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Stanley House Spa
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上午 9:30 - 下午 6:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 7:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 7:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 7:00
上午 9:30 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:30 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:30 - 下午 6:00

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Raheela A
英國喬利16 則投稿
2021年12月 • 好友旅行
Since the change of owners the customer level service is non existent.
Considering the restaurant wasn’t busy at all the staff were few and beyond to notice the customers.
The restaurant furnishings are looking tired and shabby considering the reception and waiting area has had a facelift.
The meal was average and no drinks were served! We waited and waited and no staff came to the table also the lamb suet pudding was very dry and required more gravy but there was no staff to ask.
When finally a member of staff arrived he apologised profusely and said he would look into the final bill.
At the time of payment the waiter did not relay the issue of the drinks to front of of house until I told them.
The lady who took the final payment made no attempt or interested what the issue was and no apology given.
Very disappointing visit, will not be visiting this place again until customer service has improved 100%.
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英國Whalley8 則投稿
I was looking forward to a relaxing spa day as I have experienced several times previously and the first hour was just that - except one of the 2 showers in the thermal suite was out of action as well as the ice making machine….
Then more people were being shown around and having the facilities explained to them. There used to be a limit of 4 people in the thermal suite at any one time - there was at least 8 of us in there. Cosy is an understatement!
The therapist was wonderful as were the treatments I had but one wonders if the new owners are more about profit than providing an exclusive, indulgent experience as used to be the case….
Also, as we were all provided with white bath robes the amount of people in there caused some confusion trying to find which robe was theirs! It must have been a headache for the lovely assistant that was trying to sort their mobile phones that they had left in the pockets out!!
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英國蘭開斯特345 則投稿
A brilliant afternoon with a package of afternoon tea, spa time and a massage. Staff could not be any more helpful and friendly. The spa area was brilliant with good steam rooms and lots of attention to social distancing. Thanks to Louis for his attention as well. Great massage as well - would thoroughly recommend.
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wandering s
英國Bury17 則投稿
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Fantastic venue, been here before. Beautiful rooms in the "woodlands" wing but will request upper floor next time as wedding party above imitating a herd of wild animals who did not know how to do things quietly! Not something the hotel can control.

Good in Mr Fred's was ok, definitely reccomend the beef cheek. Restaurant staff were very good especially one dark haired lad whose name I did not get.

2 hours in Spa area was excellent. Big pool and various steam rooms/showers. Experience only ruined by some staff. It is no good constantly repeating the phrase "we prefer our guests to change into their gowns while in their own rooms" when you have not provided large enough robes in said room. This comment accompanied by a look of disdain! Maybe SPA staff training should be carried out by Louis. This young man was extremely helpful and non judgemental. Showed us to pool and then went to get my partner a suitably sized robe. Well done Louis, a credit to the hotel.

Despite that, an excellent stay. Definitely stay again.

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英國布萊克本107 則投稿
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侶
We had been gifted a voucher for the spa at Stanley House and it was one of the best gifts. The service was exemplary and everyone kind and helpful. The spa itself is brilliant and the full body massage is probably the best i've had. Really would recommend it.
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Malaysia4 則投稿
2020年2月 • 單獨旅行
I'm a breastfeeding mum who requested an extension of my birthday £75 gift voucher as I'm unable to do the spa package now, cos its a few hours long and I've to breastfeed every 1-2 hours. I even wanted to Top Up for the £115 full spa experience. They refused me and told me to use the voucher for the restaurant or products. Shameful 'service'.
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英國伯恩利118 則投稿
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侶
My partner and I always loved to get away and have spa days, but since having children it is harder to get away so when we do we always choose Stanley House Spa because in short it is absolutely perfect and exactly to our taste.
From the spa girls whom helped us along our way and gentlemen Louie whom was extremely friendly and engaging - the team really do outdo themselves on every visit.
We will certainly miss this venue when it closes.
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Chris C
英國奧爾德姆7 則投稿
had a great 2 days stay at Stanley House ( booked again for February ) & the Spa was fantastic... can't wait to return in a few weeks
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英國Littleborough313 則投稿
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Had the spa access as part of our deal. Lovely staff. Lovely location. Beautiful building. And fantastic spa. Felt very relaxed afterwards. Would recommend for sure.
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英國曼徹斯特3 則投稿
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Completely unhelpful and unsympathetic staff when we have just tried to choose the treatment for my fiance's mother's birthday present on Friday. To be told that it had been booked for the 6th January which was incorrect as we booked the 6th December- a staff members mistake when taking the booking. We were then told we had to confirm in writing to cancel a date we didn't book! We were offered earlier appointments in the day which we were amenable to but this would mean rearranging our whole day off. However, Stanley House wouldn't offer anything in the form of compensation for our inconvenience - a small price to pay for two customers that now will not consider using this Spa again. Staff made us feel like it was our fault and after recommending Stanley House to multiple other people in the past I am deeply dissapointed in what I thought was a caring and customer service friendly establishment.
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