Aiken County Historical Museum

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Aiken County Historical Museum

Aiken County Historical Museum
古蹟 • 教育景點 • 歷史博物館
上午 10:00 - 上午 5:00
上午 10:00 - 上午 5:00
上午 10:00 - 上午 5:00
上午 10:00 - 上午 5:00
上午 10:00 - 上午 5:00
下午 2:00 - 下午 5:00
2-3 小時

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Terry T
26 則投稿
I thought I'd run in and out to see the building but I ended up reading a lot of the info about the displays. There was a cute little olde time soda shop and pharmacy display. I liked that it told a local story instead of all the Civil War history I already knew. And it's free. I wanted to go in the gift shop but they weren't wearing masks. The volunteers at the front were.
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Thank you so much for coming! We're so glad you enjoyed your visit. So sorry about the lack of masks!
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Lee M
佛羅里達州坦帕灣249 則投稿
Kind of sparse but the building is really interesting. The civil war era room is filled with cool artifacts that tell a lot of history. The guy at the front desk was very knowledgeable about the local history and was very personable. It was also free!
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Thanks so much for coming in!
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南卡羅萊納州北查爾斯頓292 則投稿
We love to go to county museums. They are usually very clean, free and attended by very knowledgeable folks who take pride in there town. This was no exception. Beautiful home with lots of things to see and read.
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Thank you so much! We also love county museums!
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cheryl h
卡羅萊納州達勒姆57,064 則投稿
We were disappointed when we arrived to find no cars in the parking lot. As we walked up to the front door we noticed a sign saying they were closed. We sat down on the steps and checked out several websites for the museum and all of them stated they were open that day. Very disappointing as we were looking forward to learning about Aikens past and present history within the walls of the 17,500 square foot winter colony cottage called Banksia.

Instead of just leaving we decided to walk around the grounds and I'm glad we did. There were some interesting things to see on the property. There was an 1890 one room school house, an 1808 log cabin, an 1882 transit of venus observatory structure, the original bell from the courthouse, and more. However, this did not make up for the museum being closed when it was supposed to be open.
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We apologize that you found us closed on a day when we previously would have been open. We are observing reduced hours at this time in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hours of operation are listed when you call our front desk, however we do not currently have a website at this time. I've just checked to make sure, and our current hours are listed on our Facebook page and on the Google main page when you search for us. I apologize for incorrect information you've found on other pages, unfortunately we do not control that content. We hope you are able to return in the future on one of our open days, though we are delighted that you enjoyed your time on our grounds. Thank you for visiting.
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Alan R
南卡羅萊納州艾肯34 則投稿
2019年3月 • 好友旅行
If you are visiting Aiken for the first time or have lived here all your life and haven't visited the historical museum, then it should be on the top of your weekend to do list. It offers a well rounded look at Aiken County history.
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佛羅里達州奧蘭多472 則投稿
I've reviewed this museum before, and I anticipate being able to visit again in the future and write better things about it. But our recent experience warrants its own review.

The museum does special exhibits and decorations for Christmas, which are really lovely. Aiken is a thriving community for retirees, and Southern Living has itineraries for Christmastime in Aiken. But the museum took down its exhibits and decorations early -- they were not up for the week of Christmas or the week before that!

I asked what had happened, and I was told that they were going to repaint and refinish the floors. But during a week in which friends and families are in town for Christmas? And without posting anything on your website? Interesting decisions to say the least.

So our visit was both brief and disappointing. When we are next in Aiken for Christmas, I hope they make different decisions.
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Kathy M
南卡羅萊納州布拉夫頓37 則投稿
This former Winter Colony home is a lovely and historic setting to see many exhibits about the history of Aiken and surrounding area. Nicely done. Friendly docents. Worth a visit.
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23 則投稿
Each year there is a quilting contest and the entries are exhibited here a the museum. So beautiful! They also have a large variety of interesting historical pieces and pictures about Aiken. I found it interesting that the previous owner of the Hope Diamond lived in Aiken and used to put it on her dog's collar, use to lose it often and had parties to find it! You could spend hours here and not see or read everything here! Usually no charge to go in.
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佛羅里達州布魯克斯維爾150 則投稿
2019年9月 • 好友旅行
Lots of education about Aiken and the surrounding areas. Beautiful museum, the grounds are kept up nicely. Everyone is very friendly. Allow a couple of hours to see and enjoy everything. There are 3 floors and unfortunately we only got to see the main floor because my mom was not feeling well. But look forward going back and seeing the basement and the 3rd floor.
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Alis C
5 則投稿
What an amazing museum! And such knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming staff. The local tourist information recommended we visit and it was the best recommendation of our trip to the States!
It was wonderful to be able to walk around so much of the house (rather than just a couple of rooms - which we've found in some other trips to historic buildings) and it was lovely to see the photos of what the place had originally looked like in each of the rooms.
The exhibits were brilliant! Something for everyone. My favourite was one of the fire engines (the biggest and brightest!) but each of the other rooms were equally interesting and informative.
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