Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

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Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

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Robert D
馬里蘭州Damascus147 則投稿
What An AMAZINGLY FUN PLACE for the Entire Family!!! :-)
I hope somebody posted a video on YouTube, because this place is INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!
You can spend you entire to close...either enjoying sitting by the various pools reading a book, or splashing about with family & friends in the numerous pools and activities (of which there are PLENTY) to amuse yourself with.
There are also 2 cafe's to get some tasty tidbits, and an accessible restroom...all under this multi-acre roof. Wow was that a BLAST! OMG Fun! Enjoy! :-)
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Robert S
2 則投稿
Average place that is good with kids, needs to be updated
We(three adults three children) just got back from Great Wolf today. Quick recap is; good place to bring the kids, needs updating.

Check in was very pleasant. We arrived early on Friday so there was no line and everything went smoothly. We got the "Pup Pass" for the kids which was a nice add-on that I would suggest for any kid.

The room was average, besides the kid cabin that we got(which the kids loved). The lodge is getting the roof done so we didn't have access to the balcony, but I didn't lower the score for that, as that will happen from time to time. A lower room fee would have been nice to see though. Being a "kid friendly" place, we did have to put up with running kids above us and running kids in the halls late into the night.

We had the buffet for breakfast and in my opinion is not worth the price. We brought some food with us so it didn't hamper our visit. A lot of pre-packaged breakfast items(this may be a change they made for Covid, I don't know) with some cooked food in the middle. The eggs appeared to be the egg mix that some places use to save money. I am not a fan and they were watery. The frittata was good though. If they are offering the cooked food, they should also serve some fresh fruit and pastries though, instead of the prepacked stuff mentioned above.

There are many additional things to do(for a fee), which is nice for a one destination place. We would have spent more time in the arcade if the prices were a tad lower. They also have a bowling alley and mini golf.

The water park is where they need to most work. They only had two rafts for the three person canoe ride, which made the line slower for that. As well as most of the time we were there, there was only one person manning the top floor so it took longer to get through, as they had to personally put the rafts in place for you. While we had time to wait in line we noticed that several of the railing were cracked. Probably from age, but should have been noticed and handled by now.

Overall, our visit was decent. But, if we look to come back up here for a visit, we will definitely look at one of the other water park hotels nearby(Camelback or Kalahari).
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1 則投稿
I would give ZERO stars if I could
The security allegedly tried to quiet the guests in nearby rooms but nothing changed even at 2am and 6 requests. No sleep for us. Not to mention the severe food poisoning I had which caused us to miss the entire second day. The food at the water park was disgusting and the wait time was 45 mins to order. My 9 year got stuck on a water tube ride because the employee didn't check the weight first....him and his friend were way under the minimum weight for the ride. All balconies were closed for roof repair even though nothing was being done close to our room. The Manager, Matt Rowland, advised (after 4 attempts to contact someone) there would be no compensation for an awful stay. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!! Go to Kalahari!!!!!
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1 則投稿
Never again!
2021年8月 • 家庭式
Not worth it. At all. The 2 stars are purely for the water park. Save your time and money and just go to the water park for the day.

The restaurants / food is horrendous! A fully open buffet that everyone can touch. I witnessed several people wiping their noses then pickup food and put it back and pick up another. Several items of food were covered in hair. The dirtiest buffet I’ve ever seen and shocking choices for the price. The pool restaurant is an even bigger waste of your money.

Witnessed a woman throwing up in her hands in the lobby, dripping on the floor; walk into the restaurants and back out again. No one batted an eye. The rooms are outdated and extremely overpriced.

Awful experience
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Whitney D
3 則投稿
so much fun and has a lot to do for everyone of every age. bring your family for the day if you dont want to pay the expensive prices to stay
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紐約州阿斯托里亞12 則投稿
3rd Trip, this time paid with Affirm
2021年7月 • 家庭式
This was our 3rd trip to GWL Poconos, the first 2 times I paid with my debit card and this 3rd time I used Affirm to break up my payments.

It’s been over 1.5 years since we had last gone and I decided to read the reviews AFTER I had made my purchase and was horrified some reviews left by others and in other GWL areas. Some said “they were treated like second class citizens and their checkin took 2 hours when they paid with Affirm”.

I reached out to GWL and brought this up and when I went to check in, it literally took me 7 minutes and I was given really clean room for my family and I to sleep in.
The host was super respectful, helpful and took care of us professionally.

The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars and gave 4 was because I paid for the meal plan but the options of where to eat were super limited. The bar at the water park definitely needs staff like those that work in NYC bars to get stuff done super quick, I waited 15 minutes behind one customer to get a drink and it was t done right either.

Other than that, my 11 year old had a fantastic time.
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3 則投稿
Worst experience I have ever had
2021年7月 • 家庭式
My family and I go into our room after a long car ride and as my husband went to go lay down for a little bit in the bed as he pulled back the sheets there he found a condom. As I further inspected the room I came across what looked to be dried blood on the sheet and also a dirty wipe in the shower. Mind you I had my kids with me and let’s just say I’m thankful my husband came across the condom first. When I had brought this up to the staff it’s like they couldn’t be bothered by it. When house keeping reached out to me it was as if they were offended. Asked to at least switch my room and was told that there was no other rooms available and I live six hours away so then I tried calling all around the area to find at least a different place to stay everything in the area was booked therefore having to change all the bedding myself and disinfect the whole entire room. This “getaway” was a complete waste of time. Poor housekeeping and poor staff everyone needs to be trained properly so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future.
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Danielle O
2 則投稿
Perfect place for kids!!!
Perfect place for kids to play games, swim, and eat! Also a great place for families who want to go on a family vacation. The indoor water park was a fantastic experience. There were water slides and lazy rivers for children of all ages and for adults!
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Jonathan O
2 則投稿
Sad state of affairs at great wood lodge
2021年2月 • 家庭式
By far and away the worst experience for an all suite hotel. No help with luggage, terrible parking situation. Water park sub par, not impressed at all. Hershey park the same at 1/3 the price. We signed up for the app, got early checkin, got there at 2:30, put my key up to the door of our room and it was locked from the inside by the lady who paid for late check out. Yet I got a text at 11:30 am saying my room was ready. They gave us another room with a terrible view and thought that would be ok. Don’t waste your money with this place. Hershey is a much better deal, and they deliver on what they say, unlike Great Lodge, never again with this place, what a waste of money
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賓夕法尼亞州Scotrun6 則投稿
Fantastic Getaway!
2021年2月 • 家庭式
We have a large family, and to find a hotel that would accommodate our needs can be trying. This hotel was not only accommodating but interactive and fun! While maintaining proper codes and regulations for COVID, they managed to still keep the fun and enjoyment for the family throughout the resort. Highly recommend! Our family starts from age 4 - 15 for kids!
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