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Gran Karting Club Gran Canaria

Gran Karting Club Gran Canaria
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00
上午 11:00 - 下午 10:00

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Muy mala no vuelvo
2021年11月 • 好友旅行
Hoy he ido a las 8 cuando esto cierra a las 9, el chico nos vio aparcando se metió para adentro y apagó las luces del recinto, se aleja totalmente de la realidad, no pienso volver más.
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Roland W
瑞士文特圖爾44 則投稿
Coole Strecke
Wir hatten die 370ccm Modelle (die zweit Stärkste Klasse) gemietet, die Dinger gehen richtig ab und haben ziemlich Drehmoment.
Es hat uns allen Dreien einen riesigen Spass gemacht. Jederzeit wieder.
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英國利物浦10 則投稿
Fantastic time at the track!!
2021年8月 • 家庭式
We went with 3 children aged 15,15 and 10. They absolutely loved it just a pity we got there late and was only able to book 1 go. Staff friendly and helpful and even booked a taxi for us at the end of the evening to take us back to the hotel
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Patrick C
1 則投稿
Happy kids and dad
2021年8月 • 家庭式
Really appreciate the team on the spot. Friendly staff. It's also a great circuit. As well the one for juniors.
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2 則投稿
Super fun place - def able to let of steam and enjoy a speedy and curvy track!
2020年11月 • 好友旅行
First time for me, staff was super friendly and with helpful tips! Its a fun, curvy track - also felt super safe in the go carts.

Did 2x8min was lots of fun! Though there is also an offer for driving 3x, for next time would def take that one.
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Dino D
1 則投稿
Great staff, great service!
We have had a prior online reservation and it took some time/persons to get the voucher scanned. Other than that, staff was very friendly, helpful, and generous with track time.
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John W
16 則投稿
Want a great few hours in the sun Karting
I have always seen the karting track at Maspolomas when I have been travelling to Puerto rico from the airport and I have always said to myself one day I will do this.
So when we were on holiday in January myself and a mate went up to the track we made are own way there because we had hired a motorbike to get about on.
The track is awesome and pretty quick and myself and a friend opted for the super karts which were very having 2 x 200cc engines on them there are other karts which are slower but we wanted something quick and these Karts hit the spot...The karting facilities are great good bar and terrace area for the family to view if they come and watch you, some of the tour guides provide transport to the track and do hotel pick ups to take you up there.
If you are very lucky on some weekends there is a motorcycle racing track over the road and track days are quite often and you can get in to the track for free and watch the lads going for it and all types of road bikes.
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Sindre K
1 則投稿
Flott anlegg men elendig service
2020年3月 • 家庭式
Flott anlegg med mye moro for både store og små, så lenge du er av spansk opphav får du også service. Turister ble absolutt ikke prioritert. Følte oss rett og slett «i veien».
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Jürgen S
西班牙Mequinenza20 則投稿
Eine Riesen - Gaudi für Jung und Alt...Garantiert
Letzten August mit den Kids auf der Insel, ... "Was machen wir jetzt...???" das war die Frage, doch Ruck Zuck war die Idee geboren, einmal auf Schumis Spuren... Tochter und Sohn hatten viel viel Spaß, Papa mußte dann gleich nochmal nachlegen...Also nochmal paar Runden... Superfreundliche Leute, guter Preis, sehr saubere Anlage...
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Rob Harper
4 則投稿
Fun but slow
2019年9月 • 好友旅行
We had a great time at karting, however there were a couple of things that annoyed us as a group. When we signed up, we were not advised that there were different categories of karts, and we were allocated the smaller capacity karts. After our first set of 8 laps, we returned to the desk to see if we could swap, they advised us to ask the kart operator on the track. When we asked him, he said our ticket was only for the small capacity karts. Okay, fair enough, but we could’ve been told at the start that there were different categories. Secondly, my brother in law was in kart number 6 and said it was a lot slower than the last kart he had. I was put in kart number 6 on the next and final set of 8 laps and it was SLOOOOOWWWWW. The first kart I was in wasn’t very fast, but this one was very slow. I told the operator who blamed the slow kart on me, however, it wasn’t only me who thought it was slow! And he said ‘bad luck’ and walked off which was pretty rude. Then we went back up to the kiosk to collect our lap time report sheets (heated rivalry between brother in law, myself and his son). We were told that they only had our last lap report and we needed to return there after every 8 laps to get the report, which again, we were never told at the beginning. The server at the bar made it seem like it wasn’t possible to get the report printed again, but after asking politely, she
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