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P&O Ferries Dover - Calais

P&O Ferries Dover - Calais

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Fly the flag
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侶
flying the flag , i was,suprised , shocked and horified to find that , their ferries from dover are now registered in cyprus and flying the cypriat flag , i was proud that they flew the red duster ,
will never use them again for that reason.
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法國Fajoles42 則投稿
Another good crossing!
2021年11月 • 單獨旅行
Excellent as always. I made good time from the NE of England and was put on an earlier ferry without any hassle. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Covid precautions are good. Thanks again!
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Bocea M
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Bad experience.the agent still money from genuine people as long he doesn't give te receve for fees charges
2021年11月 • 家庭式
I payd 90 pouds for a ticket but i missed the ferry for a vehicle issues. I've been charged 60 pounds more for delay but the agent didn't give me the receve. Then i check it online and there was no fees charge for delay.
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Superb staff
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Superb service from every single member of P
And O. Staff. Lovely chap at check in sorted all our documents and was so friendly and helpful. Kitchen lady even went and cooked us some eggs as breakfast had finished. Shop lady smiling and able to explain my query on the receipt. Excellent value food and free coffee. Toilets spotless. Well done P and O and thank you.
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Колян К
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Самая не приятная часть пути
2021年9月 • 商務型
Моя транспортная компания оплачивает завтрак на пароме, однако они не всегда дают ваучер на завтрак, говорят по основному билету или вообще закрывают окно кассы, естественно на корабле без ваучера не кормят. Но это ещё не все, экипаж позволяет себе оскорблять и насмихаться над не англоговорящими пассажирами. За лишний кусок хлеба потребуют заплатить. Душ на паромах Praid напоминает помывочную для скота.
Что не скажешь о DFDS, вежливый экипаж, еда бесплатно для всех и лишний кусок хлеба не пожалеют .
Что бы вы понимали, я каждую ночь пересекаю Ла-Манш по работе.
P&O полный отстой и самая не приятная часть моего пути!!!!
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David P
London1 則投稿
Everything is Terri me. Don’t like customers
2021年9月 • 單獨旅行
Everything is terrible. Not as bad as a 4 hr wait at Heathrow but there is no culture of service in Calais, nearly no lanes open, everyone is missing their boats.
They booked me on the 11.15 but when I got there bumped me to the 12.30 to squeeze an extra lorry on.
That is the sort of service expected from a monopoly like BR but expected better service from P&O.
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Dunkle B
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Abzocke bei P&O direkt Ferries
Vorsicht! Abzocke bei P&O direkt Ferries, von Hull – Rotterdam darfst Du nur an Bord wenn ein Covid Schnelltest gemacht wird, für 40,-€ pro Person , darf nur von P&O gemacht werden. Alles andere an Impfungen oder Test wird ignoriert!
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Peter P
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Club class hits all time low with latest changes & it's set to stay not just during covid!!!
Club class hits all time low with latest changes, I have been traveling regularly with P&O since the late 80's and besides the odd travel on the rival ferry's P&O Club class has always been the best way to cross. Since the new Spirit class has come on board the club class experience has been on a down hill trajectory. With nothing coming close to the great club lounge and experience on the Pride of Calais and Dover. Since then P&O have been cost cutting and increasing club class ticket price. At least besides the continuing curtailing menu available on club class at least the food was good. But now the food available is very poor, dry and low quality. Service has gone down the toilet with the latest change. The china change from the Prides to the Spirit class was one thing but now saucers & spoons for the tea and coffee are gone. Barister made drinks are gone and replaced full time with vending machines. No longer a greeting and service with champange but you know where it is get it yourself I will be gone shortly for the crossing!!!! Back in the day you had service with 3 - 4 staff that went down but at least one person was there. Now none. Looks like they want to kill it off. Like they have done with the Brasserie. Maybe this was the plan for some time as on the new Spirit class the Brasserie and Club class entrance were no longer in the same area. Someone who has always traveled P&O because of their club class for over 30 years, this is a change too far and will disappoint many. No longer is P&O the premier Dover to France way to go, So disappointed. If you want food find somewhere in Calais then take the tunnel back might be a better way to go now.
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英國謝菲爾德5 則投稿
Poor customer services
trying to contact customer services impossible. Going to cancel my crossing. Discovered have to pay privately for pcr test which i already have through health etc. Also have covid vaccination passport should be enough. This is profiteering by corrupt companies. Dont want to play into their hands.
Also there is nowhere on this review to say not travelle yet.
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Alexandrescu M
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2021年7月 • 家庭式
Very bad services ... rude staff, we wanted to have some dinner and one of the staff member told us that for the people who use their own car the food must be paid..I mention that I paid £ 250 for the tickets and not even the coffee was free. ..all was free just for lorry drivers ... absolutely unbelievable! I'll never use this company again!Shame!
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Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. If you can email full details to customer.services@poferries.com the team will be happy to look into your experience with us. With regards to the food options, unfortunately we do not offer free of charge food or drink to our passengers. Our freight drivers are bound by a different set of terms and conditions and any free refreshments are part of their ticket price (meals are not usually included for free to our freight drivers). Kind Regards *Kacper
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