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Tavia B
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the last laugh
2018年11月 • 好友旅行
I'm not sure how this can be #10 in Bars and Clubs when it's not even open. You follow the link to the website of it's 'new' venue and there are no comedy listings. Such a disappointment. We are in Chester for the weekend and were hoping for somewhere fun to go for the night.
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英國切斯特10 則投稿
Shame its now closed.
2014年8月 • 好友旅行
Visited when it first opened a few years back. It has since closed.

Part owned by Jason Manford it had good comedians and shows but I think it was just located in the wrong area of Chester.
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Martyn B
Middlesbrough49 則投稿
really enjoyable
2014年6月 • 夫妻情侶
We booked tickets to come here after reading the good reviews, and i can say we were not disappointed.
all the comedians were top notch and had us in stitches all night.
they didn't interact with the crowd too much, but i like that.

would recommend here to anyone
i will return here when i visit Chester next
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英國Cerrigydrudion5 則投稿
Good Fun
2013年5月 • 好友旅行
Booked a group here and we were very well looked after. The pizzas were really nice, and we had good seats. I thought the acts were good, certainly good enough to keep us all entertained. The bouncers dealt very politely and patiently with a friend in our party who was quite drunk and quite vocal.
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Great night out fab vaule for money
2013年5月 • 夫妻情侶
This was our first time here we went after getting some tickets of fb. We didn't know what to expect as we are not from chester. When we first pulled up we couldn't find any where to park so asked the young gentleman on the door and he kindly showed us where to park.
We went in and found a great lay back venue with a range of ages which put us at ease.
We settled and got a drink and watched eveyones pizzas come out they looked lovely.
After about 15 mins we where called in to take our seats we were seated 2nd row from the front we had a great view.
The acts were all fab could not fault them in any way. It was a really good show which we enjoyed..
I went with my husband we are both in our late 20's and early 30's.
To sum it up it is
good vaule for money
good comedy
you really wont go wrong with a night out here.
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Tony G
英國切斯特3 則投稿
Great Night, Every Night
2013年4月 • 好友旅行
Luckily I live within 10 minutes of the laugh inn and have been on a number of occasions, sometimes for the big artists and sometimes for the normal weekend shows. Everytime myself and my wife have had a brilliant time, of all the comic's that we have been lucky enough to see there has only been one that we did not find funny, but people around us did, and just because we did not like his humour other people clearly did, so would not mention him as it is our opinion and no one else's. Every other comic has been great.
Also each and every evening has been great, not just for the comic's but also the staff. From the guy's on the door who I would not mess with but are approachable and a lot more friendly then any of the people on the door's in Chester town centre, the girl's were you get your ticket’s always with a smile, and the bar staff would are all more then happy to help if you not sure what to buy the wife.
We will be going back again very soon, and as I work for a national company I always recommended the laugh inn to anyone who is coming to Chester for a weekend as the first place to visit, but to call first as the local people know how good it is and will get in there and book first.
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法國烏伊斯特勒昂4 則投稿
First time at comedy club
2013年4月 • 夫妻情侶
This was my first experience of a comedy club, I went with my girlfriend both of us in our mid 20's. We went on sat 20th April. Our initial impressions were excellent, very helpful door staff and a nice bar and lounge area downstairs. The compare was excellent really got a great atmosphere started in the place. The first 2 acts were really good the second one especially, the last act of the evening was rubbish with many people walking out. All in all it was a great night, really good atmosphere and a great laugh. Yes the last act was rubbish but it defiantly won't stop us coming again.
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Majorly disapointed
Organised a Christmas do there for 20 people. Paid through the nose for VIP tickets with food. Got served Iceland frozen food as the buffet, comedy was average at best, and the customer service was appalling. Needs a major rehaul of the customer experience starting with the uber aggressive and arrogant meatheads on the door
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Thank you for your feedback. As you know, we have tried to sort this matter out internally, with the offer of free tickets in January or February, which were refused, but you have chosen to bring the matter to tripadvisor, 4 months later. Our prices are at an industry standard, and ALL entertainment venues will up prices over the festive period. I am also sure that you'll agree that while comedy can be average for one person, it can be hilarious for the next, so really is down to the opinion of the individual. The door staff do their job well, and have to deal with many customers that believe that they have the right talk throughout the show, which will effect other peoples nights. Especially a group of 20 lads on a works night out. Thanks again for your feedback.
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north west2 則投稿
Don't be put off, its a great night out.
2013年4月 • 夫妻情侶
We have been many times to the laugh inn in Chester its a great venue and a good night out. We were there on Saturday 20th April, yes the last act Carey Marx did bomb, but this sometimes does happen. Its not put us off we will be visiting again.
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Thank you! We look forward to your return!
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英國埃爾斯米爾港17 則投稿
Fab venue, great atmosphere
Have now been to the Laugh Inn a couple of times and will definitely be making it a regular night out. Staff are friendly, no queuing at the bar and plenty of beer choices. The three comedians we saw on Friday were fab and the Danny the MC is a marvel.
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:) Thanks... See you again soon!
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