Adirondack Mountains
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Bob M
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2022年10月 • 單獨旅行
Well there are zero restrooms not a pot to piss in. The birds are very loud. The bugs are weird. The smell is very murky. There aren’t any switchbacks. I was up near Mount placid and I got me a hotdog from Stewart’s then some ice cream and it tasted worse than 7 eleven… maybe a bad batch. I think I’ll stick to my treadmill. I did like the small mountain gaps. I also liked the color change of the leafies. The orange was more beautiful than my 1st wife. Jk but okay place I guess if you like the wildness.
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Nikko Gandia
加州蒙特瑞486 則投稿
i hiked the indian head & rainbow falls trail loop on 11/5/21 and posted a video that includes a vlog, tips and suggestions for all hiking levels, so future visitors can be prepared. you’ll find a link to my youtube on my profile or you can search “nikko gandia”.

free parking in huge 70-100 car lot + extra parking along hwy 73. reservation system from may 1st to october 31st of 2021, may be a yearly occurrence.

rated as hard, more of a moderate hike for me. could have been the colder weather that helped me out. did not need spikes, most mud was frozen over. careful on the rock scrambles at rainbow falls in the winter since the rocks are slippery.

length is closer to 14-15 miles contrary to what alltrails reads. elevation gain was consistent and first miles on gill brook/lake road were on a paved road.

if you can’t handle the ~15 mile/2000 ft gain i wouldn’t recommend coming. nothing really to see until 5-6 miles in.
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德克薩斯州休斯頓32 則投稿
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Nothing but spectacular! Amazing views and highly recommend going during fall foliage (late sept to early oct). Definitely plan your trip accordingly as some trails require a parking reservation which can be done through the hikeamr website.
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M and M
肯塔基128 則投稿
At 6 millions acres, there is no larger park except Denali in Alaska; it just doesn't have the verticality (largest peak is only around 5,000 ft.). The vast expanse of lakes and trails is perfect to be enveloped in beauty. Definitely book early and avoid black fly season in early summer. From tents, to camper, to motel, to beautiful lodge, all options are on the table for you.
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俄羅斯烏法71 則投稿
Этой осень собрались с друзьями прокатиться посмотреть горы, которые некоторые знали только по учебникам географии, а некоторые не знали совсем. Наше путешествие мы начали из Торонто. Первая остановка после пересечения границы - городок Lake George. Оттуда мы съездили в милый городок Glens Falls, где сходили в the Hyde Art Museum, в котором есть картины Рубенса, Ренуара, Рафаэля, Эль Греко и многих других. Причем, если картины современных художников размещены в выставочном павильоне, то вышеперечисленные в Историческом доме с замечательными интерьерами. После заехали в городок Saratoga Springs c огромным количеством художественных галерей и оригинальных неповторяющихся сувенирных магазинов. Вечером получили бонус в виде местного Octoberfest в Lake George. Проведя здесь две ночи, перехали в Lake Placid, по дороги сделали остановку, чтобы подняться на гондоле на гору Little Whiteface. Однозначно советую!
На следующее утро поехали прогуляться по небольшому каньону High Falls Gorge и поднялись на гору Whiteface ( c названиями здесь не заморачиваются), откуда открываются потрясающие виды. Большую часть пути нужно ехать по серпантину, причем за въезд надо платить, за трех человек и одну машину мы заплатили 34 американских доллара. А на саму вершину или карабкаетесь по довольно крутой дорожке, прыгая по глыбам, или поднимаетесь на лифте. Мы поднялись пешком, а на лифте спустились.
И совет. Переезжая с места на место, выбирайте красивые небольшие дороги. Это, конечно, дольше, но как там полыхают краски осени!
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法國拉羅歇爾870 則投稿
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Les randos peuvent s’avérer assez difficiles en automne : zones humides, nombreux rochers, etc... mais les sommets de l’Adirondack offrent tous une vue à couper le souffle ! Les lacs et les montagnes aux couleurs de l’automne en valent vraiment la peine 😉
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Helen D
懷俄明州傑克遜58 則投稿
2019年8月 • 好友旅行
The Adirondacks have gone to great lengths to keep a natural, quaint atmosphere everywhere you look. No strip malls or conglomerate hotels - just beautiful lakes, forests & rivers with raging rapids; lovely small towns, cottages & fishing/ hunting camps.

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Richard E
英國Middleton Stoney1,021 則投稿
When planning our 3 week 2,500 mile roundtrip from Boston including Toronto and Quebec city, we chose to include the Adirondack Mountains on our route, we started in the south at Northville staying 2 nights in a wonderful bed & breakfast (Inn at the Bridge - see my other review), from here we visited the Adirondack Experience museum (See review) well worth a visit, we then headed north travelling alone scenic and often deserted roads with wonderful views of the Adirondack mountains ending up at the High Peaks hotel (Great accommodation - See my review) at mirror lake near lake Placid a place made popular through hosting the winter olympics, we stayed here for 2 nights before heading on a very long 6 hour drive to Toronto city. Mirror lake is lovely and peaceful as no motor boats are permitted.
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紐約州Plattsburgh574 則投稿
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Love the Adirondacks! Any season is a great time to come to upstate NY. Always something to do! Gorgeous scenery! Love the fall colors! Lake Placid lots of fun! Good for the whole family.
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加拿大渥太華18 則投稿
2018年9月 • 單獨旅行
I have been coming here since I was a baby, and I brought my babies and they as adults have already decided to bring theirs. I cannot imagine a year without my spot on the lake.
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