Lingmala Waterfall

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Lingmala Waterfall

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Gaurav J
印度孟買14 則投稿
Had visited this place in the month of March. There was hardly any water. There was absolutely no1 visiting the place. We could see small falls though.
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33 則投稿
One of the must see places in Panchgani. there are 2 falls. the left side fork is a short trek and leads to a small waterfall! lots of photogenic spots to take pics. you can even sit in the water. Going towards the right side, is a longish walk, and leads you to a viewing point where you can see the main waterfall, crashing from a great height in 3 stages. the view is wonderful. try going early in the morning so as to get parking, or the place gets totally jammed.
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Neelam G
印度Bhabhua2 則投稿
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侶
This is a super Romantic Place if you are a couple, you would have a lot places to click photoes with your loved ones.
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印度普納235 則投稿
You need to buy the tickets to visit this place. Once you enter inside the gates you need to climb down around 200 steps. At one point there are two paths. Path to the left takes you to the Lingmala Doh Point. Which is a beautiful place with natural pond and small waterfalls created in the river. The place is covered with think forest.
If yo take up the path on the right you need to climb some more steps to reach to the spot from where you can watch a beautiful Lingmala waterfall in the beautiful valley.
Both places are worth visiting if you are nature and peace lover.
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新加坡新加坡22 則投稿
2020年1月 • 家庭式
Good view of the valley. Waterfall is small during Winters - better to go in monsoon I guess. We couldn't find a proper approach road.
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印度普納696 則投稿
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Perhaps the Best place for photography and enjoy nature in Mahabaleshwar.
There are two falls, one is small where you can go inside and other is much higher and can be seen from far away.
Best if you visit just after monsoon as the water fall becomes narrower when rain stops.
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anjan s
印度賴布爾1,707 則投稿
After struggling to get a parking slot in a crowded lot, we need to walk about a Kilometer to reach the the point where we can view the Waterfall at its full might. Its an awesome view actually which is gradually being spoiled by lot of constructions around the top of the Waterfall and also lot of Plastic Bottles being thrown in the pool of water. This Waterfall needs to be preserved..
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印度普納317 則投稿
This was very exciting to visit this waterfall. There are two waterfall, one on left side and another on right side. Both are beautiful and worth visiting.
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10 則投稿
We were going to veena lake, we explored there is a waterfall on the way. We diverted our journey to waterfall. We done with payment of 20rs per person and entered into it. Stair journey of nearly 5kms and both side greenery tree. Once we reached the point breathtaking, amazing view of waterfall. I have given fours stars because its not suitable for all age or people with knee problem. 5Kms continuous stairs we have to climb.
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印度法里達巴德77 則投稿
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侶
Situated about five km from the centre of the city, amidst deep valley is this beautiful marvel of nature. Lingmala water falls has two parts. One is on the left of hills, and flies in two different streams, not very high though. But on the right side is this multistream powerful waterfall. This is naturally divided into three streams one over the other. Looks wonderful from the watchtower, which is situated at a height, which one has to climb with difficulty, a long range is stone steps to be negotiated before you reach there. A bit difficult for the senior and disabled citizens. But once you reach the top, it's worth the hard labor. Must see during mahableshwar stay.
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