Walpole Water Garden

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Walpole Water Garden

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Helen G
英國金斯林3 則投稿
What a wonderful place to go to completely chill out, wander around in nature. There is a fantastic Z gauge (really unusual) model railway which is such an amazing set up and you can spend hours looking at it and still be seeing new and different things.

Since Covid, you can only get drinks at the moment but plans to reopen properly. What a wonderful place to sit and relax by the water and have a coffee / tea, surrounded by nature.

The owner, Peter, is really interesting to talk to and makes you feel very welcome.

Entry is free. Would be a great place to have a good party!

Been on my own with my dog (yes it's dog friendly) and with a friend. Will be returning with my family when they visit.

Highly recommned a visit. Very unique.
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Sue B
英國林肯42 則投稿
Such a beautiful place - and it's free! You can enjoy a cup of coffee while in the stunning surroundings of trees, water, birds and fish. At the time just drinks were available but I think there are plans for more. The owner is very friendly and obliging.
I would highly recommend the Walpole Water Gardens.
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英國Wisbech1 則投稿
2019年7月 • 好友旅行
Just been to a birthday party here, superb buffet prepared by their chef who catered perfectly for the mixture of vegan and non vegan guests. The staff were extremely helpful with the setting up, very friendly and made us feel like nothing was too much trouble. The outdoor seating area is lovely and quiet, right next to the water and beautiful trees. Thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in such a peaceful and calming location. Will definitely return.
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Jane M
英國諾里奇98 則投稿
We thought this sounded an interesting place for lunch.unfortunately it had changed from cafe to restaurant.
It had very few signs and no one seemed to know where it was.
In a city this would not matter but in an area with very few places it matters. They need to make sure there is accurate information on web site.
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英國金斯林1 則投稿
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Lovely food really nice people really relaxing place I've been going last few months every Saturday evening for a meal and couple of drinks music is off after 11 closed at 12 no trouble at all comment I see before is just trying to hurt the owners pocket I'm disgusted because it's such a nice place with lovely respectful people trying to earn a living
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James W
1 則投稿
2018年10月 • 好友旅行
Walpole Water gardens is a lovely place to visit for a quiet - secluded chill & a cup of coffee or snack - alone or with friends & family.
Its not Alton Towers nor Woburn safari Park.
Its a small Oasis of calm even within the context of a small village.
Its the only place for miles where you can drop in for a sit down & it also has an alcohol licence which is double good as no pubs in the area.

If weather is nice you can sit outside by the water & watch the fish & other birds & animals, & if you want a bit of local input, the owner - landlord will entertain you for hours (you might never get away though).

As for the previous review, its a shame they didn't enjoy the place but why on earth would you post hearsay about 4am brawls etc.. surely this is slander & if not racist unfounded & illegal, it should at least be removed as un substantiated gossip, and as I live in the village I do believe this to be untrue.

Anyway you can make your own minds up - nice place to go. Don't expect fireworks & you wont be disappointed.

PS I am merely a customer & have no connection with the establishment or owner, just thing quirky rural services should be supported. If you got nothing nice to say don't say anything.
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英國彼得伯勒4 則投稿
2018年7月 • 家庭式
Nice place for hour or so
Nice tea and cake
Nice pond and water
Cats ducks black swan rabbit birds
Free entrance
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bill b
英國倫敦108 則投稿
2017年8月 • 好友旅行
it says water garden... there was a stream it had big fish in it
there were Rabbits, ringneck parrots, and a few others not a lot

the sad part it said it was wheelchair accessible i am afraid it is not my wife
is in a wheelchair it was hard work pushing her over the rough ground
it was not smooth at all
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Megan B
英國Wisbech8 則投稿
2017年8月 • 好友旅行
Saddly it was cold and windy and raining the day we visited. But if you are looking for a quite place to just stop and take a breath this could be for you.

It does have solid pathways but they are uneven and one of our group was in a wheelchair which it was not easy to get around. I don't think it is suitable for wheelchairs.

Its for people who just want a quite place to chill
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英國劍橋94 則投稿
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侶
after reading article in local paper regarding new restraunt and gardens we decided to call in.....what a waste of time...animals ha ha ha....we saw ONE RABBIT...ONE BLACK SWAN......ONE GOLDEN PHEASANT and two small blue birds.....admittedly quite a few fish....we decide to go for drink and maybe a cake.....but closed and this was a friday afternoon about 2ish.....wont be returning
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