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Margate Old Town

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英國切爾滕納姆280 則投稿
Atmosphere by the bucket ( and spade) load.
Picturesque, run down, attractive and definitely full of character, the Old Town in Margate, is a great place to wander , to eat or enjoy a tea/ beer / wine. lots of unexpected independent shops including a very usual second hand bookshop. Don't try to park here !
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98 則投稿
Definitely better seasides to visit
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Not really sure how to write something without offending anyone who lives in Margate. It’s a bit of a hole. The sea front is shabby, battered and definitely seen better days. The places that were open looked unkempt and it was hard to find somewhere for a drink that looked clean. The only thing of interest was the clock tower and even that’s been vandalised. Litter and graffiti everywhere.
Nice sand though………
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Kit G
英國倫敦2 則投稿
GO! It's perfect.
Just so good. Callum was so friendly, great at understanding what I wanted - the cut is amazing and the price was perfect. Cannot recommend highly enough.
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keith k
英國Catterick175 則投稿
Go somewhere else
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Plenty of pubs but not much else, wandered around here but soon left. Not much to see or do in Margate other than the beach. Has been on my bucket list for years but what a disappointment.
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英國坎特伯雷722 則投稿
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侶
3rd week in August, Tuesday just after midday, the sun was out and virtually all the shops are shut! Really disappointing when you’d think traders want business. You can imagine how vibrant the area could be but it was soulless.
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Lisa J
英國倫敦153 則投稿
Lovely time spent here.
loved it.Lots of nice shops and tings clearly on the up. Nice people, sweet area. Great fun .Lots of vintage. some great food places .
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tim r
英國Margate4,736 則投稿
Buzzing regardless of the weather
A lazy walk among the market stalls on a changeable weather day in the old town.
Busy market bringing an 'arty' vibe to the main square, with people darting in and out of the showers of rain in the process.
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Keith J
英國倫敦31 則投稿
Margate, lovely lovely Margate
Margate is lovely. Go to Margate. There are some excellent beaches, great restaurants, friendly people and a rubbish art gallery. What more do you need? I spent a whole week in Margate and there are so many great restaurants you wont need to go to the same one twice – but we did because it was so great (New Street Bistro). You can also visit Ramsgate - where an open top bus can then take you along the coast route to Broadstairs and back.

In Margate one of the gay bars has opened up a large outdoor area overlooking the sands which is a great location and its also straight-friendly.

Warning: If you are up from London you may notice something strange. These are called English working-class people and they are almost all white (please keep breathing!). They don’t bite but they do occasionally engage in something called ‘banter’. This is a gentle ribbing and you can also take part by taking the mick out of them back. Its quite fun once you get used to it. Don’t look down on them and try not to assume they are all racists because they voted Brexit. If you can’t do that maybe go to Brighton instead.
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英國Margate40 則投稿
Mixed bag ‘Marge’
2021年6月 • 單獨旅行
If you can get past the crappy high street up the hill and dodge past the multitude of fast food delivery cars en route, the old town redeems the place with lovely restaurants, bars and independent shops. The harbour steps are perfect for looking at those skies that Turner described as ‘...the loveliest in all Europe’
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Stewart C
英國查塔姆812 則投稿
Looking at Margate through fresh eyes.
We took a walk aroun the Old Town area in Margate after finishing our walk along a section of the Viking Coastal Trail between Minnis Bay and Margate on a midweek day.
To be honest all of my previous visit to Margate have involved visiting either the beach or the ‘Dreamland’ theme park and so this was the first time I have walked around this part. The trip was very rewarding as the area has some narrow streets, a small square and some interesting shops located in some lovely old buildings which have survived the towns post war modernisation.
The area gave a complete contrast to the seafront which due to the sunny weather was packed with sun worshippers. But here in the coolness of the shade from the buildings other visitors were enjoying the ambience of the area.
If you are visiting Margate to discover the town, a walk along here is recommended.
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