Museo de la Semana Santa

Museo de la Semana Santa (馬拉加) - 評論

Museo de la Semana Santa

Museo de la Semana Santa


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Jose Luis G
西班牙馬德里20 則投稿
El museo que no abre
Tres dias en Málaga y ha sido completamente imposible ver este museo. A pesar de verificar los horarios de apertura y cierre con Información Turística, no abren o abren cuando les viene en gana.
Vergonzoso. Ni una nota en la puerta indicando el por qué no abre.
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荷蘭馬斯垂克2,172 則投稿
Well Worth a Visit.
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侶
In Málaga, the cofrade tradition is deeply rooted, so it is not strange to find a museum like this one.
Whenever you'll have some time left in the city, this place is well worth a visit.
This is also the place where the Easter Sunday procession begins between 10-11 AM.
The museum is located in a 17th century building, the Old Hospital of San Julián, you will find everything you need to know about the Holy Week in Malaga.
There is a permanent collection about the history of the brotherhoods of Malaga since the 15th century.
In addition, in the church of San Julián you can see the largest collection of baroque paintings in the city, with works by artists as important as Juan Niño de Guevara.
Admission is free.
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義大利弗利537 則投稿
La storia della settimana santa
2019年3月 • 單獨旅行
La settimana santa è una festa religiosa molto sentita da queste parti.
In questo museo si può visitare anche la chiesa omonima dove c'è una collezione di dipinti in stile barocco.
Merita una visita.
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日本8,691 則投稿
2018年4月 • 單獨旅行
これまでスペインを訪れた際に、カスティーリャ・イ・レオン州レオン県にあるSahagún(サアグン)とバスク自治州のビルバオでセマナ・サンタに関する博物館を訪れました。これで3館目になります。アンダルシアは、特に、Semana Santaには、造詣のが深く、信仰においても濃い地域です。2018年は、聖週間は終了しましたが、博物館で立派なコレクションを見ることができました。特にカピロテと子どもの木像がリアルです。カピロテ(Capirote)とは、円錐形に尖った帽子頭巾をかぶり人で、受難者に倣って自らの罪を悔い改めるための人(懺悔する人、苦行者)をあらわしています。
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西班牙薩拉戈薩省386 則投稿
Sábado 26 de enero. Horario pone que abre a las 10. Llegamos a las 10:10. Todo cerrado, ningún cartel. Esperamos 10 minutos por si acaso la puntualidad no es lo suyo. Sigue cerrado. Nos vamos molestos por la situación y la poca seriedad.
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加州洛杉磯228 則投稿
Semana Santa in Malaga is a spectacular event!
2017年5月 • 好友旅行
We visited Malaga during Semana Santa 2017 without realizing it. The entire city was in full festive mode. Our hotel concierge insisted that we attend the parade. So glad we did! The procession was massive, lasting for hours. Devotees in medieval garbs carrying the shrines of Jesus and the Virgin on their shoulders, marching to solemn music performed live by a band. We had so much fun (if not exhausting) watching/following along the parade route. The whole experience was overwhelming and brand new to us.

A major warning for first time US visitors: the medieval outfits worn by the participants may appear offensive to some Americans. The robe and cone shaped hood do resemble those worn by the KKK. That was our initial reaction. But a trip to the Museum and talking with our Spanish friends explained away our feeling of discomforts. It's important for us to learn about cultural differences before jumping to conclusions.

Overall, a fantastic experience!!! We'll definitely attend the parade again. Malaga happens to have one of the largest celebrations. But most Spanish cities put on some kind of parade to celebrate Holy Week.
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愛爾蘭新羅斯6 則投稿
well worth the getting there
2017年8月 • 好友旅行
This is a story of three taxis ---- the first from the rank off one of the streets off Plaza de los Reyes Católicos (I think that's what it's called): I asked the driver to take us to Museo Semana Santa and he dropped us and I even took his card so we could get back but he'd obviously misunderstood me as he had dropped us off at a ... I don't know exactly, but a workshop of some kind where men were working on the figures used in the processions of Semana Santa - something to do with a confraternity, but definitely not the Museo Semana Santa I'd asked for!
But the four young men who were in the building - a huge high-ceilinged building in which we could catch glimpses of religious / processional objects - couldn't have been more helpful. I told them what had happened and they called another taxi on their own phones, they decided not to use the card of the first driver, and we were brought as close as the driver could go (Vélez is a very very hilly place!!! And the traffic system is all one-way.)
But the museo was worth it. A very lovely and very courteous man opened the door at 7pm and told us it was OK to take photos. It was fascinating to see some of the figures and many Semana Santa posters, and photographs of processions that have taken place in Vélez. Outside, through a door opposite the entrance door, is a corridor looking down on steps down to a lower level, but I couldn't get down those steps. However there are posters with recipes of foods traditionally eaten in Vélez during Semana Santa - I took photos of each and will try to make them next Easter.

We walked back up a very steep hill to the entrance to the Fortaleza and rang a taxi from a number given to me by the man at the desk in the Museo. He was lovely and his company [phone 951204445] was really helpful and kind when I rang a few minutes after we'd been dropped back to the bus station and discovered that my money had fallen out of the taxi when I was paying the driver. I had been hoping against hope that it might have fallen in to the taxi, but it hadn't done --- still, the fact that the man who answered my call couldn't have been more helpful made it seem much less awful.
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法國亞眠3,070 則投稿
Rendez-vous manqué avec le musée
2017年8月 • 家庭式
Quand nous y sommes allés la porte était ouverte, nous sommes entrés dans un joli patio et avons rencontré quelqu'un qui nous a dit que le musée était fermé.
Quand nous lui avons demandé quand ce dernier serait ouvert il nous a répondu froidement qu'il n'en savait rien.
Je pensais que dans un musée religieux, les salariés aimaient leurs prochains fussent ils des touristes.
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Achille F
義大利拉文納8,739 則投稿
Museo de la Semana Santa
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侶
La settimana santa ed in generale le feste religiose in Andalusia ed il resto della Spagna sono una cosa molto importante.
Abbiamo pertanto deciso di visitare il Museo de la Semana Santa ospitato dal vecchio ospedale di San Giuliano, in fatti si può visitare anche la chiesa omonima dove abbiamo ammirato una bella collezione di dipinti in stile barocco.
Abbiamo inoltre ammirato sculture, dipinti e creazioni orafe di pregio, oltre ad un percorso sulla Pasqua.
Merita una visita.
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Ireland104 則投稿
No longer offering information about Semana Santa
2017年4月 • 夫妻情侶
Was in Malaga for Semana Santa which is a fantastic experience. Went twice to the museum (closed first time) and very disappointed as it had merely an exhibition of modern religious art and no information at all about the Semana Santa rituals
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