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Table Land

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When you go at table land for horse riding, they will quote 1280 for 4 points and 2500 for 8-9 points. Ignore that. Its all scripted speech.

Make sure you haggle and bargain strongly. Horse ride not worth more than 700 for 4 spots and 1200 for all spots. They will show funny looking silly laminated cards with price printed on it just to make it look formal. Just don't give in. Bargain hard. They will eventually agree. If you get horse for under 700(one horse), then you will enjoy going around table top because on foot it can get tiring and hourse ride is worth it at that price.

If you pay full price, you will feel cheated or over-charged and may not fully appreciate and enjoy horse ride because they may say 3 hours but they'll finish far quickly then you would expect. Many spots shown from distance.

So this is kind warning and reminder to everyone. They may give all non-sense reasons, just ignore and stick to your price - 700(4 spots) and 1100(all spots) per horse
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Manoj Madhukar Jadhav
印度普納220 則投稿
One of the bestand popular attarctions in Mahableswar, near to Satara and Pune districts. As weekend trip or picnic trip can be done to Mahableshwar
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Aakash Gujarathi
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2022年4月 • 家庭式
I lost my wallet here because we hired a buggy but because of uneven surface it was bouncing like anything and during that time only my wallet fell down or someone might have 'stolen' at the entrance itself.

The next day my father visited atop tableland in search of my wallet but he couldn't find anything.

My wallet had my HDFC ATM debit card, INR 2500 /- and my two wheeler driving licence.

I immediately 'blocked' my ATM debit card using HDFC bank's app as a precautionary measure.

I would advise fellow travellers on this nature's marvel 'tableland' to be extremely very careful while strolling around because this area is always dominated by horse mafia's and thieves.

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印度諾伊達391 則投稿
There is nothing here but a plain field. Only if you want to take a horse cart, go there, otherwise there is nothing to see there.
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印度孟買1 則投稿
2021年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Place is good for Young ones, too much of walking . Don't get fooled by horse mafia,for 9 points it should nt b more than 500. Cave hotel is best. Rest is ok..ok.
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印度孟買67 則投稿
2021年11月 • 好友旅行
Cars can be parked only at the entrance of the Table land. From there you have to either walk or ride a horse to see the points. Even horse carts travel only for a short distance. Riding a horse is not comfortable for all. Secondly, the horse ride has 2 types of packages. (Below are off season rates)
1) Rs 1280 for 4 points
2) Rs 2500 for 9 points.
We opted for the package with 4 points which included points like one tree (Raja Hindustani fame) and one talav (Bajirao Mastani fame). Now both these points were shown to us from far away.
This type of cheating will definitely affect tourism.
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印度普納1,045 則投稿
Table Land is huge and the horizon seems endless when you walk towards it! Nice place to take in the beauty of Panchgani.
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Chirag Shah
印度孟買735 則投稿
2021年9月 • 家庭式
We recently visited to this place, just horse riding nothing is there rest.
Horse riding is also too costly.
Previously it was happening place now waste of money
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Rajesh K
印度普納531 則投稿
2021年3月 • 家庭式
Table has very nice view. You can have fantastic time here. Nature is superb and vallies all around is very unique. We had tried our 4x4 pickup truck shooting trials sometime back but now vehicle is not allowed
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Ash k
印度果阿36 則投稿
2021年3月 • 家庭式
Totally avoidable.. It's a poorly maintained area with an almost mafia like nexus. The horses are the most hardworking beings there ,poorly fed. The horse owners start hounding you right from the time you park your car. The view is not worth it. Not good for elderly people at all as a lot of walking is required, on uneven ground.. In that case they'll get after you to take a horse buggy.... Another scam. So, if you've never ever been to a hill station, maybe you could go for some pictures but in my opinion, totally avoidable. We ended up shelling about 1200/- INR for just 2 rides. (Again, the horse worked more than the owners) .
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