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Red Apple Farm
特色和禮品商店 • 啤酒廠 • 農場
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 6:00


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Julia L
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Red Apple farm is a place I enjoyed in my childhood, and continue to love. The apples are high quality and there’s tons to do there! I’m especially grateful to them for their amazing handling of my allergies. They have baked goods for sale, and with that they have an entire booklet of their recipes and insight into the allergens in them. It one of the only places I can get treenut and peanut free baked goods (and they’re absolutely amazing!), my entire family worships the cinnamon sugar donuts.
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Stopped by the farm on the way to Vermont . The farm is decent size. Its a great place for family and kids to hang out with the animals and apples picking
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麻薩諸塞州波士頓449 則投稿
This apple farm is not to be missed. It has so much more to offer than when I last visited maybe 8 years ago. I went with a group and enjoyed the "hay ride". Joe was very informative! Note that horses no longer haul the wagon and you sit on benches and not bales of hay. You will see all their fruit trees and pumpkins and ponies and goats. The goats posed for a wonderful "kind of the world" picture on their high rocks. The store seemed a bit more skimpy than my previous visit, but there are jarred goods and baked goods and peanut butter and fudge and delicious cider and a few "gift type items. No postcards however! There is now a brewhouse. Doesn't every place have a brew house? It was spacious and there were a number of hard ciders to try. I don't drink hard cider but my companion enjoyed 2 kinds sufficiently to buy a 4-pack to take home. They were selling pretzels warm from oven but our next stop was a restaurant. Food is available at Red Apple. The place was not crowded in this late in the season day. Bags of apples were included and much appreciated in our group tour.
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Gary W
麻薩諸塞州韋克菲爾德334 則投稿
It's my own fault. Usually when I go to Red Apple, it is busy but not crazy busy. I went during their country fair festival yesterday. I had expected it to be bad but the crowds were huge. I was willing to accept that. It was all the other aspects that ruined it for us.

We went to the stand at the store where you pay for your apples and various other "pickings." The person who waited on us was a ball of fire NOT. After paying 25.00 for a peck (when we asked he said 10 to 12 lbs is a peck but did not show us the bag) apples, I hear the cashier next to him ask her customer if she was on the loyalty program. She was helpful when I asked about it. Apparentl,y one gets 5.00 credits after spending 50.00(I was half way there). I checked with our cashier and he said yes that was true if you put in your phone number. SO WHY NOT MENTION THAT BEFORE ??? We purchased two cups of animal feed at this point which came to two dollars. I ask if we can add the 25.oo to our account and he says no but the good news is you can add the 2.00 ( I do not need a sarcastic teenager to tick me off).
I then go to the store and spend another 25.00 not to mention more picking and food. Well over 150.00. Imagine my annoyance when I go back to pay for digging potatoes and the cashier says you can add the money to your account and she did not know why he said that. If you are a family farm and you are trying to upgrade to this type of loyalty program figure it out!! I know that Red Apple has a stand in Boston in the market so they are not that tech challenged!

In the past we always got donuts in the country store were usually able to get them hot. All I could find were packaged in plastic bags and because they must have been put up hot they were so soggy and really not great. The price was 8.00 a HALF dozen and I am willing to pay for that to support a family farm but these were just ok and nothing to rave about.

As to the food situation in the past we always purchased lunch at their bbq stand. WHAT A HORROR SHOW!! First one needs to go to the Brew House and put in the order (keep in mind they are also buying beer here and there are not separate lines). The line was out of sight and the wait was 20 minutes just to place it. Then they will text you...ONE HOUR LATER!!

The stand had maybe 4 workers and I would guess only one of them was text savvy. One of the staff would set up the trays on the ledge which was accessible to the general public and there were tons of people passing by ( I am excusing all the flies crawling on the waiting food because after all it's the country) This might not be a big deal if she did not leave the area to go get various condiments etc. It looked like each tray was a new experience for her because after each order it seemed like ground hog day. When one does a job for a while even if it is the first day, automaticity begins to take over...not here. When we finally got our food we had spent over an hour and a half of our time.

Perhaps if they had clear signage it might have made the experience better. When it was time to get rid of trash people were putting trays of fly attracting trash on the same ledge and next to the waiting food prep. There were at least 5 trays lined up there. Jeesh...there must be SOME health ordinances here, right? I am not blaming the customers, we could not find a trash barrel either. This was the only solution rather than leaving it on the picnic tables.

In the past we have always let the kids harvest potatoes and this time was no different or maybe it was. WE used to just pay at the stand and go dig. Oh no not this time. We walk down to the pond go to the stand only to be told we had to walk back to the store brave the crowds and purchase our ticket for potatoes there. WE arrive back and the two people manning the stand , check off our slip and we go to the field. There was a young man who told us take a pitch fork off the field and then an older gentleman who supervised the digging. My kids have been doing this for the past 7 years so really we did not need any instruction.
It is an activity they look forward to. He insisted on digging up the ground for them and then telling them to take some of the potatoes that had already been dug up earlier in the field. LOOK if I wanted the kids to pick potatoes that had been dug up I would have taken them to Whole Foods and let them fill a bag! If they are short staffed why did they need 4 people 2 at the check in and 2 in the field to dig potatoes for literally two families?

I am more than willing to pay the high price to support local family farms. I know that Red Apple more often than not hosts many events for charity and this was no exception. I applaud them for that but, to say this was a "special" kind of show ( I use special as a substitute for what I want to say) is an understatement.

It's an hour and a half drive to go to Red Apple and we have been doing it for the last 8 years sometimes two and three times in the fall. I have recommended it to many people also. I am hoping it was fluke and I don't want to hear the covid excuse which is so over used today because between the 4 people manning the potato field with only two guests and the smart aleck cashier I was more than a little disappointed in this experience.

I always insisted on going to Red Apple rather than check out other orchards, and it has been great. The problems I listed had nothing to do with the country fair but are rather systemic to the running of the business. Time to look around and see what else is out there.
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Joe P.
麻薩諸塞州Orange106 則投稿
This place is great for the whole family. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, open pit BBQ, live entertrainment, homemade pies, snacks, hot cider, a few farm animals, and beer on tap from Moon Hill. This place has it all for the family. Always a good experience. Bought one of their homemade apple pies, and it was one of the best apple pies I have tried.
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Laura W
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Don’t come here for the food and beer. Absolute mess of a production. You have to stand in an hour line to get a table and then another hour line to order food before you can even sit and order a beer, but while you’re waiting in the line that you have to to get your food, they give your table away. Food will take a few hours. Not worth it for a hamburger. On a side note there’s about 4 apple trees.
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麻薩諸塞州列剋星敦192 則投稿
The moment we turned into the entrance, we were taken in! The welcoming country store was appointed with period antiques, handmade gifts and baked goods. The grounds were well maintained and the staff, to a person, was friendly and helpful. A special “shout out” and note of thanks to Al for his assistance and wealth of apple information. Don’t miss his delightful dog, Daisy! Families will love the goats, and other farm animals. This will be our fall go-to for autumn charm, apples and pumpkins! ( Oh, and during these Covid times, it’s worth noting, the bathrooms were scrupulously clean and all the staff and guests wore masks. We felt so comfortable enjoying the beautiful outdoors!) Thank you all for a lovely visit. We will be back!
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Gary W
麻薩諸塞州韋克菲爾德334 則投稿
This our fifth year coming to Red Apple with our grandchildren. It is always wonderful. The experience is so much more authentic than some of the more showy farms such as Applecrest in NH. This year we had to make a reservation, so what else is new?
We opted to get the "Open Air Package" which was pick a peck of apples, dig a 5lb bag of potatoes, pick 3 pumpkins from the patch and 9 stems of sunflowers. It cost 40.00 and was well worth it. The kids had a ball! They have added a Brewery which is in the function hall and I must say it was an ingenious way to make up the slack due to Covid which resulted in no weddings allowed.

The animals were great but this year we could not feed them as usual. All in all it was a wonderful day. My only disappointment was the system that they had to buy food. I GET it and I do not blame them because I know all these places want to stay open and must go to any length the state dictates ( I wish I could underscore the word dictates). Just to purchase a container of fries you needed to sign up give your name and information and get a number. I feel badly for the farm owners because food consumption most likely is down due to this system. If people were like my husband he just said forget it, I will go to McDonalds.

They do have an open air market where they sell produce and you are still able to go into the store and get apple cider donuts. IN the past they have had various organizations participate such as church fairs. I am pretty sure this will not be allowed this year and again it is a shame because I have gotten some nice handmade items at these events.
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Rose b
麻薩諸塞州Athol7 則投稿
This is a nice small farm that has apples, berries, peaches, a few farm animals and snacks. They only drawback is the price of some of the produce.
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麻薩諸塞州Webster112 則投稿
From the nice people, farm animals, great little store, apple orchard, outside BBQ pit,
pumpkin patch, and most of all....the homemade peanut butter - this place is AWESOME!!
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