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Rocco's Play Centre

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Amanda L
英國什魯斯伯里3 則投稿
2014年1月 • 家庭式
My friend and I use this Roccos on a weekly basis - good value for money, clean and well presented. After reading some of the reviews I am shocked that these parents seem to think that going to a play centre such as these means that they can negate their parenting responsibilities, no the staff do not care for the children, nor do they sort out squabbles or police the children - that is the parents job. The environment is safe with good facilities and the staff are always friendly and willing to help where they can. Staff constantly tidy up throughout the day, would highly recommend it.
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英國什魯斯伯里1 則投稿
Brilliant we had a fantastic time there the kids loved it there the staff are great working hard to keep it clean after people leave there mess everywhere I heard people mown that the staff don't watch the kids it not there job it yours and after all if they weren't cleaning up after you they might have more time to do so. Food is ok not bad priced drinks are cheap witch is good most places like that you pay through the roof for food and drinks
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My mum and I took my two younger sisters there with their friends, cheap to get in however, I ordered a hot chocolate which was nearly £2.00, toilet lock was broken. So I had to put a bin by the door, children were climbing up the slides even though they aren't supposedly allowed and staff don't do much at all, there was no food menu on the table and the tables were cheap and uncomfortable. The whole atmosphere in there seems dull and just felt like there was a lack of attention and care for adults and especially the children.
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英國什魯斯伯里15 則投稿
2012年11月 • 家庭式
I have been to this establishment a few times and each time it has been awful. Utter chaos, staff really couldn't give two hoots! We had children swearing and physically attacking our children and the staff didn't care. I seen children wandering through the 'safety' gate. Glass tables, who's idea was that?! Everything is overpriced! From admission to drinks,food, everything. Would not go again...
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I take my children here often its well worth the money its so affordable and gets the children knackered as its quite a large play centre. There is separate areas for age groups. Food and drinks cheap enough if your hungry. Clean and safe, I feel after reading the negative reviews they are completely preposterous. It'a the parents duty to monitor their children more so than staff. If the want more then put them in the nursery! I would definitely recommend. Experience it for yourself with your children its worth it.
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glass tables at child head height and plastic patio chairs younger children have to kneel on to reach their food on table!! very dissatisfied!
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英國什魯斯伯里67 則投稿
2012年12月 • 家庭式
The first review here seems plain daft compared to any experience I have ever had there, including brithday parties etc. They even run a nursery there, so to suggest it is unsafe is bordering on defamation.

The security gate works well, you often have to wait to get in/out.

As you go in on the left there is a smaller soft play area for under 3s, which means the smaller children have a safer place to play. There are ride on toys, wendy houses and other stuff for the little nippers.

The main section has really quite a large installation with all kinds of ladders, slides and ball pools. This is great fun for confident toddlers through to mid primary school aged children.

As a parent, if I want somewhere safe, free parking, not weather dependant, to go on my own or to meet people then Rocco's is always in the frame. It is th best soft play in the town.

My only complaint is that the refreshments are a little bit fast foody - but then that is what many parents seem to want. At least they are not extortionately priced.

Overally good value, and well worth a couple of hours on a rainy morning.
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英國什魯斯伯里2 則投稿
2012年9月 • 家庭式
NEVER EVER GO HERE!! The "safety gate was left open and children are not stopped from just walking out of the doors onto the car park. We saw a child walk out of the door as the staff had left the safety gate wide-open! when the parent complained, they couldn't have cared less, and the young girl working (?) there said there was no-one in charge that day!...on a saturday!! Also, the toilet doors had no locks, no loo roll and had obviously not been cleaned! AVOID this place, it's dirty and un-safe.
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