Battlefield Falconry Centre

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Battlefield Falconry Centre

Battlefield Falconry Centre
上午 10:00 - 下午 1:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 1:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 1:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 1:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 1:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 1:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00

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新加坡新加坡52 則投稿
2022年1月 • 家庭式
Excellent time with Mark and his Harris hawk on the hawk walk. Best to check the weather on the day of your visit. Great time learning about the hawk and it’s habits. Kids loved it.
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Gina H
英國切姆斯福德22 則投稿
Booked as a family treat , ages from 31/2 to 70, this was a wonderful experience for us all.
The lovely Lynn talked us through fascinating facts as we stroked the fabulous owls .
All our questions were answered fully and the whole group was captivated by our close up encounter with birds of prey.
We were in a small building which was comfortable for both us and the birds.
We felt privileged to have this opportunity.
Super cafe and battle museum and farm shop made this a great visit!
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Jeanette S
25 則投稿
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Well wow what an amazing experience we had (me, my daughters 30th and her boyfriend). Beautiful bird, great guide/falconer and fabulous wooded tracks to fly her in.
Just so worth doing if you have a love of these magnificent birds.
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Glyn C
19 則投稿
This was a Present for me and my husband. We were in the middle of packing to move house, and it proved to be the most wonderful thing to ease the stress, catch our breath in the countryside and discover how majestic hawks are! Flying free but coming to our arm repeatedly for a tasty snack (!) was thrilling, highlights being Oscar was content to sit on our arm while we walked, and we spent so much time we got to see some of his own personality. We could ask loads of questions and our guide clearly lives and breathes these birds! If you like wildlife, we both highly recommend this.
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Matthew P
英國倫敦3,721 則投稿
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Lots of birds of prey to look at such vibrant colours. A couple had a lot to say with wing flapping. We didn't get to see them fly.
Hard to spot the entrance as it only says farm shop.
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1 則投稿
2021年9月 • 單獨旅行
One of the best days ever.Holding and flying Oscar the hawk was an amazing and emotional experience.
I was solo and joined a couple (Jan& Phil ) who enjoyed this experience as much as i did.
Oscar's performance was perfect.
A huge thankyou to Liz and her assistant Jade for taking us on a leisurely and informative walk.She clearly adores her work with the birds.
I will definitely be going again in the future.
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Sarah P
英國德比8 則投稿
The birds are amazing. You can see them up close and when they fly it is an awesome sight. Information given is interesting and the children love some of the really crazy facts !
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2021年6月 • 家庭式
Just did the hawk walk with Liz. We are a family of 5 youngest 6 eldest 18. The older two really enjoyed the experience, Khan the Harris hawk is a magnificent bird, we had a full hours flying and handling, Liz is so knowledgeable and it’s lovely to see how much she genuinely loves the birds. She answered lots of questions even the 6 year olds silly questions, she was very patient and good humoured. The birds are all well cared for and we had a good look round at the other birds after, Liz was happy to answer and give info on all those too. Thank you Liz we had a lovely walk
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2 則投稿
What a wonderful experience! Booked the Bird of Prey Experience. I will admit it wasn't the cheapest but wow was it worth every penny! I am ashamed to say we didn't catch the name of the young lady that took us on the Hawk Walk and put up with my constant questions! but she was one of the loveliest, knowledgeable young ladies I have ever met. She had all the time in the world for me and my husband, nothing was rushed at all. She had answers to all our questions and you could tell she was dedicated to her job, she loved them birds and you could tell they loved her too. What an Asset to the team she is! Now I will be honest I wasn't really a bird person before this visit, I booked the experience totally for my husband but I got so into the experience I have now changed my mind. The birds are beautiful and so well looked after. Highly recommending this to family and friends. Thank you so much!
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3 則投稿
2021年6月 • 家庭式
Thoroughly enjoyed our hawk walk with Mark this morning. Mark is very knowledgeable and made the experience fantastic and very memorable. Would thoroughly recommend.
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