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Baguio City Market

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菲律賓Bulacan Province3,892 則投稿
we came here to buy fresh vegetables from the rear portion of the market. it's cheaper and less crowded. the strawberries were quite pricier than when directly bought from
la trinidad. i bought ube jam from tantamco's.

although jam-packed with tourists, this market is maintained for its cleanliness and orderliness. if you have haggling skills, you can definitely hone it here.

be sure to get something from baguio for your loved ones waiting at home. there are
a lot of items to choose from.
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菲律賓塔吉市50 則投稿
Perhaps you can find mostly everything here and can even get discounts for bulk purchase. If you missed Good Shepherds products you can find some here, just asked for it.
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Jay Santos
菲律賓馬加智1,136 則投稿
I was told to be careful from pickpockets in this area. Still, the whole complex was a fun way to know the local vibe and atmosphere of Baguio.

Try to find the area where the locals are buying their stuff. Otherwise the ‘tourist zone’ is still a good place to be.
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Heidi Kim Linh Rodis
加州Rosamond37 則投稿
Took some foreign friends here and they enjoyed it. It's been years since I was here. It looks waaay better now. People are really friendly. They were giving honest regular prices to the foreigners (unlike other tourist places I've been in around the world where they rob the foreigners!) I accidentally dropped some money when I paid for something I bought. A stranger eventually found me and handed me the money I dropped.

Vendors were really nice with giving discounts. Don't be shy in asking.

Best place to buy coffee. They buy coffee from farmers (cooperative) so it's as fair trade and local as you can get (unless you buy straight from farmers). I bought some ground coffee beans in a small vaccum foil packaging so I can bring it back to my teachers in America.

If you're looking for quality hand-woven Sagada bags, here's where you can find them. Just ask around and they'll point you to upstairs stalls where you can buy them. They're a bit pricey but the quality is definitely worth it!

If you want pasalubongs, you can get them from here too. No need to go to the convent to buy their special ube jam.
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菲律賓碧瑤18 則投稿
It is a typical market. Smells like a market. However it is like a maze. And this makes this market unique. It needs a little improvement though specially in the wet market section.
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Prime V
泰國曼谷33 則投稿
One of the attraction of Baguio Public Market is Garcia's coffee shop that sells many varieties of Philippines coffee with multiple flavors. The prices are attractive, but because they ground coffee on order while you wait there is sometimes a long wait to get your order filled. It does not change the fact that it is one of the best if not the best place to buy freshly grounded coffee in Baguio at reasonable price.
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日本東京都5,682 則投稿
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4 則投稿
We were able to buy fresh and huge strawberries at 350/kg. The tinderas were able to give at a discounted price of 3kgs for 1000. Meanwhile, Sagada oranges were at 150/kg . There were also 2 tinderas roaming around selling pinipig. However, the pinipig they're selling were not hot anymore. Going to and from this public market may be a bit stressful because you have to tread heavy traffic and parking your car safely is not easy as well.
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菲律賓奎松市79 則投稿
Baguio Public Market offers a variety of local produce as well as imported items for visitors. From fresh produce, poultry, seafood and imported chocolates, you name it and they have it. The place is kept clean all year long and is typically open up until 7pm daily. Must get items from the market are the Sagada Oranges, Strawberries, and Good shepherd items such as purple yam jam and strawberry preserves. It is located near session rd and can easily be reached by cab or by just walking. I prefer walking, it's good for the heart too :) As I always say to my friend, never go home without getting a thing or two for people at home from this place.
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菲律賓宿霧市236 則投稿
We so loved the night market experience! We were overwhelmed both by the prices and the crowd! A must experience by all.
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