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Keurboom Park


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luce l
英國182 則投稿
I often jog through here during daylight hours. Lots of people walking their dogs, so it feels quite safe. Lots of trees to provide shade.
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南非開普敦市中心7 則投稿
2019年6月 • 家庭式
I walk my golden retriever in Keurboom park every day
Families enjoy cycling and whooshing down the skateboard ramp
Dogs are free to chase balls or squirrels - that they have no chance of catching. People are friendly and the park leads onto a green lung of Rondebosch boys high school grounds, little Bosch ground and western province grounds - all wonderfully kept. A treat for the whole family,
There are wonderful meandering paths for wheelchairs and disabiled people. There is a well know man (Malcolm) who is in a wheelchair with hand controls and two wonderful dogs who pull him.
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英國什魯斯伯里1,002 則投稿
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侶
What a great local asset to have this park nearby and accessible to everyone. There’s plenty of space for everyone and their dogs. Next time will bring running shoes.
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荷蘭布雷達402 則投稿
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侶
As part of the park you can hire canoes that you can take up the river. The entire trip up and down takes about 4 hours. There are two picnic spots on the way where you can stop and relax. Overall a great experience.
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Cape Town227 則投稿
2016年4月 • 好友旅行
Imagine a large park, with paths for runners and cyclists, streams and exciting large expanses for dogs to run around, some roundabouts and swings for young kids to play all with an impressive mountain view and you have Keurboom Park. Even nicer is the fact that it is surrounded by numerous cricket and rugby fields making for an enormously spacious and pleasant spot to go with kids and dogs. It really is a lovely and well maintained spot for the community to enjoy.
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南非開普敦601 則投稿
2015年2月 • 家庭式
Located in one of the supreme and more affluent suburbs of Cape Town., it is most known for its short family walks and kids playground. Mostly visited by its neighbours but is also open to all. It is nice,clean and safe for a short walk with the dog/s, family and friends. Don’t forget to scoop up your dog poop in an event. So always carry a poop bag along. Bins are available. It has a busy flow of people in early mornings and late afternoons. A large area of the park is shaded by many trees and contains many indigenous plant life in its surroundings. There is limited designated parking available but legal parking allowed in adjacent rounds. Be mindful and inconveniencing others. It is close to many school sports fields in the area as well as other suburbs like Claremont, Newlands and Kenilworth.
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南非Greyton188 則投稿
2015年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Great for taking kids for a walk and for them to play on the swings and roundabouts while you relax in the shade. Clean, close to centre of Claremeont and Newlands.
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哥倫比亞波哥大32 則投稿
2015年2月 • 家庭式
Encuentra cajeros, bancos, cafes, restaurantes, caminas por calles con mucho verde, la gente es amable y respeta al peaton.
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Cape Town491 則投稿
2015年1月 • 家庭式
This is the place where, if you live in the neighbourhood, you go to on Sunday afternoons to play with your kids and your dogs. A friendly, and mostly safe, large neighbourhood park which has been around "forever". Shaded by tall pines and with multiple streams flowing through it, Keurboom Park is the sort of place every big suburb needs - a green oasis amidst suburbia and well-equipped with enough swings, slides, see-saws and jungle gyms to keep the kids amused.
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Ravi N
南非開普敦1,154 則投稿
The southern suburbs of Cape Town is known for its public Parks and Playgrounds. This park is one of the best kept secrets of the suburbs. We have been going there for years and the park has grown with our family. When the kids were smaller, we spent lot of time in the kids play area, first the closed play area and then later on in the open play area. Now it's just great park to walk in. If ever we get a dog, this is also a dog park, but please remember to talk a "doggie bag". All in all a great park for one and all.

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