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Flushing Ferry
上午 8:15 - 下午 5:30
上午 8:15 - 下午 5:30
上午 8:15 - 下午 5:30
上午 8:15 - 下午 5:30
上午 8:15 - 下午 5:30
上午 8:15 - 下午 5:30
上午 8:15 - 下午 5:30
上午 9:30 - 下午 4:15

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英國法爾茅斯36 則投稿
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侶
A great service to get between Flushing and Falmouth I have used a handful of times. Only £3, and goes regularly. Dogs are welcome and they take card. Cheers.
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Dawn C
英國格洛斯特283 則投稿
Quick visit to Flushing? So quick and efficient and easy to access twice an hour and for only £3 per adult, babies and dogs go free. Can be tricky to board and get off if mobility problems but just ask for help and I'm sure people will rally round and lend a hand even in Covid times! We helped a number of people on and off and were happy to.
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英國英格蘭12 則投稿
I was so looking forwards to going across to Falmouth on this ferry as opposed to driving from Flushing, the short trip across the water was nice enough but the fella piloting the ferry was very rude. When passengers disembarked on Flushing pier we were standing on the stairway and he just sat at his 'captains' chair and fiddled with his phone. A young lad asked him what should he do, as in was it OK to get onboard and the 'skipper' very rudely responded with 'do what ya want mate, I'm too busy here, just get on and sit where ya want!'
Others on the same journey tried to politely ask him bits but this fella was just too rude and uncaring to offer up any sort of polite response. Some types of work really don't suit some people, and I reckon Mr Grumpy should maybe think about another line of employment, it was easy to see why the tips box was empty
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Sally B
Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica23 則投稿
2021年6月 • 好友旅行
A much nicer journey that driving from Flushing to Falmouth. Good value for money. Friendly staff. Excellent views of harbour.
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英國法爾茅斯602 則投稿
Catch the small ferry over from Falmouth Prince of Wales pier to flushing - then you can walk around to Mylor Harbour or take the longer walk across to the Pandora Inn. Very friendly guy on the ferry which runs practically everyday of the year and always on schedule.
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Sarah C
79 則投稿
Lovely little ferry ride back we took it one way back from flushing to Falmouth after a very long walk . Very welcome sit down was had and dispite the heavy rain and horrid weather we had a lovely crossing with the driver and just my group of 4 . Very nice member of staff took us a a cross the short bit of river . Good value for little boat trip . As for flushing as a place it has some nice walks around it as for amenties a pub and newsagent is what is has neither of which we went in due to lack of time before ferry would try the pub next time though probably . Would defiantly use the ferry again
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英國61 則投稿
This was very disappointing. Flushing was a 10 minute ferry ride from Falmouth across the harbour. We did leave it till the afternoon,the 3pm ferry but the sign said 5pm for the last ferry back to Falmouth. So we thought we'd have a few hours in Flushing as there isn't much there apart from houses and a beach. The pilot on arrival told us the last ferry was cancelled which meant we only had an hour. If we missed that ferry it was a long way around the estuary to get back home. Added to that he said he could only take 12 passengers because of covid 19. Such a shame because of this we didn't go far and just waited for the next ferry back to be sure of getting on it. Considering he charged £6 return for each of us were felt ripped off. The ferry to St Maw's 20 minutes away and a lot more to see cost only £5 return.
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英國倫敦46 則投稿
Twice in 2 weeks did we arrive at the Flushing Ferry - once at Flushing and once at Falmouth end - to discover the online timings were inaccurate. We called the number to tell them that we had a group of eight waiting for the advertised time and someone answered "you don't want to trust what you read on the internet." Might be funny on a spoof of yokel life, but Cornwall should do better given the importance of tourism.
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英國法爾茅斯602 則投稿
You can jump on the ferry across to Flushing and then walk around or across to Mylor with fantastic views back across to Falmouth - smaller in size than St Mawes but still a nice spot for a wander around.
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英國林頓16 則投稿
We celebrated my birthday with a trip up and down the Fal river on the Enterprise, stopping off at Trelissick house and gardens. Both journeys were accompanied by a fun and informative guide by the skipper and his mate. There were refreshments available and a covered area in case of rain, but we were lucky enough to have a sunny day in October and the water was flat calm. 10 out of 10 for making my day so special. Next time we will do the Falmouth to Truro journey and back and make a day of it.
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