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Devendra G
印度戈剛754 則投稿
At a separation of 5 km from Yamunotri and 8 km from Hanuman Chatti, Janki Chatti is a residential area situated while in transit to Yamunotri Temple in Uttarkashi locale of Uttarakhand. Janki Chatti town is extremely renowned among sightseers who go to the district of Yamunotri. However, we stayed at the swiss tents in barkot which is 30 kms away from Janki Chatti.
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Prakash S
印度孟買103 則投稿
2019年10月 • 單獨旅行
If you love beautiful scenery, you will be in for a treat of pristine beauty- green forests, rustling leaves, stark rocky mountain sides,blue skies, rippling streams and the Yamuna river as you travel towards this place. The roads are dirt tracks in many places- under construction, fourlane all-weather roads. From Jankichuuty to Yamunotri, it's an uphill climb. From height of 8600 feet to 10650 feet, 6 km distance The path is a concrete track, steep climb at places. Morning sunshine makes it bearable. Horses and palkhis carried by four hardworking youngsters paid a meagre wage can take you all the way up.
On the top, there is a hot spring and temple

A great journey.
But Uttarakhand is beautiful
Every village , town , river, mountain top, valley. Trekking will be a wonderful experience. The resorts by Riverside, under clear skies, unpolluted atmosphere and quiet amongst the sounds of forest, insects and rippling streams are exotic. Don't expect gourmet food, just basic nutrition
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印度孟買809 則投稿
2019年9月 • 好友旅行
On starts the Yatra by Doli, horseback or walk from here

The place as a beautiful place to stay with beautiful colourful flowers. It’s a place which gives u a feel of nature close to u

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印度Panipat481 則投稿
2019年6月 • 家庭式
Janki Chatti is the starting point of 6km long trek to Yamunotri Dham. It is a beautiful but crowded village situated in the lap of nature. The weather is very pleasant and you can enjoy the view of lush green and snow covered peak and that of clean and Yamuna River from here.
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Sunil P
印度Jaipur District4 則投稿
This is last stop of road to Yamunotri . From here 5 km trekking to Yamunotri temple. As lakhs of Hindus travel during summer to Yamunotri temple, Jankchatti has to provide basic amenities to these Pilgrims which it cant. You have to pay rs 5000 for a basic room if you reach here in late evening. Beside all these odd this town has a beautiful natural view of Himalayas.
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Tanmoy B
印度加爾各答40 則投稿
2018年10月 • 家庭式
Nearby Sani, Nagdevta, Sarswati, Modav Temples and nearby view of snow capped mountains will make your trip a happy one.
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印度新德里3 則投稿
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侶
It's the best option for going on trekking and hiking during your visit to Yamunotri dham. My uncle and aunt had been there in last October, Before planning the Yatra they were worried about the whole cost of trip. Then they had got a local guide Aashish contact number 9911395900 over there who had helped them for planning a whole trip under their budget.
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venkatesha K
印度班加羅爾717 則投稿
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侶
this is the last village and base camp for trekking of long uphill to Yamunotri. Piligrims can do trekking on their own or they can opt for ponies or dholis. Basic facilities are available at this base village.
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阿根廷內烏肯426 則投稿
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Una aldea de montaña, que se conserva como en la antiguedad. Es indescriptible, solo hay que verlo para darse una idea. Extraño y mistico lugar entre altas montañas. Es el lugar de partida para el ascenso al templo de Yamunotri.
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印度孟買11,205 則投稿
2017年5月 • 家庭式
A small town at the foothills of yamunotri temple, acts as a base for yamunotri. Pilgrims used to stay there during their yatra. There are many aashrams, hotels and lodges are there to serve pilgrims. From here , trek of yamunotri starts, which is of 5 kms. Pilgrims can do self trek, can opt ponies, palanquins or kandi to reach the temple. Government buses runs in between jankichatti and haridwar/rishikesh. One can easily reach here by road.
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