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Hiroshima Bus


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Sean M
日本貝塚市6,385 則投稿
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Ale R
阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯3 則投稿
muy clara informacion
Nos sorprendió gratamente que antes de subir habia voluntaries que hablaban diferentes idiomas y nos ayudaron con las consultas que teniamos,hermosa experiencia,
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阿拉巴馬亨茨維爾2 則投稿
Hiroshime Tour Bus
This bus takes you around the city of Hiroshima to all the site-seeing areas. I was looking to go to Peace Memorial Park and it arrived there after 20 minutes, making many other stops at the art museum and Hiroshima Castle (to name just a few)
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南非開普敦219 則投稿
Great way to get around Hiroshima and it’s free with a JR pass
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侶
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get around Hiroshima, this is the way to do it. The Hiroshima loop bus takes between 40-50 minutes to circle the loop of 7-9 stops. The bus plays recordings that tells you about the city and more information about the stops that’s in English and Japanese.

If you’re thinking about the time needed and you enjoy exploring, plan for around 4-5 hours in Hiroshima if you’re only there for the day. This first bus starts at 08:00 (the yellow line), the green line starts at 09:00 and the orange line at 09:15. If you have a Japan rail pass, you won’t pay for the tickets, but if not, it’s ¥400 for adults and ¥200 for kids for a one day ticket. You have the option to pay cash on the bus. If you do, I’d recommend taking the exact fare.
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西班牙賽維爾27 則投稿
Un circuito en bus para recorrer los lugares importantes de Hiroshima
Hay varias líneas de autobuses, pero todas acercan a los lugares más emblemáticos de la ciudad. Los vehículos están limpios, son puntuales y, eso sí, pueden ir abarrotados.
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Ram Manchi
卡羅萊納州夏洛特14 則投稿
Travel within Hiroshima
During our visit to Japan in July-2019, we visited Hiroshima, and with out Japan Rail Pass, we could travel in Hiroshima free in local busses with JR sign. It was a pleasant surprise but great convenience.
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Sukma AK
印尼雅加達113 則投稿
transportasi yang bagus
2019年7月 • 單獨旅行
Bus salah satu transportasi yang dapat digunakan untuk berkeliling hiroshima. Bus sangat bersih dan layananya sangat bagus, yang terpenting supirnya sangat ramah.
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Guy B
法國翁熱24 則投稿
Réseau de bus très dense
HIROSHIMA possède un réseau de bus dense et peau onéreux. Ne pas hésiter à l'utiliser c'est pratique et simple d'accès
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Kovit S
泰國曼谷597 則投稿
Sightseeing Bus
2019年6月 • 好友旅行
We arrived Hiroshima earlier than planned, somewhat disappointed by the fact that the Wisteria Gardens in Kokura that we had travelled 500km to see had not bloomed! We we booked at the Grand Prince, which is out of town, we didn’t expect to “see” Hiroshima as we were to arrive after 8pm. Our plans here were only for tomorrow to see Miyajima. Now having arrived at 5pm we decided we would put our luggage in the lockers and taxi into town to see the atomic dome and have dinner. As we headed out of the station to look for a taxi, we see this sightseeing bus. It is something we would not normally do but since we weren’t even sure where we going it was very useful.
It’s included in the JR pass but our pass had just expired so we had to pay a small fee which was still very worth the money. Onboard we were able to get some tips from other travelers and the route destination display monitors. We decided to hop off at the atomic dome and walk through part of the peace park and get in to the shopping street area of town. It was very pleasant also to have dinner in a friendly Japanese restaurant after which we decided we would walk back to the station to retrieve our luggage and taxi to our hotel...we arrived about midnight. The bus, and meeting other travelers on the bus gave us the impetus to explore Hiroshima. I would suggest this is a very good way to get started for anyone visiting Hiroshima, especially after reading so many reviews about transportation being complicated in this town.
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日本廣島縣1,712 則投稿
2019年4月 • 單獨旅行
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