Lewes Beach

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Lewes Beach
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特拉華州Bear27,459 則投稿
We visited this beach multiple times throughout the summer of 2021. We had some great visits. Lifeguards are on duty Memorial Day through Labor Day.

On a low tide day, we played on the little islands that formed. Here we found lots of sea creatures: clams, conchs, hermit crabs, calico crabs, etc. It was a beautiful day with no waves. On a high tide day, we had no islands, but the water was deeper so the kids could play in the slightly deeper water and build sand castles on the beach. On each trip, we collected sea shells along the shoreline. You will find lots of little shells (clam, scallops, lady slippers, etc). Sand is soft. You also get a great view of the ferry cruising in and out of port from this beach.

Overall, we enjoyed our visits with Lewes Beach. This is a bay beach, so it has little to no waves. Even on the day when a major storm was brewing, the waves were minimal. It is safe for families with small children. There are 2 parking lots for this beach. BOTH are metered. Pay rate is about $2 per hour, which can be done using the ParkMobile app or by using a credit card at the central meter. There is one bath house and 2 sets of restrooms. There are sprinklers to rinse off in outside by the flush toilet buildings. There is a Lions Club Snack shack at the edge of the parking lot in addition to a DQ within walking distance should you get hungry or thirsty! I would recommend IF you want a beach for laying out or with little to NO waves. IF you want to boogie board...this is NOT the beach for you.
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Missy K
賓夕法尼亞州Glen Mills1 則投稿
Received a $30 parking ticket because I was parked facing the wrong direction when there was no signage!! Not even a warning -- ricidulous!!! Its bad enough you have to pay to park to be able to spend money in their stores, but you have to park in the right direction!! A warning would have been nice. OVERPRICED AND NOT WORTH IT.
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Susan D
3 則投稿
This beach is located at the end of Delaware Bay so the waves were very small and swimming is easy and safe. There weren't any lifeguards but possibly not needed for such calm waters.
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Terrie O
特拉華州Ellendale6 則投稿
Lewes Beach is an awesome beach. Very clean with accessible rest rooms/changing area. Big enough that you can safely spread out and enjoy the day.
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賓夕法尼亞州Dalmatia27 則投稿
If you want to relax and not worry that your 6 year old is being swept out to sea; this is the place. Lifeguards are there. The water is calm. Can bring floats. Get there early place does fill up. One day we saw tons of kite surfing and it was beautiful. No boardwalk. but just right for kids and relaxing.
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We love it here! The water is always calm, clean, perfect temperature (not too cold, not too warm), and easy to swim for kids and serious swimmers alike. Family-oriented. Look out for dolphins off the coast!
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Ed C
29 則投稿
We visited on the 4th of July. The beach was extremely crowded and parking lot was full but we didn't have to walk far. The bathrooms and concession were open, so that was good. The water was pretty still since you are in the bay, no waves. There were crabs or something pinching our feet. Definitely the place to be for the fireworks since they were directly in front of us on a barge.
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德克薩斯州奧斯汀62 則投稿
Great beach for kids; water is bay water- so not at all clear and has muck in it sometimes. Did see some small jellyfish at low tide. Has a good sand bar for kids to play.
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哥倫比亞特區華盛頓 (哥倫比亞特區)2,096 則投稿
We loved the relaxed vibe of Lewes beach. It is never hard to find a spot and the lack of waves makes for a calm day.
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賓夕法尼亞州Lebanon587 則投稿
2021年6月 • 家庭式
Beach is just north of Henlopen, on the Delaware Bay. Water is calm, making it great for young kids. On the downside, parking is horrible. Best to get there early.
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