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Francie B
英國巴斯8 則投稿
2022年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Wicked night!! We went to a show here on a Friday night and we’re planning on going to another bar after the show. However we were utterly charmed by the lovely staff, performers, and general atmosphere. The theatre is cosy + intimate which allowed the comedians Ben + Joanna to interact really well! The bar was warm, friendly and served a good range of drinks. Needless to say we ended up staying well after the show, drinking with Alex (who runs the theatre) the technicians, one of the comedians + other audience members. Thank you so much for an amazing night - we will be back! 😊✨
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Mark Sirman
英國Minster on Sea2 則投稿
What a fantastic theatre! We were lucky enough to get tickets to see Orlando Weeks (who put on a great show by the way) and were blown away by this gem of a little place. Nice bar upstairs, very friendly staff and a brilliant sound in the intimate theatre. Will definitely be coming back.
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Margate, England, United Kingdom5 則投稿
Thanet Creative ran a week of children's workshops and the Tom Thumb was host to our end of the week two-day playwriting workshop. We could not have asked for a better venue for workshopping or performance. The staff were lovely and venue was perfect.
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英國Margate459 則投稿
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侶
I have lived in Thanet for 30 years and have never been to the Tom Thumb Theatre and tho9ught that it was about time that I did. We went to see a band play and they were great by the way. Exactly what this venue should be show casing. This is exactly hat it says on the tin.....the smallest theatre in the UK. You start by going up the stairs at the side of the venue to get to the bar which is small and cosy. Limited drink selection obviously as they don't have the space but they do wine, beer and spirits so most people catered for. When it is time to go down to the show/band you walk back outside and in through the front door. You get your hand stamped so that you can come and go as you will to visit the bar...and you don't get in if your name isn't on the list..honest. Wasn't sure what to expect when we went through the door but small it was but at least everyone gets a good view. Most people started by sitting on the floor to listen to the band but then eventually everyone stood up. They did put seats round the outside of the room but as soon as people stood up you couldn't see so we ended up standing too but was a band and standing up is a must so you can have a bogey which I did I'll have you know.
I'm so glad that we went to this venue and due to its quaintness I will definitely go again.
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Paul H
英國哈德斯菲爾德1,686 則投稿
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侶
Never heard of it but what a treat. Glad we went it's very folksy. GREAT for small bands , comedy and new acts. Staff friendly and welcoming and knowledgeable. Just excellent.
The Tom Thumb Theatre is a family run arts venue in the heart of Cliftonville, Margate. Originally built as a coach house in Victorian times, the building was transformed into one of the smallest theatres in the world in 1984. The Tom Thumb is a striking mix of Japanese and Alpine Architecture, with a quirky, charming interior of velvet seats and flocked wallpaper. It’s recently seen the addition of the Fin Bar, a ramshackle cocktails-out-of-jam-jars bar upstairs.
We host a variety of theatre, music and comedy.
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英國倫敦59 則投稿
2019年1月 • 好友旅行
What a hidden gem , what a find , what an enjoyable evening listening to Tony Hudd joined by two other guitarists – Gypsy Jazz maestro, Tom Abrahams and Jazz Fusion star, Jeff Butt. Clive Fletcher on double bass.

Quality musicians playing in a lovely intimate 50 seater unpretentious “ old school “ Theatre venue that just oozes character.

The bar is a metre square aperture in the wall by the stage

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and will be looking out for future events.

The only downside to the evening was the individual who decided to surf the net / or do his mail on his phone in my peripheral vision for a good part of the concert, 🤬I rate him 1 star
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英國倫敦112 則投稿
2018年11月 • 好友旅行
A gorgeous small theater which a stunning little bar. Well worth a visit. Seen a few shows there and enjoyed the bar many a time
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Paul G
英國Margate5 則投稿
2018年1月 • 夫妻情侶
Great venue. We have seen some excellent bands play there, wonderful live Theatre performances, and a quirky cinema club too.
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英國文契斯特4 則投稿
2017年8月 • 好友旅行
This theatre was such a highlight of my visit to Margate. What an amazing little venue. It's a beautiful building, lovely intimate bar and super friendly owners and fellow audience members. This place needs to be supported as it is one of a kind.
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Brandy P
英國倫敦2 則投稿
2017年6月 • 夫妻情侶
Smallest stage in England, friendly, quirky bar upstairs, putting on a variety of events. Go and check it out!
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