The Bath House

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The Bath House


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London77 則投稿
2012年9月 • 夫妻情侶
The location for The Bath House completes the Bah Experience.

Treatments were pleasant but not excellent. The spa facilities were lovely, and the lunch was presented perfectly. Value for money was poor.

In between treatments, however, one felt like a bit of a fish out of water, flailing about without knowing where to go next or even the time between treamtments, leaving the spa user with that "first day of school" feeling. Not relaxing at all. Our requests for any alterations to timings request were ignored twice, and when action was taken it was clear the the person felt inconveniced by having to ask the therapists if this was possible.
We also stated that we needed to leave in order not to be late for our next engagement and asked her to notify us when time was "up". This was also ignored, resulting in a hurried and stressful departure and an evening wondering our presence at the Spa seemed to offend the snooty desk staff so unjustifiably.
Hunderds of pounds of spa treatment nearly undone in a jiffy.
(note: staff member "Harry" was excellent, and would be a better host)

Top Tip: before booking a spa, find out if your hotel is a amember of a group that offers discounts.
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英國倫敦22 則投稿
2012年3月 • 夫妻情侶
The spa is a beautiful little place of calm, and a perfect choice if you were wanting to go on your own for some solo time to relax and indulge yourself or equally as great if you were going as a couple - i'm not sure the atmosphere is all that geared towards larger groups of people, so hen do's and the like should either seek 'exclusive use' - (if possible) or look for a larger spa facility, as the intimacy of the Bath House spa is definitly more suited to couples or solo travellers.

Spa treatment - we had a day pass with use of the facilities and an hour treatment (bubble and mud treatment). This was a fantastic treatment I certainly reccommend it.

The negatives: We were not told of the time the restaurant closed for lunch (which was pre paid and included in the package) as a result we were told by the spa receptionist that we were 'running late' - well we had no idea we had a time to get over to the restaurant by and missed the lunch menu (the review of the restaurant will be seperate to the review of the spa).

Reception staff should really have some form of uniform/ smart dress code to maintain the overall 'luxury' presentation of the spa.

At the end of the treatment I was charged £48 more than what I was quoted for the package. Good practice would have been to either a) apologise profusely (didn't happen-I was instead told sternly that I had been quoted wrongly) b) Explain to me (politely) why I had been charged the amount and offer some form of discount.

Overall fantastic treatment by great therapists - front of house hospitality could do with being a little more professional.
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