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Loughwood Meeting House

Loughwood Meeting House
古蹟 • 宗教景點
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Helen T
177 則投稿
unusual and atmospheric
unusual building in a lovely tranquil setting, it is not huge and will not take long but when you step inside it is easy to imagine how the meetings would have conjured up joy and good will
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英國埃克塞特144 則投稿
My visit
I had to ask the woman at the church in Dalwood where to find it, as there were no signs. When I arrived, there was only a couple there. I soon found out that they were from Swindon. There wasn't much to see, though a pamphlet claimed it was from the 1650s. I then drove back up to the main road and wanted to turn right. I found the fence, which completely blocked my view from the oncoming cars, was a hindrance and had to rely on the driver who wanted to turn left into the same road.
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Lois W
英國Uplyme45 則投稿
A tranquil oasis just off the A35
This little chapel has an undoubted 'genius loci' - it has a wonderful sense of peace and serenity. The history of the place is very interesting, and seeing how people used to worship and how far they had to travel to do so unmolested was an education.
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David D
英國德文郡12,443 則投稿
Very old Meeting House
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Wednesday 8th August and we visited Loughwood Meeting House, a National Trust property.

It is situated 4 miles west of Axminster, off the Axminster to Honiton Road (A35). It is slightly off the beaten track, there is a small National Trust sign on the main road marking the turn for the Meeting House. Follow the lane down a short way, a turn to the left leads to a small car park by the property.

It is generally accepted that the building has been in existence since 1653, it is one of the oldest Baptist Churches in England.

There are 2 buildings the smaller one with the tiled roof is the stable, which we could not access. The larger thatched roof building in the Meeting House, both set in the beautiful Devon countryside.

There are a number of features within the Church, there is the Gallery, which was used by musicians playing stringed instruments, music rests are still there. At the front of the gallery is a clock which was made locally in Colyton. Underneath the Gallery are 2 retiring rooms

On one of the walls is the gravestone of one of the pastor's who served from 1747 to 1778, during restoration his coffin was found beneath the floor. There is also the pulpit along the back wall.

Outside, within the grounds are a number of graves, it was very interesting to read the inscriptions on the gravestones. There were some recent graves alongside some very old ones.

Admission to the Meeting House is free, however there is a donation box by the door, where visitors can make a donation towards the upkeep of the place and it's preservation for future generations.

Worth making the effort to visit.
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Peter B
英國索利哈爾325 則投稿
Hidden gem
2018年6月 • 好友旅行
Whilst very poorly signposted and hard to find this is a hidden little gem steeped in history and with plenty of character. This will only take 15 minutes or so of your time so don't book a whole day around it but if you're in the area definitely worth a visit.
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phillip r
英國Shipley1,353 則投稿
National trust treasurer
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侶
Not easy to find and very nearly missed the sign but glad we didn't small car park at front and pleasant exterior but it's when you walk through the door which is the real find herein this 17th century baptist church with family boxes and pulpit.
No electricity but the nat trusts have done a great job saving this for the nation
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英國萊姆里傑斯477 則投稿
Tucked away down a tiny lane!
2018年4月 • 好友旅行
When we found this we were quite surprised at how insignificant it actually is. Very small , sitting alongside a narrow Devon lane with issues for parking or passing. We wouldn't have bothered coming if we had realised how little there was to see.
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英國特魯羅5 則投稿
Interesting visit site.
We often stop here on our trips to Bournemouth for a halfway break though we first went to explore it when we saw the sign on the main A35 road. This is a fascinating old building with an interesting history and one can pick up a leaflet there to learn all about it. The place is always open and the grounds around are good to picnic on in nice weather. However, there are no toilets open! Parking is quite restricted but then there are never many other cars around.
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Beryl B
英國班格爾5 則投稿
National trust hidden treasure
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Not very well signposted. Blink and you miss the NT plaque to the lane.Apart from that there is a small carpark in front. The meeting house itself is full of character. We enjoy the history surrounding a site.
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Geoff L
英國希欽261 則投稿
Go back in time!
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侶
This has to be one of the smaller properties that the National Trust has in its handbook. As a Baptist myself, I was interested to see what things were like in chapels many years ago. The outside of the building is very attractive, with a small graveyard to the rear and side of the chapel. Inside, the layout was quite a revelation, with boxed and segregated pews and a raised pulpit. There aren't any volunteers on site most of the time, but you can read some of the history of the place in the framed articles. Also there's a small booklet you can buy for just 30 pence which gives a great background history. There aren't any toilets on site and there's only room for a few cars in the parking area, but you're unlikely to stay here for more than half an hour or so. However, despite its size, it's a building well worth a visit.
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