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澳洲墨爾本22 則投稿
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Shenzhen is shoppers paradise. Hong Kong people tell you to examine everything you buy. However, it can happen that you will get caught with 2nd rate goods. Tours (as for groups) are no longer moving in and out of Hong Kong.
on a Canadian Passport, I had to apply for an individual passport visa for China. It cost me about $760. Au$ The visa is for 5 years and multiple entry.
Getting to Shenzen from Hung Hom (Hong Kong) on the train was extremely easy. Except they warn you go get on the right train to Lo Wu. The trains are so simple to navigate. The Octapus card is a great way of getting around. (Taxi's are cheap too), food is dear in Hong Kong. In Shenzen prices are similar (maybe) a little less but not that much less. But prices for all the bags, belts etc. is cheaper than in Hong Kong. Many Hong Kong People go to Shenzen to shop. From Hong Kong (Hung Hom station) it takes about 45 minutes to get to the border in Shenzen. It is a bit of a walk from the train to the Customs and Immigration area. Visit Hong Kong (even if there are riots) because a nice area to visit. people are very nice and polite. Further, i can advise that Jane at Grayline tours (in the Harbour Plaza Metropolis in Hong Kong) is extremely helpful. You can chat to her. She is actually born in London of Hong Kong parentage and lives in Hong Kong. Very very helpful in all aspects of Hong Kong (or Shenzen) and I highly recommend her. I do hope her employer gives her a great Christmas bonus - she deserves it.
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香港140 則投稿
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2019年4月 • 夫妻情侶
Even though I had read good reviews about Shenzhen I was extremely apprehensive and uncertain about going on this trip. We were 2 couples, our husbands reluctantly agreed to come! I contacted I IVY and told her the bags we were interested in seeing and she responded immediately.
We travelled by metro about 40 mins from Hung Hom station... we then had to q for our visas which took an hour approx. They cost about 40 euro each.
We proceeded to the shopping plaza and found Ivy' s shop. Do not respond to the many touts who will try to divert you to their shops.
Ivy is so helpful and so patient.
Her bags are the real deal!
Be prepared to bargain!
Thank you Ivy, I totally recommend you!
And Ivy then brought us to Jason's shop for glasses.... sun glasses and prescription.... and again..Jason was so so helpful... we bought several pairs of fabulous sun glasses and also prescription which only take 30 mins.... thank you Jason...
JASON.... IVY.....your goods are top quality!
There are many many shops in Shenzhen
I recommend that you look no further than Ivy and Jason.... one of our husband's also purchased silk ties from Ivy.
The whole day was an experience but well worth the effort.
Go early and leave ahead of returning crowds.
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Mhel F
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2018年10月 • 好友旅行
Lots of cheap things and massage is cheapnas well.Good for shopping but must have a friend chinese so have someone to translate coz some of tge seller dont speak English
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伊拉克巴格達90 則投稿
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2018年7月 • 商務型
Shenzen seg buy building
Is the paradise for shoppers of electronics ...information technologies items .security items . Pos. Networks. Gaming items .... many floors for wholesale .
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Jinggling A
英國倫敦191 則投稿
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2018年1月 • 商務型
A lot of reviews on the web on how to get a 72hrs visa to visit Shenzen from Hong Kong to either do some shopping or business. The best way to get Lo Wu is by metro (MTR) and only costs about £20 return from most locations in Hong Kong.

I spent 3 wasted trips using the information posted on many sites, so hopefully this valuable information will save time and money.

You will have to pay at the border approx £16 for the visa itself and a lot cheaper than a full visa which costs £125 from the UK. However you cannot travel outside Shenzen with the visa issued at the border so be aware of this.

I have attached a MTR map and the latest info given to us by immigration. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
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Vikas Gupta
印度齋浦爾127 則投稿
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Near and clean city. Nice for shopping for electronics and related products. It’s modern city but very beautiful.
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Sue C
澳洲布里斯本72 則投稿
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2017年7月 • 好友旅行
Great experience with our Hong Kong guide jimmy escorting us all day. Lots of knowledge to share with loads of enthusiasm.
It was very reassuring to know visas have been organised and to cross the border with a local.
First stop at the museum was fantastic and we could have spent hours there. Cece, our Chinese guide spoke extremely good English and gave us a wonderful insight to life in Shenzhen, and it's very short history. We saw lots in a few hours before having a sensational lunch.
We really enjoyed the afternoon shopping up a storm.
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英國韋林花園城250 則投稿
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2016年10月 • 夫妻情侶
We booked this tour via the agent in our hotel lobby. I thought that overall it was very good value for money.
Our day started at 6.50am when we were collected from the hotel and taken on a mini tour of Hong Kong to collect the other participants. We finally arrived at Hong Kong Station to take a first class ride on the train into Shezhen.
Our main guide was Derek, who was lovely spoke perfect English and managed to keep us informed and together for the whole of the trip. Grayline sorted out the group Visa so we had to stay together and go through immigration in a particular order!! Once in China we were met by Cici our Chinese guide.
We boarded a coach and headed off to Shenzhen Museum, which was interesting. We then headed off to a Government 'jade shop' which was billed as having some terracotta warriors. well there was a horse and one other figure which were behind glass and we were not able to photograph. We were walked through and felt somewhat trapped) in a series of hard sell jewellery halls. While the stuff on sale was nice it was expensive. One of the party members wanted to buy a box of small terracotta warriors which were very expensive for a box of five, which he managed to buy later at the market for a 1/4 of the price for twice as many!! I think this stop was a waste of time.

We then went on for lunch at the Shangri La Shenzhen. This was a beautiful Dimsum lunch in beautiful surroundings.

Finally it was onto the Luoho Commercial City for shopping. Which we enjoyed.

The tour was well organised. The representative Derek was very organised and helpful. I am awaiting hip surgery and I was not as fast on my feet, he ensured I was accounted for and went out of his way to help me with stairs onto buses and trains, he was very considerate and professional in the face of some very awkward and outspoken people in the group who I would have lost my temper with !! Derek also took time to learn our names and always addressed us by Mr and Mrs ... ! I was impressed!! If you are lucky enough to get the Derek and Cici combination of guides you will have a great day out!!
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Vikashni P
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It was a good tour of the city. Dim sum lunch at the shangri-la was my favourite of the whole day. Visit to the jade factory, i am not too sure about! The people there pretty much forced us to buy things. Too me, it was not worth it. They said that it was government something and everything was genuine, but the gold didnt look genuine. It could be, I am no jeweller. Being a hindu, we wear gold jewellery a lot, and i think that factory was not selling genuine stuff. Later we went to bamboo factory. It was nice, but again we were sort of asked to buy stuff that wasnt interesting. The last place was the shopping centre, where its full of copies (which look real). I must admit i bought a wallet and sunglasses and they looked real. But the mall itself didnt feel right. You will walk around, and people will try to lure you in the shops. The bargaining is what got to me. You look at a handbag, they will tell u a price of say $800hkd, and you say no thats too expensive,- and then they'll say whats ur price? How do u determine that?! Nothing will have a price tag!!
We killed most of our time having a foot massage.. that was great and relaxing. And cheap!!
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Linda S
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2016年9月 • 好友旅行
We got into Hong Kong very late and made it to the hotel (ywca great hotel) it was 3.45am as cabbie didn't understand our destination. We had to be ready by 6.15am we had the hotel call hourly for confirmation. I don't think I've ever been so tired we waited until 7.30am when we spoke to consierge who tried to call every 15mins with no answer. We gave up at 7.45 then went to bed we called travel agent later that day who adv would get a refund as it was about $175aus VERY dissatisfied
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