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Saint Stephen's
上午 9:30 - 下午 2:30
上午 9:30 - 下午 2:30
上午 9:30 - 下午 2:30
上午 9:30 - 下午 2:30
上午 9:30 - 下午 2:30
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英國濱海韋斯頓3,627 則投稿
2017年4月 • 好友旅行
St Stephen's was built on the site of an 11th-century church, in the 14th century and rebuilt around 1470. The tower and east window were paid for by John Shipward, four times Mayor of Bristol, who died in 1473, the tower being built by the mason Benedict (or Benet) Crosse. The site was on the banks of the River Frome, which was diverted at around this time to create Bristol Harbour. The clerestory was repaired after a storm in 1703. The aisle and east windows were restored in 1873.
This is a small but absolutely beautiful church and when we were there today a young man was playing the piano, Erik Satie's Gymnopedie, which was such a thrill as we sat gazing at the beauty around us. Well worth a visit! The cafe is very good, too.
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53 則投稿
2016年12月 • 夫妻情侶
The cafe attached to this lovely church does great breakfasts lunches cakes and drinks. Affiliated with the Brandon Trust, young adults with learning disabilities work in the cafe. What a great place to visit and support. Bacon butties and mince pies are second to none!!!
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Sing Chyuan L
馬來西亞加影2,431 則投稿
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英國布里斯托1,122 則投稿
One of the many town centre churches in the old city of Bristol. Worthy of a visit. The 4 little spires on top of the tower was added later and I was told it is called a "Somerset Crown" but I cannot find a reference which supports this
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加拿大多倫多446 則投稿
The cafe was being redesigned the day we visited, but a lovely and lively elderly woman happily showed us through the church proper, pointing out the art work presented as apology for the fact that members of the church once supported slavery (tho later was part of the city resistance to slavery and organizing of a sugar boycott to pressure for ending slavery)./Also saw the statue of a Mr Blanket who invented the blanket.
Lots of beautiful sculpture to see along the walls.
And friendly people, including a vicar with plans to do wonderful things for disadvantaged people in the city. From my point of view as author of an eBook on Food for city building, I am delighted to see a church leader who understands that food is a lever to help all organizations serve people and support them thru life's challenges. If only cities could understand this as well as the vicar.
It's as beautiful on the inside as the outside.
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roger W
英國布里斯托201 則投稿
2014年10月 • 夫妻情侶
There is a very varied and eclectic range of music on offer at this city centre church at lunchtime - all free, with a retiring collection. And I do mean varied! I took the Mem Sahib to see a wonderful saxophone quartet a while ago. They opened with Handel's 'Entry of the Queen of Sheba'. 'That was Handel's Entry of the Queen of Sheba,' they said at the end. 'Well, more or less.' I commented and she hit me! Later they introduced the next item by saying - 'You'll all know this one.' 'Don't count on it,' I said and she hit me again! On the other hand I have heard some lovely early music for lute and soprano. a wonderful performer of her own songs, accompanied on her ukulele (whose name I can't remember) and some good jazz. There is a great little cafe selling nice simple food as well as an oasis like churchyard to sit in. God knows why it isn't always full - at least I can't think of anyone more likely to know!
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英國布里斯托212 則投稿
2014年4月 • 單獨旅行
This church welcomes all.

Even I, an atheist who happens to play church organs, has been welcomed here by men and women who can truly call themselves Christians. I'm an atheist - which means that I don't believe he was the son of God, but if there was a man named Jesus, and his message was "love thy neighbour" - these people are following his words with every action and step they take. On more than one occasion, I've seen staff here doing their best to help those who need a little of it, simply because they can, and they feel they ought to.

The cafe adjoining the man body of the church serves a selection of drinks and meals at decent prices.

A haven of peace and reflection, right in the heart of the bustle of the city centre - well worth a visit, and your support.
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義大利羅馬1,885 則投稿
2013年7月 • 夫妻情侶
la chiesa di Santo Stefano, costruita nel 14 sec. ha una torre di 18 metri in origine aveva sei campane, nel corso del tempo ne sono state aggiunte altre sei.
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