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上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
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英國湯頓4 則投稿
Proper Job!
Travelled down to Crackshot from Taunton to purchase a pistol. I had in mind four options, which was quickly narrowed down to two after I was given the opportunity to 'handle' the guns.
After detailed description and advice and a trial firing, I selected the one I preferred.
I consider myself to be a reasonably seasoned rifle shooter, but was given all the help and (most important) time I needed.
I'm sure I will be back, it's worth the run down the motorway.
Quality service, quality product. Thanks James.
Ralph Coulson
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Fiona C
3 則投稿
Great fun
Booked this as part of our anniversary celebrations and had a brilliant time. The instructor explained everything clearly and was on hand to answer any questions. Especially enjoyed the simulatir
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Plymouth, United Kingdom6 則投稿
Enjoyable but could have been better.
Ignored at Reception for several minutes but then processed efficiently although not possible to distinguish staff from customers.
Went upstairs to ranges and were well received and instructed by staff member who was always present to deal with queries. Rifle range good but pistol range disappointing as most targets are static and give little reaction to being hit. Needs tin cans and discs dangling from a bar.
Finally tried the simulation area. Given mumbled instructions by a member of staff who clearly would rather be somewhere else. Fortunately my teenager worked out how to operate the games console. Only 20 minutes in this area but good fun and worth the extra cost.
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Rory D
9 則投稿
Absolutely amazing fun, maybe a little pricey?
This place is a hidden gem! Never shot a gun before but me and my girlfriend had a great time learning and hitting targets.

Crackshot has a very authentic feel to it and the apprentice on hand to help us out as beginners was fantastic, a very approachable young chap that did his best to accommodate for us and teach us what we needed to know.

The only reason I would give it a 4 rather than a 5 star is because you’re allowed 30 minutes in 3 sections: the rifle range, the pistol range and the simulator. I’m sure this is more than enough time for most people but by the time myself and my partner had learnt how to shoot, we only had a limited time to enjoy the range. Also, the guns take a long time to reload if you’re not used to reloading a gun and so we spent most of our time loading bullets as opposed to firing them! In turn, it made the trip feel a little expensive at £68 for both of us.

Overall, I would definitely go again and the experience is great. It’s not something to do everyday and the range set ups are really really cool.

Thanks everyone!
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英國Dromore38 則投稿
Great way to spend a couple of hours
Our first holiday in Devon, and with 2 teenage (ultra-competitive) boys, we looked to do something.

Spotted Crackshot on TA.

They were quick to respond to our email enquiry. We chose the 1.5hr package of rifle shooting, pistol shooting and shooting simulator.

We all had an absolute ball, bringing out our inner John Rambos. Conor the Instructor demonstrated well, and was on hand to help with any issues.

Our lads (17 & 15) absolutely loved it.

A great way to spend up to 2 hours.
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英國博爾頓41 則投稿
Fun time
Did rifle and pistol shooting for half an hour each.

Really fun, all the staff were really nice and helpful and quickly taught us how to reload etc.
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英國霍舍姆1 則投稿
It was a really good experience.
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侶
This was a great experience and would recommend this to everyone. The people were ver friendly and very helpful.
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Claudia T
1 則投稿
Great fun!
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侶
We had a great time at the range today... staff was ver friendly and professional and made our experience a very enjoyable one. Definitely recommend!
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Joshua L
1 則投稿
Good Activity!
2020年12月 • 夫妻情侶
They made us feel at ease, everything was easy to pick up and quite a fun couple of hours! Made us quite competitive in the simulation section!
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Corinne H
1 則投稿
A fantastic activity that I enjoyed as a solo traveller but would be great for a family or group too. A patient instuctor took me through rifle shooting and pistol shooting, finishing with a variety of virtual shooting games to test my newly acquired skills. I would definitely recommend it and will be visiting again when next in the area.
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