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義大利那不勒斯27 則投稿
2023年8月 • 好友旅行
Per me dovrebbe essere una delle sette meraviglie. Per arrivare la strada è sterrata consiglio di noleggiare un Suv. il sito è poco battuto dai turisti quindi si entra completamente in sintonia con le rovine e la natura. Si respira pace e tanta energia positiva, la natura lisi mescola alle rovine imponenti. Se sei in Belize non puoi perdere una tale meraviglia
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義大利米蘭171 則投稿
2023年8月 • 好友旅行
We visited Caracol today, August 9th, on a self-driving excursion. We used a Chevrolet Equinox, a 2WD SUV, for the trip.

Maybe thanks to the sunny and dry weather, the journey was surprisingly easy with no issues. The drive took approximately 2 hours. The initial 20 miles were on paved roads, followed by the next 20 miles on unpaved roads and ongoing construction. However, these roads were wide and in excellent condition. The final 10 miles were partially paved and narrower in comparison.

Contrary to what some agencies may suggest, the drive isn't an extreme adventure; it's similar to many other streets in Belize. Don't be swayed by emotional manipulation from agencies trying to sell expensive packages or 4x4 rentals. The journey is perfectly manageable on your own.

Upon reaching the site, you'll find it expansive and incredibly captivating. The area boasts impressive constructions along with hidden chambers and tombs, adding to its intrigue. I highly recommend visiting Caracol for a memorable experience.
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英國多切斯特16 則投稿
2023年7月 • 家庭式
The Mayan ruins are fantastic and the site is well worth the 2 hour drive (more on that in a minute). We went on a Sunday and although we were the second car there (at about 9:30) about 15 were there in total by the end, yet it is such a large site that it still felt empty. The entrance fee was only $7.50 (US) as it was low season, which was half price (i.e. it is now $15 US normally). We spent about 2 hours walking around and climbing each of the buildings. There are great views and lots to see. There is a small visitor centre which details a little about the site but it's you want to know more you either need a guide or to do some research first (which is what we did)

DRIVING: we had hired a 4x4 specifically to get to Caracol. We read a lot and we're quite worried before we set off, especially as there has been a lot of heavy rain in San Ignacio during the previous 2 days. On the day the weather was dry, although it has rained at least a little overnight.

The drive was absolutely fine and not at all difficult. Plus, it is only going to get easier as there is a massive effort to build a new road going on. From the Western highway to about a mile before Rio on Pools the road is new tarmac and in perfect condition. It then becomes a dirt road until a mile or two after the Macal river. For most of this section it is a wide (2 lane) well leveled surface that is being prepared for the new tarmac and so very easy to drive. There are a few spots with more rutting but I was comfortable doing 20-35mph most of this section. The worst part is as you approach and leave the river and was the only bit I was glad I had a 4x4. The final 10 miles or so are an old tarmac surface but this is mostly all eroded and encroached by the jungle. It is still easy to drive but slowly to watch for pot holes.

There are sections overall where if it was in heavy rain I can see it would be more difficult, but the road was dry deposit the previous days rain so it drains reasonably well. I really wouldn't worry about this drive except in sustained heavy rain. It is not as bad as you may read, mainly because the improvement works have had a big impact already and even comments from a year ago will be out of date about the state of the road. We even saw 1 local arrive in a normal car. The attached pictures give some idea of the conditions.

Also, there was no check point in operation when we drove. There is a spot at the start of Pine Ridge reserve for one but it wasn't in use. I don't know if this was just because it was Sunday.
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紐約州紐約市1,058 則投稿
2023年6月 • 夫妻情侶
The road to Caracol is dirt road for the last 30+ kilometers. If it has been raining it’ll be a nightmare to get through. Even when dry, it is still not particularly enjoyable. They are working on building out the road in full but given the number of workers, or lack there of, just assume that this is a 2027 completion project at the earliest. Definitely hire a guide to take you as they will also then be able to take you to Rio on Pools and Big Rock Falls on the way back. Total time needed at the ruins is about 90 minutes to two hours. The military that monitors the site (no it’s not dangerous just remote) wants everyone out by 2pm so ensure you get there by mid morning to late morning the absolute latest.
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賓夕法尼亞州費城161 則投稿
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侶
My wife and I went on tour in a van (company chosen by our resort, Sweet Songs) for a full day trip. The guide picked up three other people at hotels in San Ignacio. The road is under construction, and as of the end of January probably 20 miles were quite rough. I certainly would not consider it for an ordinary car. However, we had a great experience because our guide (of Mayan heritage) had a lot of information and explantions. Even if you get to the site on your own, this is almost impossible to understand without a professional. Aside from a tiny gift shop, restrooms,and picnic area near the entry, there is a single large mounted map. Unlike some other historic sites, there are almost no signs, labels, translations of inscriptions, or explanations. If you wander around by yourself, you might say "that's a pyramid, that's a big structure." For example, an explation of how the observatory worked and how different sections lined up with the equinoxes and solstice came from our guide. This was also true for the ball game court, and an explation of the likely role of ecological collapse (over cutting of forests) played in the decline of this city centuries before the Spaniards invated. The site has a small, sad, dated musuem area. The labels are so faded (on the objects and photos that have them) they are illegible. The interpretation of the site --which is only a small percentage of a much larger "buried" city--made this really interesting and educational.
The tour included food (and Sweet Songs resort had packed more food). We stopped for a swim at Rio Ono on the way back, which has changing rooms and barely usable toilets. Make sure you bring food and beverages. There is no vending at this remote park. When the road is completed, its isolation will surely change, but right now in January there were probably not more than a dozen visitors exploring the largest period at mid-day.
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Family A
阿拉巴馬伯明翰5 則投稿
2023年3月 • 家庭式
Go with a guide, picnic lunch, plenty of water and do the climb to the top.
Don’t miss the Mayan carvings you can actually touch in the covered open-air building on site.
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新墨西哥聖達菲66 則投稿
Caracol is a beautiful, set of ruins that are also the biggest in Belize. Previous year's safety concerns about traveling to this remote site have dissipated. There are now many road crews at work along the route, a military checkpoint where visitors check in and check out. Also, Belize is paving the road into Caracol, which will dramatically increase ease of access. Most of the road is in good shape now. I also visited the Rio On pools, which was quite nice after the hot day at the ruins. I recommend traveling with a guide because the turnoffs on the roads into the site are unmarked and it seems quite easy to get lost. There was no cell service so if you broke down or got lost you'd be in some trouble.
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Cindy M
墨西哥Ojuelos de Jalisco41 則投稿
Caracol, less-known but largest of the Belizean Maya ruins, is amazing! Once you navigate the road (which is being improved) to reach Caracol, the site is magical - well-marked, easy to walk, and devoid of crowds. Climbing the various temples is well worth the effort. Stay in the Mountain Pine Ridge area if you are self-driving.
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法國Bry-sur-Marne379 則投稿
Un site qui se mérite (2,5 heures de voiture depuis San Ignacio dont 1,5 heure sont un chemin cabossé). Immergé dans la jungle, les bâtiments sont superbes et impressionnants par leur taille et intérêt. très peu de visiteurs, ce qui rend le site encore plus agréable. En prime, vous serez accueilli par une tribu de signes hurleurs ! une belle journée
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8 則投稿
Well worth the challenging drive over miles of dirt road to get there, Caracol is a stunning complex of Mayan stone acropolises in a park-like setting. Plan to spend half a day there.
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