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North East Land, Sea and Air Museum

North East Land, Sea and Air Museum
軍事博物館 • 特色博物館 • 歷史博物館
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
2-3 小時

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North Yorkshire112 則投稿
Very interesting collection, but needs more funding and volunteers to enable more exhibits to be restored. The hangars showcase many important pieces of history, and the outdoor exhibits are in a great setting. If visiting in winter be advised to wear warm clothing, including hats & gloves. No cafe, only 1 coffee machine which requires £1.50 cash for each cup.
NELSAM is worth a visit, especially if you have an interest in older aircraft, vehicles and wartime memorabilia.
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Norwich, England227 則投稿
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Interesting visit and really enjoyed the main hanger with its collection of aircraft and very informative and nicely laid out 2nd world war memorabilia display. The other 2 of the other 4 hangers are just a collection of items stored or under restoration. All in all glad I visited but bit pricey for what there is.
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Colin R
1 則投稿
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Very helpful staff had time to talk about items on show ,site very tidy and looked after, had tea and ice cream sat in shade under aircraft wing,nice day out,
Col/Al Reed,
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Somerset84 則投稿
Normally I am thrilled with any aircraft museum but not this place. The aircraft look uncared for and the ones outside are gently rotting away. I suspect they are very short of funds having put up new buildings. I do not expect flags and bands on arrival but some welcome would be nice and as we went round we were totally ignored by the staff. The one good area was the WWII street. There are better museums around, try the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum.
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Sandi G
英國紐卡斯爾7 則投稿
My partner got to pick today's visit, as I really couldn't give a monkey's about aeroplanes that aren't taking us to somehwere sunny, but he and our little boy loved it, so this review is informed by them! The museum is kind of ramshackle and grimy, with a large hangar stuffed with aircraft, mostly military, with the larger ones kept outside (some of them not quite complete). He enjoyed telling me which ones were rare of special (quite a few if he was to be believed, the centrepiece being a huge bomber called a Vulcan. The people dotted around were very knowledgable and passionate, and spoke in detail of asked a question, which my partner had lots!

The highlight for me was a selection of exhibits of life in WW2, which looked like sets out of a low budget TV show but were interesting. The museum is clearly short of cash, and although visible from the A19 is a faff to get to, but the boys loved it. But I pick the next place!
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Sarah O
London, England, United Kingdom22 則投稿
2021年8月 • 家庭式
We enjoyed our visit, there was more than we expected to see there and the store front/ street between the hangars was really interesting, particularly the visual of the rations and the baby gas mask on display. We also really enjoyed the variety of uniforms on display. It was a shame there was no information for the large military aircraft outside, but we would definitely recommend/ visit again.
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Benjamin Maltby
英國Shotley Bridge17 則投稿
2021年8月 • 家庭式
Love this place. Yes, it’s clearly underfunded, but it’s run by and for enthusiasts - and they’ve got some really interesting old bits and bobs to see. Well worth the very modest ticket price.
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英國愛丁堡440 則投稿
2021年6月 • 家庭式
We came up to see the museum yesterday and it was great. Easy to find, affordable entrance prices and great selection of planes + others.
Amazing seeing a Vulcan and a Pucara. The only negative thing was too many planes need to be refurbished .
I very much recommend
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Marcus M
2 則投稿
Fantastic displays of incredibly important pieces of history. The new layout is extremely visitor friendly, and there's just about something for everyone, from a WW1 fighter, to the iconic Spitifre, through to Cold War jets, military vehicles, helicopters, and even trams and buses. The recent addition of a WW2 RAF rescue lifeboat ensures that truly land, sea and air vehicles are all covered. The dedication of the museum and restoration team shows through the quality of the exhibits. NELSAM is simply a great visitor experience.
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Thank you for your appreciation of what the volunteers do
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90 則投稿
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侶
The number of vehicles, tanks and planes in this place is quite impressive - a great range of older and more modern displays and plenty of chances to see them up close.
However, this place could be amazing with only a few little tweaks: information boards on all the planes, the chance to walk around all the areas (even if they are ‘in progress’) and some staff inside the hangars to answer questions and share some passions with the visitors would make this place superb.
Would definitely recommend a visit as for any plane lover, the £6.50 entrance fee is a bargain!
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Thanks for the review To answer the points New boards are planned for all the major exhibits off the back of the recent rearrangements The museum is staffed by volunteers and there are only a few in who are are normally happy to tell you more Currently we are working towards having the maritime building open by the end of the year. This will allow a better view and access to the storage hangar. At press there are too many trip hazards to permit wider access Glad you enjoyed the visit
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