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Trail Bike Hire
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
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Neil H
英國埃普瑟姆208 則投稿
We hired two bikes for the day to cycle to Bodmin and back along the Camel Trail. Having booked the bikes two days in advance, they were waiting for us when we arrived.

The guys talked us through the bikes, made sure we knew how the gears worked etc., suggested we did a short "test" ride to make sure the saddle was the right height and generally made sure we were comfortable with them before we left for the day. They also told us who to contact if we had any issues which we didn't.

The bikes were the £3 more expensive comfortable bikes each with a panier. The panier was useful.

We would use Trail Bike Hire again.
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4 則投稿
2020年8月 • 家庭式
Bikes are not well serviced. I’ve never seen a bike with so much oil and grime on the chain! My chain came off twice in the first mile so I took it back and swapped it. The bikes were also a bit grimy which wasn’t that reassuring with Corona around and three had loose headsets plus another with a loose mud guard.

We asked if the 🐪 Trail was all off-road as really didn’t fancy grubby helmets on our heads too, they said it was. We turned around at Wadebridge as it tuned into a cycle path on the road for a bit! The lads there were helpful enough but the bikes are not very well looked after. £60 for two adult and three kids bikes for just over an hour 😩

The trail itself was beautiful and we’d have liked to have stayed out longer if we’d felt safe with the equipment provided.
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英國牛津33 則投稿
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侶
With several bike hire place, we were very pleased to have picked up two bicycles from Trail Bike Hire. Located right at the start of the Camel Trail at Padstow, couldn’t have been easier. Call days ahead to reserve as they can sell out on busy days. We also got there a bit earlier in the day to ensure we could get a parking space in the main car park without worry as well as have plenty of time on the trail. I liked starting in Padstow as you get to enjoy the estuary transitioning into woodland all relatively flat and easy with a few breaks along the way for ice cream outside Padstow and cream tea closer to Bodmin. Beautifully kept cycle path. We gave ourselves about 4 hours to toodle along to just outside Bodmin and back with generous breaks built in. The guys at the Trail Bike Hire were friendly, patient and helpful.
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賽普勒斯帕福斯48 則投稿
I hired a bike with a child seat for the day, and it was one of the best highlights of our trip to Cornwall. The staff were friendly and helpful, and there were no issues at all with the bike. I cycled to Bodmin and back, 22 miles in total, and it was almost completely flat. Would recommend renting early, as the trail fills up later in the day and some people had no trail etiquette!
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Eldad A
英國倫敦137 則投稿
Good equipment, good location just before camel trial starts from Padstaw side. the prices are fair, £18 for premium bike and £15 for standard (premium has a comfier saddle). Helmets & locks are included.
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英國格拉斯哥68 則投稿
2019年7月 • 家庭式
We hired two bikes, one with a child seat and one with a trailer. We went for the premium bikes, worth the extra £3 for the comfier saddle in my opinion. Good quality Dawes hybrids, no issues at all with either. Helmets and puncture kit provided. Kids loved the trailer, and swapped between this and the seat at points. They even had a nap together in the trailer in the afternoon. We took the Camel trail out to the Borough Arms, a mile before before Bodmin, which was excellent for kids. Great pub food and has a huge outdoor play area, perfect for them to run off a little steam before the cycle back. Highly recommend this as a stop for folk with kids or if not and you just fancy a reward pint in the sunshine : )
Overall Camel trail has been a real highlight for us.
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英國Uttoxeter43 則投稿
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侶
Staff extremely welcoming and friendly. Great service. Would recommend. Good price also. Bikes in good condition.
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英國牛津774 則投稿
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侶
I rented a bike two days running. Loved the Camel Trail, and wanted to get there faster one day. Record was 20 minutes to Wadebridge and 17 minutes back !

Staff were really friendly and helpful and bikes were well maintained and comfy.
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Barry W
賽普勒斯Tala636 則投稿
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侶
My brother in law recommended that we use this company, as they had hired bikes from them a couple of weeks ago. We found the staff to be helpful and informative in choosing a bike. We did an 18 mile round trip and in between Wadebridge and the Coffee Shop, I got a puncture and they brought a replacement bike for me. We thought that the bikes were well maintained and we had an extremely pleasant day out riding along the Camel Trail.
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Garnet M
9 則投稿
2018年7月 • 家庭式
We picked up 4 bikes at 2pm so had a discounted cost which was great! We asked what time we needed to have them back for and the guy in the store said they close at 5pm, but if we're back any later to give them a call and we'd sort something out. The bikes were great, had a lovely cycle along the Camel Trail to the vineyard, had a couple of drinks. At 4,30pm we gave them a call and said we were leaving now and would be back at 5.30pm, and then then guy on the phone said there would be a £5 charge per bike for being late. It was disappointing that this wasn't explained to us beforehand, otherwise we would have made sure we were back by 5pm. They said it was on the paperwork we'd signed, but when someone verbally told us just to give them a call and let them know when we'd be back, it sends mixed messages. There were also bits on the paperwork from their part (showing us how to use the gears etc) that weren't completed. We had a great day, but it did leave a bit of a sour taste coming back to a £20 charge that we weren't expecting. Would use a different company in future.
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