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英國坎伯利8 則投稿
2021年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Cinema is comfy and clean, screen and sound great. It should be a really enjoyable experience but unfortunately our visit today was a reminder why we don't go to the cinema anymore. Despite only about 8 of us in for the film, a couple talked most of the way through the film. Despite me and at least one other person asking them to be quiet, the woman in particular made an extra effort to be even louder. I'm not really sure how we'd have gone about complaining without missing the film ourselves, though we did nearly give up and leave. Such a shame that a small number of people like to ruin it for everyone else.
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2021年6月 • 夫妻情侶
I have come to watch a lot of films I have really enjoyed it the seats are very comfortable I love the big TV screems it is always exciting to come and watch an amazing film with family and friends I would 100 percent recommend this place
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Kevin S
1 則投稿
2020年8月 • 家庭式
I have just watched Tenet at Camberley Vue which as a cinema id normally fine but for this film with maybe 15 people watching it the volume was uncomfortably loud and easily the loudest film I have EVER watched.

The film was rubbish and the volume was ridiculously loud. The popcorn was good.
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Robert G
英國Blackwater58 則投稿
Great cinema clean and the staff are friendly, lots of screens and always got something worth watching
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Ramesh Yateem
英國坎伯利90 則投稿
I normally go to this cinema for family movie time. Good place, helpful staff and great service. Crisps! daughter bought a packet, noticed a lot expensive than in other places.
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Bert O
英國坎伯利544 則投稿
Good location in the heart of Camberley. Lots of parking available which is inexpensive in the evenings. Cinema costs £4.99 on Mondays and £5.99 for other days.
Comfortable seats and easy online booking.
Only gripe was that my seat was very stained - otherwise, all very good.
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Tracy K
英國Fleet12 則投稿
Took my mum and daughter to this cinema today to see Little Women. Parking was easy. Ticket prices were reasonable but had trouble picking them up because the machine I tried to use was not working properly and couldn’t find my booking despite me having the reference number, had to use a different machine. Drinks are expensive as always, £7.99 for three soft drinks is excessive (one was water!). We needed to use the Ladies before the start of the film and they were truly awful. A number were unusable, over flowing with paper and generally really dirty and there was no soap in the dispensers. Not a good experience. Didn’t drink much of my drink during the film as I didn’t want to have to go back into the Ladies again! The cinema itself was clean and the film experience was good, although hearing the film being shown on the screen next door was a bit off putting in the quiet and emotional moments of the one we were watching!
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英國阿斯科特12 則投稿
Parking in the car park and using the lift to the cinema was so easy. Getting the tickets, which were reasonably priced at £5.99 and finding a our really comfy seats was simple too. There are cup/drink holders too and plenty of leg room. There are a number of places to eat which we thought we would try out next time.
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英國坎伯利63 則投稿
Recently put their prices down to £5.99 per ticket (except on Mondays when they are £4.99). Good number of screens. Prices for snacks still outrageous though! One change that would be helpful - ability to scan the ticket bar code on your phone - they still want you to print our the tickets, which is a bit backward.
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英國曼徹斯特11 則投稿
2019年9月 • 好友旅行
£6 to see a movie is the right price. It is basic and simple which is exactly what you want from a cinema. Prices of drinks food etc are about the norm for cinemas
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