Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja

Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja (埃斯特波納) - 評論

Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja

Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja
在 5 公里內有 360 個地點
在 10 公里內有 76 個地點

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Walter C
德國慕尼黑24 則投稿
Herrlicher Rundlick auf Mittelmeer, Gibraltar und Afrika
Herrlicher Blick auf Estepona, Gibraltar und Afrika nach einer faszinierenden Fahrt von Estepona auf geteerter Strasse mit tollen Ausblicken und durch duftende Wälder. Fahrtzeit etwa 45 Minuten.
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西班牙太陽海岸1,551 則投稿
Sendero por los Realillos
Fascinado con la punta de Sierra Bermeja cuando he realizado el sendero de los Realillos el cual vas divisando toda la Sierra a tus pies, gran descubrimiento con la fauna encontrada así como la vegetación tan particular con sus pinsapares.
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A. Kunzmann
德國馬格德堡9 則投稿
Naturschutzgebiet auf 1442 m Höhe
Dieser Berg, mitten im Naturschutzgebiet oberhalb von Estepona, ist wegen der unübertroffenen Aussicht sehenswert. Früh am Morgen besonders beeindruckend und schön, kann man auf Wild und Ziegen treffen. Es ist immer 5 °C kälter oder auch mehr, als am Strand. Grillplätze laden zum Familienausflug ein. Einfach Natur pur und schützenswert.
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西班牙埃斯特波納28,224 則投稿
The Red Range
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Sierra Bermeja - the Red Range. When the sun is on it at a certain angle, you can see why it's called that.

Occasionally, very occasionally - once or twice every decade - the Esteponeros wake to see the peak covered in snow. It doesn't last more than breakfast time usually, although if you venture up to the top, from there you can usually see a tipping of snow on further - and higher - peaks.

In winter it can be 18 degrees down in Estepona, and minus 3 up on Sierra Bermeja. Wrap up!

To get there you drive up the MA-557 road towards Genalguacil. Probably best not to try to pronounce that, bit of a tongue-twister! You get to it by going along the Avenida de Andalucia (inner ring road), and then turning uphill at the traffic lights near the very big Mercadona supermarket.

The road is steep and windy; on the way back, it is a fabulous drive with wonderful views down along the coast. At one point on the way up you get to a crossroad with a big tourist sign (Peñas Blancas), and to the left is the sign to Los Reales, straight ahead it is signposted to Jubrique. You turn left.

This is the fairly scary bit, as the road is very narrow and hugs the edge of the mountain. Wonderful views down to the left, but the driver is advised not to look - keep your eyes on the road! At one point you may see cars parked by the side of the road, and a sign saying "paseo de los pinsapos". If you wish, you can stop here and take that walk through the forest.

If you continue along the road, after a while you come to some sort of summer camp building, drive past that for another bit to the end of the road and the large carpark there.

Ahead of you is a narrow stony path that winds round and up the mountain to several excellent viewpoints.

The Pinsapos mentioned earlier are a rather rare type of pine tree, which are found only here and in the mountains of Ronda. It is a very attractive tree, with very bushy branches. Once you've seen it, you'll easily recognise it again. Great fun spotting it!

The drive back down to Estepona is very good indeed. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can, when you get back to the Peñas Blancas crossroad, continue left to Jubrique and Algatocín.
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barry s
16 則投稿
Picnic with great view
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Fantastic views. You can park at the barrier and walk aprox 5km or drive along the single lane road. This is two way traffic with very few passing points and steep drops.
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Paul J
西班牙馬爾貝拉122 則投稿
Lastima de restaurante
2020年2月 • 家庭式
El sitio es maravilla, vista absolutamente unica, el restaurante “ el mirador’ es una vergüenza de verdad. Comida horrible sin sabor de nada y precios esagerados. Seguro que no comeremos más por allí .
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西班牙埃斯特波納53 則投稿
En días claros y soleados la vista es espectacular, lo nunca visto. y si vas en fin de semana en el refugio te dan de comer de maravilla.
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瑞典292 則投稿
Lovely views and nice road to drive there
We turned on gps and entered the destination. The road there was very nice and we stopped several times to admire the view.
Once in there we walked around for about 2 hours on the various paths. Some of them were rather poorly marked but the area was not that big so it was risky to get lost and we had the big antennas nearby all the time.
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Los M
法國聖熱爾韋萊班32 則投稿
Randonnée pédestre
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Très belle randonnée, avec magnifique panorama au sommet. Présence d’un refuge à proximité du sommet pour vous restaurer ou vous hydrater. Il manque juste de la signalisation tout au long du chemin, mieux vaut avoir une carte sur soi ou le sens de l’orientation
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法國巴黎4 則投稿
Sublime !
Très chouette petite randonnée. N'hésitez pas à monter en voiture jusqu'au refuge, et à terminer la balade à pied en grimpant jusqu'aux antennes, puis à les passer pour découvrir une vue à couper le souffle ! Un petit bar vous attend au retour.
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