. The grounds and trails are wonderful too. There is a nice gift shop inside too. It’s a great place and I would encourage a family membership.
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賓夕法尼亞州Mount Joy1,719 則投稿
Awesome Space
2018年3月 • 好友旅行
I love this place for its activities, but also for the space itself. We are members. It is worth going just to see all they share in the way of resources and programming. Art shows, classes, Trout Unlimited activities, blood drives, educational workshops, and more - for young and old alike. Nice collection of mounted critters and great store. Stop by - and JOIN!
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Bob and Bobbi S
賓夕法尼亞州Henryville10 則投稿
2017年12月 • 夫妻情侶
An excellent place for all ages. The Center is very interesting and the staff is very knowledgeable. The special events are great and educational for different age groups. Love visiting often.
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賓夕法尼亞州Effort48 則投稿
Very Informative
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侶
Great Programs with well versed, friendly guides. Beautiful, clean, well kept building and surroundings.
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Sharon C
賓夕法尼亞州斯特勞茲堡21 則投稿
The Best Environmental Educators in PA!
2016年8月 • 家庭式
In August we visited the Tannersville Cranberry Bog with two of our grandchildren. This was my third time through the Bog, each time with a different one of Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center's educators. Each time I learned a number of new facts about the bog because each educator/guide brings his/her own area of expertise to enhance visitor's experience. Darryl and Brian are incredible bird experts; Karen knows about the habits of each and every animal living in the bog; and Roger makes it easy to understand how natural forces created the bog after the last Ice Age. Every one of them has interesting stories about their experiences in the bog over the last 25 years. Any of the walks that the five educators offer, whether in the Bog or in other Pocono wild spaces, will give you and your family a greater appreciation of the marvelous ecosystem that we live in.
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Marilen R
Jim thorpe, PA9 則投稿
The Amazing Tannersville Cranberry Bog
2016年7月 • 夫妻情侶
We had an educational, sensory-thrilling guided tour of the Tannerville Cranberry Bog with Darryl from the Center who met us in the Bog parking lot. 2 1/2 Hours of delight! Darryl showed and explained all about the carnivorous plants, the other interesting and unique vegetation, the scat from otters and coyotes, the peat bog and sphagnum moss with cranberry plants growing on top of the moss, and all the while, he is listening for bird calls and identifying them. Such a talented tour guide! Wonderful experience for all. Trail through the woods is easy to walk in spite of the exposed roots and some rocks and was dry, but walking shoes (not flip-flops) a must! The trail through the Bog is on boardwalks. The deer flies were annoying, so I would recommend bug stray. I plan to take more friends on the tour in the future.
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Kathy Z
新澤西州Dumont338 則投稿
Visit if in the area!
2016年2月 • 夫妻情侶
We stopped by on a very chilly morning and only walked one short trail before the wind made us leave. We'll have to return in warmer weather to check out the other trails. The indoor center is very nice with a lot of interesting exhibits. The art gallery had some beautiful animal prints. And there were stuffed animals and birds in the other room. We stopped at the window for a while to watch the birds at the feeders.
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USA242 則投稿
A pleasant green space a stone's throw from congestion
This is really a sanctuary. A few minutes from traffic & confusion is a tranquil green space to explore & enjoy. When I worked nearby this was my lunchtime escape to walk & recharge! I've enjoyed several of their programs, both as a member of the public & as a member of another organization presenting there and have always felt very welcome. The programs are very informative & they are a great resource, especially for family education & recreation. I was so excited to meet my sponsored Maple tree the first year I sponsored one (with its bucket collecting sap!) A green oasis in an increasingly overbuilt area. Keep up the good work! See you at Bugfest!
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賓夕法尼亞州斯特勞茲堡81 則投稿
Get yourself back to nature
Great place for hikes on the nature trails. Great environmental and nature programs. Programs for schools and Scouts. I recommend you give it a visit.
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