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英國德比18 則投稿
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侶
Very cosy vibe which was perfect for me and my partner. Young woman serving us was lovely and very attentive. Only reason we didn’t stay all night was that the cocktails (although delicious) were a little pricey.
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英國利茲888 則投稿
2021年6月 • 好友旅行
Such a cool little place, we precooked which seems essential as it’s a small speakeasy. The staff definitely knew their drinks - the menu isn’t your standard cocktail menu but they can pretty much make what you want. Their version of an espresso martini is to die for! Cocktails about a tenner a pop, would be great for a date or a small group hangout. Wouldn’t have more than one or two though before moving on.
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英國紐卡斯爾13 則投稿
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侶
We had travelled from Newcastle to Bristol for a few days away. We realised that we had missed our booking at Hyde and Co (our fault!). Rang them to see if there was availability the night after which they told us they were fully booked but would ring if there was a table free… phone call received on Saturday evening to say table was available… result! Great service from the staff and a really nice relaxed atmosphere with brilliant cocktails! Would definitely recommend!
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Jim FG
英國Portishead11 則投稿
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侶
Back again to this absolute gem last night. Even on a Sunday night the atmosphere has a brooding, mysterious, romantic buzz. Great place for a date. The cocktails are beautiful and we were served by Lara who made us feel really looked after.
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英國布里斯托89 則投稿
2020年2月 • 好友旅行
Lovely atmosphere, great drinks and great service. I always like finding new places in Bristol and this one is great for a secret location and an interesting cocktail.
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Jim FG
英國Portishead11 則投稿
2020年1月 • 好友旅行
Went here last night and once before a few months back. Cocktails are sublime and themed around the drinking dens of Bristol, a really creative idea! Complicated flavours and masterfully balanced 🤙 the two bartenders serving us were particularly fantastic and had great knowledge of spirits and flavour! Will be back soon!
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英國卡蒂夫39 則投稿
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侶
After ringing the bell a number of times before anyone came to answer the door we were welcomed into the bar which was everything I expected. It was cosy and service was good. However despite booking a table after an hour and a half we were warned that time was coming to an end as they had other bookings and did we want to order any more drinks - 15 minutes later they brought the bill without us even asking and we felt a bit like they wanted us gone. Shame as we were really enjoying ourselves and the cocktails were nice.
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Maria K
英國倫敦181 則投稿
Being a speakeasy with practically no signage and doorbell entry keeps Hyde & Co trouble free and not over packed

The decor feels intimate and full of character, the staff are fantastic with lots of knowledgable chat and the music spot on.

But you’re really here for the drinks. The menu looks a tad pretentious with 1 drink per page, but ask for a recommendation and you’ll have a delight in a glass with ingredients that you wouldn’t expect.
They also have an impressive whisky selection if you want something a little shorter, that included a Japanese whisky I’d never heard of.

I can’t recommend Hyde & Co highly enough, I will definitely be back if I’m in Bristol again!
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Daniel W
英國布里斯托262 則投稿
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侶
Just off the triangle, this speakeasy style cocktail bar boasts an impressive and innovative range of cocktails, pushing the boundaries on the usual. All the cocktails had a Bristol twist making it a great experience for newcomers to Bristol to pick up a bit of the history at the same time! Friendly staff, knowledgeable and always happy to help. Cocktails possibly at the upper limit of cocktail prices, but could be argued that it’s worth it. Relaxed atmosphere perfect for a drink. While going for a speakeasy vibe, the place did lack a little bit of comfort and perhaps could use a bit of TLC, but this is offset by the dim lighting. On the whole a pleasant evening with delicious cocktails.
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Amy Elizabeth
英國布里斯托135 則投稿
My fiancée brought me here as a surprise. We arrived just minutes after it opened, so it was very quiet for a good hour, but around 7pm people came filtering in. The cocktail menu was very diverse and intricately written, filled with interesting backstories and illustrations with each drink. I'm not usually a cocktail drinker, but after a recommendation from the friendly waitress, I opted for a fruity (but very strong) cocktail. My fiancée ordered a drink near the back of the menu, which was definitely a sipping cocktail, as it was very strong, but worth the money.

A little bit disappointed as we thought there would be a jazz music playing, but hopefully will catch the jazz next time we're here!
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