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michigan323 則投稿
This review is about the casino, we did not stay in the hotel or eat in any of the restaurants. This is my 4th time in Atlantic City and I know better than to play any slots here, so I limited myself to just $10 knowing how tight this place always is. My first trip to A.C.years ago was the day after Golden Nugget took over the old Trump Marina hotel and casino and they had some areas blocked off while they were changing the name. Slots were very very tight back then and also the next two times we came out here. This time when we walked in the casino we thought we had walked into a ghost town, either that or they were closed. Believe me when I say there were just a handful of people scattered in the casino. We would walk rows and rows of slots and not see anyone, then we would come across one lone person playing a slot. My friend played several slots and put quite a bit of money in, even knowing full well that I told him they wouldn't pay out. They didn't at all. Oh, maybe a 15 cent payout on a 75 cent bet after 20 spins, but that was about it, and it was the same no matter what slot machine that we played. Way to blow through $50 in 10 minutes. The lack of people playing here shows people are finally wising up to this place and going elsewhere to gamble. I predict this place will eventually close up if management doesn't smarten up and loosen their slots! You can't stay in business when no one will gamble in your casino, even when you are the only place that offers free parking! Free parking won't help get people to play if their slots won't pay out anything.
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佛羅里達州Leesburg40 則投稿
We liked the video poker selection and free drinks while we were playing. Won some money, lost some money, had a good time. Hope to be back. You can take a jitney there if you are staying on the Boardwalk for $2,25
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馬里蘭州Chesapeake Beach9,393 則投稿
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侶
We had never adventured as far as the Golden Nugget so we made it a priority to visit this casino first. The Christmas decorations were mostly bright red and yellow and we were thrilled that the parking was free. The casino was extremely smoky for a Saturday afternoon so we didn’t stay long.
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Harris G
紐約州Queens Village592 則投稿
2021年9月 • 家庭式
This was a first time staying visit to GN we were given a complimentary very nice refurbished room although we were promised a suite but we were very happy with the room. The views of the bay was no so good since we are accustomed to ocean view when we stay on the boardwalk. We came in a Wednesday and left on Friday.As expected the place was dead and many shops closed. The pool was beautiful and the kids enjoyed it. Kids are only allowed until 2 pm but we like going in the morning so it didn’t bother us. The casino at night was ok. I don’t think I got one drink though I usually had a big dinner before gambling so I didn’t really want one. I won a little and the games were fun some I played for the first time. The GN is a nice clean place but with limited things to do if I bring the kids I would however visit again with just my wife.
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Christine S
1 則投稿
2021年7月 • 家庭式
We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite for 4 nights. No comp or anything, paid full price. Upon entry there was a notice that check in could be delayed because of short staffing. I get that, it's a big problem right now, but what they didn't tell us was that housekeeping wouldn't visit the room at all. We were repeatedly hung up on just trying to get fresh towels. We ran out of space in the trash cans, ran out of toiletries and toilet paper. After days of asking for a blanket for my son it never came. I cleaned the room myself every day because that's just what I do, I don't want to stay in a messy room. Well on the last day we took the shopping bags i'd saved and put all the trash in bags next to the can, because it was full. Then I find out I was charged an extra $250 plus my deposit for a "deep cleaning" fee. It took over a week to get an answer why, then we got the manage to send me pictures where the trash bags we left were very obviously sprinkled around the room. Like, trash everywhere. There's no way we'd have ever left the room like that! It's insane that they think they can get away with charging a family for a mess they didn't make after refusing to even clean the room, when housekeeping service is definitely included in the hotel room rate. Was my first time staying here and I will NOT again.
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1 則投稿
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侶
Worst WiFi ever. I had to work for 90 minutes each of my two mornings through video calls. The video did not work, I was unable to share my screen and present, the attached documents never fully uploaded and took 15 minutes to partially load, and I was kicked out of my meeting four times. It was embarrassing and I looked like an incompetent fool because my videos and documents wouldn’t share and my mic was cutting in and out. This happened on BOTH DAYS.

Secondly, the waitstaff in the Chairman’s Club was rude and curt when I asked to change the channel on one of the TVs so we could watch a baseball game. The bartender was downright surly and the waitress looked like she’d rather be ANYWHERE else.

Finally, the casino. It is too cold to sustain life. I was wearing sandals and I left after less than an hour because my toes were turning blue. In addition, they offered double comps on Mondays, but the catch was that they were being so stingy that it was useless because the pit supervisor apparently didn’t like me so I got NOTHING. Sure, Monday is double comp day, but what they DON’T tell you is that NO ONE is being awarded comps anyway, and zero x zero is still zero. I didn’t play again after that. Between the stingy comps and freezing cold casino, it was not enjoyable, so why bother.
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trader al
4 則投稿
We have been customers of the Golden Nugget , Las Vegas, and Atlantic City in excess of thirty years. We realize the pandemic caused a major disruption to the hospitality industry, but our last couple visits to the Atlantic City property have not been up to standard. Let's start with the good points. The telephone reservation ladies are among the nicest people you will ever have a business encounter with. They are polite, they get to know you, and just make the whole experience seamless.

Check-in is another strong point. We know a lot of the front desk people. By the time we walked from the escalator to the desk our check in was almost complete. The young lady who completed our check in knew us from prior trips and check in took less than a minute.

Another strong point is Vic and Anthony's Steak House. We generally dine there each visit. The menu and service are excellent. This is a text book four star restaurant. No it is not cheap, but if you want a really nice dinner it fits the bill.

The Grotto restaurant is not fully re-opened. The menu is a shell of the pre-covid menu.

Michael Patrick's, opens at 9:00 am. People like to eat breakfast earlier. As the buffet is still closed, people need a breakfast option. Michael Patrick's get crowded at opening, service is hit and miss, and getting a second cup of coffee is a job.

Casino's are re-opening buffets. No indication that GN is going to do this. Their buffet was not the greatest in the world , but it was comfort type food, served in clean environment , with very friendly servers. You could always find something to like on the buffet.

The hotel is starting to look run down. Room amnesties have been reduced to mini-tubes of lotion, shampoo, and body wash which are insufficient for one person let alone two people in a room. Their amenities used to very decent. This is penny wise and dollar foolish. There is no more pen and scratch pad in the rooms either. This came in handy some times.

The biggest complaint is the casino. Really not talking about winning or losing , but about running the customers out due to the temperature. This is a casino , not a meat locker. When people are going outside to warm up , it's too cold in the casino.

I would really like to see the property we enjoyed for years come back to her old self.
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紐約州紐約市5 則投稿
I stayed at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City this past weekend for my 29th wedding anniversary and I must say if I follow some reviews, I would not have stated there. Our room was so clean and checking in was a breeze. the shower worked fine and the beds are very comfortable. The hotel may not be the fanciest, but it served its purpose. We ate at the Chart House and the food and service was on point. We did the spa and Kathy was awesome. Enjoyed it. The pool and hot tub area is nice(even though we did not use it). The parking is free which is great. All and all my husband and I had a great time, and we will be back. By the way didn't win much, but the weekend was a winner.
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紐約州布魯克林154 則投稿
We came here because the service at Borgata was so bad, hahaha, joke's on us. The cocktail waitress on duty walked up and down shouting "Drinks! Drinks!", while never walking over to anyone and taking an order. I finally got up and flagged her down and after that drink we never saw her again. The whole place was so run down. We were the only ones wearing masks and no one made the other gamblers wear them or move them from their chins to cover their nose and mouth. Never going back and feeling good about that choice.
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新澤西州Forked River34 則投稿
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侶
Been going there for many years. Recently noticed that the dealers are not up to par...taking your money even when you win.. attitudes are not user friendly. It's sad, not what it used to be...I would think that the owner would make sure its help is properly trained. Lots of other casinos to go to , to spend my money..don't think I'll be back..VERY DISAPPOINTED
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