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For what it is, I found this attraction to be quite fascinating, and I totally enjoyed our visit. After all, how often do you come across a bottle museum?

The museum is located in “downtown” Ballston Spa on the main thoroughfare (Milton Avenue) in an old storefront. It is easy to locate and easy to access. It also houses a glasswork studio. For our visit, there was a young pair (one male, one female) who were both accommodating and knowledgeable, and they were eager to share what they know with visitors.

The first-floor collection consists of beverage bottles, soda bottles, medicine bottles, chemical bottles, antique jars and jugs, old-fashioned milk bottles, vintage wooden crates, decorative bottles, poison bottles, and more. In the far-left corner, there is an old pharmacy display, complete with counter, display cabinet, medical tools, medicines and first aid items, and a vintage prescription log. There are also displays on how glass bottles are made (molds and tools) and basic bottle dating methods. Overall, the first floor houses quite an extraordinary display of bottles in all shapes, sizes, and colors that were used for myriad purposes.

The second-floor collection consists of several display cases that contain an assortment of vintage local (Saratoga Spring) bottles, beautiful decorative paper weights, glass “canes,” antique small liquor bottles, special edition bottles, and the uranium glass, which glows under UV lighting (there is a switch to turn it on). Here you will find some rather out-of-the-ordinary stuff, such as the small liquor bottles shaped like light bulbs, iridescent bottles, and Ole Polecat Spraight Whifkey—that is, skunk straight whiskey. About half of the second floor is empty floor space that is dedicated as an artists’ space where paintings are on display on the walls. The two respective spaces (bottles and paintings) are divided by a wall.

The surrounding area itself is quaint and unassuming. During our visit to the bottle museum, we also went one block over to Stone Soup Antiques, and for some refreshing beverages at The Whistling Kettle (tea lounge and café). Right down the block is the Medbery Inn & Spa, and in the immediate vicinity you can also find a pharmacy, several boutiques, a liquor store, a pizzeria, a coffee shop, Henry’s Tavern and several other food places. We easily made a very pleasant afternoon out of our visit.

Helpful Things to Know:
1. There is a public restroom on the premises.
2. There is a public parking lot located just around the corner from the museum. You can also park on the street.
3. There is a step up into the museum entrance, so I don’t think it qualifies as handicap accessible.
4. The staircase to the second floor is narrow and fairly steep and therefore may pose a difficulty to people with mobility concerns.
5. Admission is free, but for a suggested donation of $5.00 you get to choose your own vintage bottle to keep. It’s wrapped in paper, so you don’t know what you will get. Surprise!
6. The local public library and post office are right up the street from the museum. Between them is the New York State Submariners Memorial (with memorial monument and small-scale submarine).
7. One block over from the bottle museum is a war memorial (monument) in honor of local residents who served in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, and Civil War.

I would absolutely recommend this museum. It’s filled with local and regional history, and the entire wall filled with bottles on the first floor is itself a sight to behold. (I even saw a few soda bottles that I remember from my childhood.) I imagine that children would be especially fascinated with the place because it is visually stimulating. You probably need no more than one hour to visit, but depending on how much you want to examine and scrutinize the collection, you could easily stay longer. Our visit was about 50 minutes.

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Denise G
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Very interesting combinations of newer and antique bottles.So many shapes,sizes,colors and amounts. This was my first time visiting the bottle museum, but I plan to return with my grandchildren as I know they will enjoy it.
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俄勒岡州波特蘭23 則投稿
2019年9月 • 家庭式
Definitely worth visiting if you are in Ballston Spa. Interesting small museum that houses a unique collection of bottles including antique glass fire extinguishers. Staff has great knowledge of the history of bottles.
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紐約州Brooktondale420 則投稿
Loved touring this collection of weird old bottled, but I kinda wish we'd been able to explore it on our own. We said a few times that we were happy not taking the tour, but we still ended up with a guided experience, anyway. Ah well. The owner was super friendly; we're just big introverts!
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密西根州普利茅斯85 則投稿
Going from the Adirondacks to NYC, we stopped at the museum. Definitely ask for the tour since it gives you more information than what's on the exhibits.
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Robert T
Sussex65 則投稿
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侶
A nice museum with a knowledgeable staff. We were amazed at how much there was to learn about bottles! They have a very extensive collection.
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41 則投稿
I have driven by forever and never bothered to stop because frankly who cares?!
Finally the other day we walked by and stopped in. What great fun, passionate staff and an amazing museum . So very interesting that I will return soon. Free but with a $5 contributions out leave with a mystery wrapped orphan bottle that the manager will tell you its story and you take it home .
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紐約州奧爾巴尼218 則投稿
I found this museum trying to find something new for myself and my 4 year old. This is a very small facility but is packed with so many different types of bottles. The docents are younger, but full of enthusiasm and knowledge. I like the “orphan bottle” system because it let me donate money and bring something cool home rather than the usual gift shop trinket: I got a 125 year old acid bottle. When we visited there was a local art exhibit upstairs as well as some finer bottle pieces, and the uranium glassware (very awesome). This was a nice stop; make sure you get the tour and not just look around yourself. There is a lot of neat information behind some of the pieces.
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紐約州New York Mills68 則投稿
2018年7月 • 單獨旅行
Stopped here based on a book of best off the beaten path places to go. it was a nice surprise. the museum is free and you can either walk around yourself or one of the guides would walk you though it. I took the guided tour and learned a lot about glass bottles and the history of them. If you donate $5 you can get an "orphan bottle", an extra or double that the museum doesn't have space for.
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Dave M
fishkill, ny482 則投稿
2018年4月 • 單獨旅行
This is a great museum to stop in and see if you are in the Saratoga region. They have a superb collection of old bottles as well as an explanation about bottle molds and glass-blowing. One of the employees named Gary was awesome in explaining about the collection. He readily answered questions and was very kind. There is no admission fee but you can pay $5 to adopt a mystery bottle which is wrapped in plastic. Since they are a 401c organization, I felt good about supporting them. Upstairs, they have a few other bottle displays and also they showcase works by local artists. I whole-heartedly recommend a stop at this museum and then a walk around the quaint village and the mine spring down the street,
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